Ken Shamrock Set to Face Bobby Lashley in MMA Fight

In a pretty shocking move, it’s been announced that Roy Jones Jr.’s “March Badness” hybrid boxing and MMA show, that 2 former WWE stars will face off in an MMA match, as “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock will take on MMA newcomer Bobby Lashley. This is the very first time (to our knowledge) that 2 former WWE stars have faced off in MMA. Shamrock being a former WWE Intercontinental Champion, and Lashley most recently being the ECW Champion before leaving WWE. Lashley only recently made the transition from WWE to MMA, and easily won his MMA debut. Shamrock just fought a couple of weeks ago at the show “War Gods” which he promoted, and got his first win in a few years. Although Lashley is new to MMA, he may just be the favorite due to his size, skill, youth, etc. Shamrock is an MMA legend, but in his mid 40’s, Lashley will be coming at him full force, maybe even more than Kimbo Slice would have in the scheduled Shamrock vs. Slice fight that ended up not happening. Dana White has said that he has no interest in Lashley coming to MMA, and doesn’t think Brock Lesnar’s success can be captured by another wrestler, but if Lashley scores a win over Shamrock, people will notice, and doors will be opened for Lashley, and he would no doubt be on to bigger and better things. It may be premature to think about now, but could a huge Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley showdown for the UFC Heavyweight title be happening in the future? Lashley’s first big recognition will depend on this Shamrock fight at “March Badness” on March 21.

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