Hardy as champion, HBK/ JBL storyline

Hello wrestling fans and haters. I hope everyone had a good Christmas and a joyful New Year. I just wanted to touch on the two major storylines developing on Raw and Smackdown. Since my last post, Jeff Hardy finally did it. He became WWE Champion after nearly two years of fans screaming for it to happen. I personally thought it was done very well and am extremely pleased to see the most popular face on the show actually win. I wanted WWE to wait and save the culmination of a Hardy/Edge fued for Wrestlemania 25 after Hardy won the Royal Rumble but they can make this work too. I do like how they have instantly threw him into a contreversial storyline with some unknown attacker apparently trying to take him out. Now I know many of us have a good idea of who this assailant is going to turn out to be but this is a really intriguing way of bringing him back. It also makes me believe that this time around the WWE is going to push him as a main event guy instead of a mid carder like last time he was here. For you fans who don’t know who I am talking about here, just scroll down and read. I personally don’t like giving out spoilers but some do. I have nothing against those who do it’s just not my thing. Back to the subject though. There are so many angles they can begin of off this and I am intersted to see where it all goes. Now for the Raw HBK/JBL storyline. I will be honest with you guys-at first i thought this was a pile of trash. Are we supposed to sit here and just accept that one of the biggest stars in wrestling history(Shawn Michaels) is broke? When I first seen this one developing I felt insulted as a wrestling fan. But now after a few weeks of it I have drawn a different conclusion. JBL is still a great heel and HBK is 1 of the best in-ring actors of all time. They have actually managed to make this thing an amazing story! Every week I find myself wondering if this will be the week that HBK will finally stand up to Layfield or will this be the week he turns heel and tells all the fans he cares more about money than he does them. It’s the main thing I watch Raw for now. I have came close at times to forgetting who the champion even was ever since SuperCena won it back but this keeps me watching. Keep it up WWE. This is why I watch-storylines that have a big payoff in the end (Hardy soryline) and storylines that keep fans emotionally involved( HBK/JBL storyline).

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