WWE/TNA Angles getting sick?

To introduce Christian Cage to his new WWE contract, its rumoured that theres going to be an angle involing WWE Chamion/Ex TNA superstar Jeff hardy and his fiancee in which both of them are supposed to be part of a hit and run automoblile accident in jeffs home townand has been said they may reveal Christian as the driver, the angle will show jeff to make a recovery but his fiancee will be seriously injured, it has also been rumoured that Christian has been spotted around The RAW arena during the tapings,

If this is shown to be the storyline i would lose alot of respect for Chrisitan and the WWE, but i have always felt that storylines in both WWE and TNA were always a Bit outlandish and absurd, Take Kane and Triple H’s Fued in 2002, When Triple H reveald Kane comittited necrophilia on a a girl called Katie Vick, Or in TNA when It showed Abyss’s manager James Mitchell was rele his father and abyss had shot him in the back several times.

I would love to see wrestling storylines being brung back to simpler times but still have all the high flying hard hitting hardcore action we see today.


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