Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chyna Hospitalized on birthday

Former WWE Diva Joanie Laurer AKA Chyna Was took into hospital on her 36th Birthday, Early reports thought it was an attempted overdose of Alcohol and Prescribed medication, Joanies friends found her with several cuts on her arms and phoned the emergency services, it was noted that Laurer was so drunk that they couldnt give her a full Evaluationof her mental state, Fortunatly though she is ok and still seems to have a sense of humour.

WWE to create a Single title?

There are said to have been discussions among at least one or two people within WWE creative about the idea of building up to a single world title and champion who would headline every PPV and defend against wrestlers on both brands reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The reason this has been discussed is that back in the time when titles were over with wrestling fans they knew who "the champ" was as there was only one top guy. This doesn't happen now with two separate world champions on two separate brands.

Since the creation of two world titles, one for each television show, many feel the company essentially created two Intercontinental champions instead of two credible world champions. The basis for this is that in the 1980s the Intercontinental title was used to main event house shows and drew well, but on its own wasn't going to sellout major arenas. While some title matches in the brand era have drawn well, most haven't meant a thing when looking at PPV buyrates. The general feeling is that the generation of wrestling fans today no longer see the world title as fans may have 10, 20 or even 30 years ago. Instead they see it as a prop and nothing more.

It should be noted that when this idea was brought up to Vince McMahon he was said to be completely negative on the idea. So it doesn't appear there are any plans to go in this direction anytime soon.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Cage close to WWE Deal?

Jason Powell of Prowrestling.net is reporting that Christian is very close to signing a deal with WWE and that plans are already underway to bring him into the company to work a possible program with Jeff Hardy. The seed has been planted with Hardy being attacked prior to the Survivor Series PPV in November, and it is expected that Christian will be revealed as the culprit. It should also be noted that TNA seems to be under the impression that Christian is indeed headed back to WWE

Former WWE Star Set For British Wrestling

Vito Joseph LoGrasso Otherwise known as Big Vito has his eyes set on the british wrestling circut. The toughest man ever to wear a dress has said he is Going to Internation Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom(IPW:UK), with hopes to become a permanant superstar On the roster. The Former WWE, WCW and ECW stars contract was released from WWE in 2007 and also had a spell in Deep south wrestling.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Trish Stratus Returns to WWE! Stratusfaction and Merry Christmas to All!

Yes, finally and surprisingly we get some Trish Stratus back on WWE TV and even better - in the ring wrestling!

You'd think something like that would've been saved for Wrestlemania but last night on RAW, WWE took advantage of being in Toronto and instead of going with another boring lame ass main event, they chose to pop Toronto big and the TV audience as well by having Trish Stratus return (for one night only, but come on, everyone knows we need more) and team with John Cena to beat Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix.

Now the minute RAW started and it was said that Cena needed a diva partner for the main event, the Trish thoughts were immediate and thankfully WWE did not screw us over. Trish completely overshadowed Cena and pretty much everyone else on the show outside of Chris Jericho who also was way over against CM Punk.

Trish was cheered wildly, while Cena was boo'd heavily. So basically, Trish was the star of the show while Cena stood there and really had no purpose. It's crazy to see a Diva that is such a big star, she can main event and outshine the guys but that's Trish Stratus for you.

Many of the other divas are pretty cookie cutter these days, but Trish in the mix really brings some star power to not only the diva division, but to WWE as a whole. Hopefully this will just be the seed planted that will lead to a Trish vs. Beth Phoenix showdown at Wrestlemania 25. If WWE is smart, they'll see how Trish lit RAW up last night and also how she hadn't missed a step in the ring - pulling off all her classic moves and showing no ring rust. Trish has always said she'd be there if a dose of Stratusfaction was needed, and we think Mania 25 will be the place if not earlier, because I don't think we can ever get enough Stratusfaction!

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Monday, December 15, 2008

My Take on the State of the WWE

Hello wrestling fans and haters. My name is Mike and I have been an avid fan of pro wrestling for over 2 decades now. I started watching wrestling during what some people would call the golden age of wrestling. My first memories are of my brother driving me to madness because he was cheering for the Four Horsemen as they wailed on my hero Dusty Rhodes. I remember watching a champion named Flair wrestle 30 different opponents in 30 days for the world heavyweight title and wanting him to get beat every time but being strangely pleased when he didn't. And I remember watching a superhero named Hogan slam a giant named Andre and it feeling like the earth shifted. For fans who got into wrestling during this time or during the famous "Attitude Era" today's WWE just doesn't cut it. If it isn't The Rock, Stone Cold, Goldberg,or the NWO then they don't want to see it. They see the Cena marks and get mad and say they aren't "true wrestling fans." If someone isn't getting sprayed with Budweiser or getting their "candy ass whooped" then they turn the channel. And for the record I consider myself a part of this group. I will be genuinely entertained after most episodes of Raw or Smackdown. Yet I still find myself saying "What are they doing to HBK? Why are they trying to push that guy? This storyline sucks." I have found myself wanting to see the late 90s Goldberg and the Texas Rattlesnake come out and beat the hell out of Batista and John Cena. But that just isn't going to happen. What is the state of the current WWE? It's not great and nowhere near what it was. It will probably never again have the nostalgia of the 80s or the unpredictability of the 90s. But if we as wrestling fans will start looking towards the future instead of always looking at the past then maybe we will enjoy it more. With good young talent( Benjamin, Bourne, Hardy) and so many storyline possibilities the WWE is going to be just fine. If we just give this current group of guys and Vince's boys in Stamford a little time we are going to once again have a state of wrestling that has us talking about something we seen on Raw for weeks.Let"s all just get passed this notion that the WWE has to be exactly like it was in the past or it will suck. Because it isn't going to be. The sooner we accept that as fans the sooner we will start to enjoy watching wrestling again. And we can finally agree that regardless of how much the so called "smart marks" piss and moan the WWE isn't going anywhere. Sports entertainment will continue to do exactly what it is supposed to do-entertain us.