Matt Hardy No Longer Belongs in WWE

I’m sure anyone who reads this headline will think “Oh another blog about Matt Hardy’s dastardly turn on his brother Jeff at the Royal Rumble,” well, yes and no. Matt’s turn on Jeff at the Royal Rumble was great, everyone on the net just KNEW Christian would be the one helping Edge out, and we’ve reported on this site how it’s great that WWE went with the swerve. Well then, something else happened, the angle was so good, the Matt Hardy fans lost it, and attacked Matt on his Myspace, and drew a lot of attention on the net from various sites reporting how Matt pissed off a lot of people and his die hard fans were eating this angle up. But then, all this build up, all this hype surrounding what could be Hardy vs. Hardy at Wrestlemania, was all brought down and just about killed. As reported earlier today on our partner site, Matt Hardy got mad people were believing it and exposed the whole thing as fake. Now, we know a lot of you out there know the score, you know wrestling is entertainment, etc. BUT, as evident on Hardy’s site, there ARE people out there that A. want to suspend their belief and just feel the real emotion of the situation, or B. they just totally believe what they’re seeing, and enjoy every minute of it. Yes, those people are STILL out there. But as reported by Random Villain on the other site, Matt Hardy went on his Myspace, and told the world that he loves Jeff, it was all just for show, and was just doing his job as part of the “storyline.” WOW, really? Matt Hardy has the hottest angle in WWE, then shoots it down by letting everyone know they shouldn’t get TOO involved, because none of it’s real…..WOW. I officially have to agree with comments made by Eric Bischoff a few weeks back about Matt Hardy, he is mid card talent, and has no respect for the business. What an idiot. Seriously, he threatened to take people off his Myspace friends if they took it too far, WOW. I can’t get over the blatant disrespect to the business, and this guy being that stupid as to not realize that the more mad people are, the more they’ll watch, and the more money he’ll make. But this loser deflated the whole thing, and once again, screws up his main event chances, just like he did a few years back when he had the hot angle with Edge, until he was given a microphone, and gave the corniest, little bitch boy interview ever, deflating THAT angle, and making sure no one could get behind his whiny ass in the story. Well this is it, Jeff will now kick his ass, and after that, Matt can go have a mid-card feud with more mid-card talents just like he did back then. Hopefully the Hardy’s just wrestler at No Way Out, and that is the end of it. I was ready to see a monumental classic at Wrestlemania 25 with Hardy vs. Hardy, but now i just hope this “fake feud” ends as soon as possible…..thanks Matt, the touch of old school magic that was just starting to show, was surely put to rest thanks to you.


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