Money In the Bank Ladder Match Turning into Heavyweight Battle?

With the additions of Kane and Mark Henry to this year’s MITB at Wrestlemania, it’s starting to shape up to be a different kind of match rather than the high-flying, fast-paced match we are all used to.

I’m starting to wonder who else the WWE might end up putting in this match…Big Daddy V???? I mean, come on. It’s one thing to go into the ring every time and work a five minute match in which you barely have to move, but it’s another thing to go to the biggest stage of them all and constantly try and please an audience that is dying for a backflip onto a ladder.

To me, having Mark Henry in this match makes absolutely no sense whatsoever!!!!! He flat out can’t move in the ring like he used to. Most of his matches involve a guy who is much smaller, allowing that guy to do all the ring work.

The MITB match has become a cornerstone of Wrestlemania and fans expect nothing but the best and biggest spots of the night. Mark Henry can not and will not bring that to the table!

If the WWE wants to salvage this situation, they’ll throw in guys like evan bourne, christian, and the brian kendrick into this match. Otherwise, I’m not sure what fans can expect from this bout.

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  1. Big Bob March 10, 2009

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