Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thoughts on WWE Draft

Every year, the wwe decides to change it up and create new feuds to try and build a broader audience for each of the three shows. However, this year, it was clear that they are trying to build around raw since it is the top rated wwe show. Below are some thoughts on possible upcoming feuds/situations after the draft (Basically just shit that I would personally like to see).

Triple H (wwe champ) vs. Big Show

Yes, this has been done before, but unless Hunter turns heel, there isn't much else to do here. Both guys can work and have proven that. I think Orton will still become champ. very soon but besides him, there aren't really too many main event heels on raw.

Primo and Carlito (unified tag team champs.) vs. Legacy

I think its just a matter of time before Legacy regains the tag team titles. To me, they have the most upside of any tag team in the biz. It also gives the Legacy faction more credibility, especially when Orton takes the title.

John Cena will drop the title soon

I believe and I truly hope that Cena drops the title soon. He aint moving to smackdown and they wont have both titles on the same show. Look for CM Punk to have some say in bringing the title back to Smackdown with is MIB contract. Also, Edge will be involved here some how.

MVP (US Champ.) vs. The Miz

Splitting up this tag team was one of the best decisions the wwe has made in a long time. Both can hold their own as singles superstars and both will soon make an impact. I def. like the way the Miz is improving and I think these two will have a nice feud.

Matt Hardy will compete for a major title

I like Matt Hardy a lot and I think he could possibly enter a major title hunt. I don't think he is a great heel but is good enough for now.

Others to make impact on show
Evan Bourne
Kofi Kingston
Shawn Michaels
The Brian Kendrick (hopefully not jobbing)
Mr. Kennedy (if he can stay healthy)

CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho
These two haven't really matched up before but I think it can be very successful. Chris Jericho is prob. the best superstar in the wwe and anything he touches turns to gold. Punk, although I think it was a mistake not to give Christian the briefcase, will prob. end up winning a major title in 2009 unless the wwe throws a curveball and has him lose the briefcase in a match like they did with Kennedy.

Edge vs. Christian???
I would die a happy wrestling fan if these two feuded. I absolutely love both of them and I hope Christian is wearing a major title on his waist sometime soon, hopefully not the ecw title.

Rey Mysterio (intercontinental champ.) vs. John Morrision
Again, they split up this tag team for a reason. There is no doubt that Morrison can flat out wrestle, but, his mic skills need some serious work. I would love to see this feud but not if morrision isn't ready to become a true singles heel.

Others to make impact on show
The Undertaker
Jeff Hardy
Shelton Benjamin
Mike Knox

Jack Swagger (ecw champ) vs. Christian
It's kind of inevitable isn't it? I like both of them but since there is no one else on this god-foresaken show, they have no choice. Although I like for Evan Bourne to win a title soon.

Others to make impact on show
Vladimir Kozlov (hope he gets fired soon)
Evan Bourne
Hurricane Helms

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  1. They sure had a big supplemental draft this year, sadly, I just didn't feel much impact this year, probably because since before Wrestlemania, every wrestler has been on every show, so it hasn't mattered what brand anyone was on. Hopefully some fresh faces on the shows will change it up, I do think Maryse will be huge on RAW, she's a great talent who will freshen up the diva scene, but other than that and a few others like Jericho to SD, I"m really not too excited to see Kane adn Mr. Kennedy trade shows every year.