Wrestlemania 25 unfolding

Last night on Raw, we found out that certain matches have already been made for Wrestlemania. None are really suprising considering what I posted a few weeks ago, but I wasn’t completely right about my predictions. Here’s what we know so far and below each match is predicted winner now that we know certain matches…

Triple H (wwe champ.) vs. Randy Orton — This match was very predictable after the attacks on the McMahon family and will probably be a very good match. It prob. will be very slow and meticulous but will most likely be one of the best matches of the night. Look for the McMahon’s and Legacy to be involved somehow.
Winner: Randy Orton (new wwe champ.)

Edge (world heavyweight champ) vs. Big Show — This is a little suprising considering how they are both currently heels. It’s prob. gonna be a battle over Vickie’s affection, or atleast that’s how the storyline will pan out. This match might suprise some people because Big Show can really work. In the end, I think Big Show will get screwed some how by Vickie.
Winner: Edge (still world heavyweight champ.)

Money In The Bank Ladder Match (CM Punk vs. Kane vs. 6 other participants) — I truly thought there was no way that Mysterio wasn’t gonna be in this match but I guess the WWE has different plans for him. Maybe him vs. knox at mania but Im not sold on Knox yet. He blew a lot of spots last night and his ring work was just really choppy. I think Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, Mr. Kennedy, the Brian Kendrick, Christian, and either Dolph Ziggler/Hurricane Helms/R-Truth/Umaga (just trying to think out of the box here people) will be the final participant. I’m somewhat confident that Christian will prob. get a rematch for the ecw title at mania considering how good that last match was but it’s still all up in the air at this point.
Winner : will predict winner after all participants are announced

HBK vs. Undertaker
Good matchup but very predictable in my sense. I think it might be the best match of the night only to see the streak continue…
Winner: Undertaker (17-0 at mania)

Keep checking back when more mania matches are announced.

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