Its Getting Close to April 5

With Wrestlemania 25 vast approaching, everyone is speculating the card and how effective it might be compared to other manias. Below are my predicted matches and the effectiveness of the feud. Remember, these are just speculative and could be wrong.

Triple H (wwe champion) vs. Randy Orton
With last night’s Raw ending the way it did, it seems like we found the answers to two very important questions…Which champion will switch brands and who will Randy Orton get his title shot against? Well, when Triple H made his way down that ramp to try and help Stephanie (his wife, which I also believe will be revealed as a major role in the storyline) and clearly showed his anger towards Orton for punting her in the head, we found out that these two will feud.

Thoughts: I think it will be interesting to see how the wwe handles the husband and wife situation with Hunter and Steph. All true wrestling fans know they are married outside the show, but it hasn’t been addressed since 2002 after the McMahon-Helmsley regime which ended in an on-air divorce. Randy Orton is clearly the number one heal in the biz right now which allows his feud with one of the biggest faces in the game (no pun intended) to be credible. I think the match itself will be very methodical and slow-paced but will also tell a story. Don’t be suprised if Orton walks out of mania with the title either.

Shawn Michaels vs. Untertaker (16-0 streak on the line)
Even though there is a match on raw next week between Michaels and JBL for the right to face the Undertaker at mania, the wwe wants to make the match as credible as possible meaning they want people to actually believe the undertaker will lose. Therefore, Michaels is clearly the candidate that will be able to accomplish this.

Thoughts: I think this match will show just how good of workers HBK and taker really are. Sure they are both over 40, but they can both still bring it and will bring it for this match. Sorry to all the Michaels fans out there, but taker will win cleanly to maintain his perfect mania record.

Edge (world heavyweight champ.) vs. John Cena vs. Batista
As much as I don’t want to see this match happen, it very well could. I’m not sure if Batista will be ready for mania but if he is, I think this will be the matchup. This past monday on Raw we saw a very heated battle of words between cena and edge possibly setting up this feud. Batista fits nicely into the situation because he has beef with both guys. It also gives edge yet another golden opportunity to weasel his way out of mania with the title.

Thoughts: I truly think Edge is the best worker in the business today, flat out. This match could lag because of the fact that he’s working with two of the most criticized wrestlers in the wwe. I think Edge will win after one of the other two hits a finisher on the other or something like that.

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy
This match is obvious because of what happened at the rumble. Although most thought Christian would be involved in this angle, he isn’t and I think it’s for the best at the moment. These two have only faced off once and it was for the hardcore title back in 2001 when they were both faces and neither were in the spotlight. This time will be different and I truly believe that this match will steal the show.

Thoughts: There is no way and I mean NO WAY that the wwe will put Matt over in this match. Jeff will win clean after a very hard-fought match which will prove just how good these two really are in the ring.

Money in the bank ladder match (evan bourne vs. kofi kingston vs. rey mysterio vs. the brian kendrick vs. shelton benjamin vs. mvp)
While I am def. not sure of the participants, there will definitely be a money in the bank ladder match. It is always exciting and full of high-flying fun with lots of intensity and crazy spots.

Thoughts: I think mysterio probably wins this one with evan bourne or mvp in a close second. mysterio can no doubt work and once again proved it at no way out against edge. After just signing a mult-year extention, I think a mysterio title run isn’t far off but don’t count out bourne or mvp because they are very over right now.

Right now, those are the only matches that I feel comfortable in saying that they will happen. However also look for these possibilities…

-Chris Jericho vs. Mickey Rourke (with Rick Flair, maybe as special guest ref.)
-Miz and Morrison (world tag team champs) vs. Primo and Carlito (wwe tag team champs)
-Jack Swagger (ecw champ) vs. Christian
-some sort of divas battle royal
-Beth Phoenix vs. Trish Stratus
-there has been some talk that austin will wrestle but i doubt it. He’s too banged up.

That is all for now but feel free to chat and comment. I love feedback.


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