Chris Jericho Hit a Fan, and It Was Good

Chris Jericho lit a media fire over the weekend, over an incident that happened after a show in British Columbia over the weekend. Apparently, Jericho was trying to leave, and there was a crowd of fans watching, as is the norm at many arenas around the world, only this time, the fans got a little out of control, deciding to try and get tough with Jericho by talking too much shit, and hitting his car etc. Jericho was blocked at a stop sign, and when he got out to set things straight, some crazy bitch decided to push him and act all crazy, so Jericho knocked her ass out, haha. Yeah, think Shawn Michaels wife getting punched in the face times 5. Now Jericho was definitely provoked, so hopefully the right people will be in trouble here, but wow, when was the last time something like THIS happened? By today’s standards in the wrestling world, I would have said that Chris Jericho would’ve gotten out of the car, and said “Hey guys, don’t be mean, I’m just a bad guy for show, and all i want to do is entertain you, it’s all an act.” But thankfully, Chris Jericho took it old school, and showed crazy fans like these, that wrestlers are not to be F’d with, and if you try, you will have your ass handed to you, no matter if you’re in a mob or not, wrestlers can handle their business believe it or not, and many wrestlers have been called more tough than athletes in other sports. I think one comment heard in the video sums it up best, a female says “I didn’t know he was an ass in real life!”…and that best sums it up. In the good old days of wrestling, you KNEW guys were tough, you KNEW who was a prick, there was no question. Did anyone think Abdullah the Butcher or Bruiser Brody were acting and really just plain old guys? Uh, no, you would fear the thought of approaching them, thinking you’d get mauled and end up a bloody mess. Did anyone think Ric Flair was lying about his Rolex watches, and cars, and limos? Nope, you knew Flair was the real deal. Nowadays, there isn’t a whole lot to believe in with wrestling, but thanks to Chris Jericho, there will be a few people out there who boo him because they truly he’s an asshole, and the best emotion in wrestling is real emotion, and incidents like this bring the real emotion, and even a little bit of respect back to the business, so we say thank you Mr. Jericho, for showing the moron fans who take it too far, just how REAL the business can be. Apparently the jackass girl and her man were arrested, but released, and no charges have been filed yet, sadly they haven’t got what they deserve….yet.

Video of the incident:

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