Saturday, January 17, 2009

Couple Of Updates From the Crypt

As of January 16th 2009, Bob 'Hardcore'Holly is officially released from his WWE Contract

TNA's Legitiamte InjuredList:
Steve 'Sting' Borden
'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner
'Big Sexy' Kevin Nash, Who has also Signed a new 3 year TNA Contract
Christy Hemme
Awsome Kong
Robert Roode
'King Of the Mountain' Jeff Jarret
Frankie 'Kaz/Suicide' Kazarian

I feel all these injurys plus the fact that steve 'sting' borden and Brother Ray are both condsidering retirment after this year, count as huge blows to TNA we will have to see if TNA can survive through this inury list. And it isnt only TNA that are losing out WWE have released some big names and some not so big names, The only thing that some people can take comfort in is that WWE are trying to get Trish Stratus for Wrestlemania and Gail Kim making her TNA In ring return soon.


  1. I think TNA is done. Too many opportunities blown, they just don't have a plan to be better than WWE, they just want to be a smaller version of WWE. They should watch old ECW tapes for ideas on being different.

  2. Even without the injury, Sting was probably going to retire at the end of the year anyways.

    He generally decides at the end of the year whether or not he wants to continue.

    When he finally leaves TNA, the company should still have enough stars remaining to keep going.