Stone Cold and Batista Making Appearances at Wrestlemania???

There is a lot of buzz right now about whether or not both Stone Cold and Batista will be used in Wrestlemania somehow. I believe they both will be used in some capacity.

I believe that Stone Cold will not be wrestling at mania but will be a special guest referee for the Michaels/Taker match. The reason I think he will be used in this match is because I think Batista will make an appearance during the HHH/Orton match, seeking revenge on Orton for punting him in the head. I don’t think they will be involved in the same match. There would be too much chaos considering how they are both major faces. Reports have come out that Batista has been training fairly heavily and don’t be suprised if he actually wrestles at mania. Remember how the WWE elongated John Cena’s injury only to see him make a triumphant return three months later at the Royal Rumble. We shall see what happens.

Another possible scenario is that Austin will be the special guest referee sent in by Vince McMahon to keep Orton in check and Batista doesn’t show up at all. It would be very cliche for Batista to return at mania and the WWE has been desperately trying to suprise people, especially after Christian returned to ECW of all places.

Anyway, these are just some thoughts conceived from buzz on the internet. I would love to hear feedback on this and anything I right. I love to hear from the real fans out there.

Until next time…

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