Thursday, October 30, 2008

Remember When...The Road Warriors Won the NWA Tag Team Titles From The Midnight Express?

20 years ago in October of 1988, the legendary Road Warriors had just turned heel in the NWA and had revitalized themselves as bad asses after realizing they'd become soft by hangin around rookie nice guys like Sting. They decided in a 6 man tag against the Varsity Club that they'd not tag Sting in the whole match, and when Sting took it upon himself to jump in and get involved, the Warriors kicked his ass and gave him a doomsday device to make the turn official.

At the time, in the great days of kayfabe and no Internet, I had no clue this was coming, I just remember watching the NWA show and hearing the announcers talk about a horrible incident that had gone down and they would have footage. The Road Warriors had been at the top of my list of favorite wrestlers for years and I was in complete shock when I saw what they did, for the first time I HATED them for what they did; how could they turn their back on the good guys after all these years....God wrestling was good back then. There was even a great magazine cover from back then that said something like "Sting, Dusty, and the fans can GO TO HELL." VERY Strong stuff at the time, and I really felt the impact on stuff like this as a kid.

Things got worse on October 29, 1988, when the Road Warriors got a team title shot against the Midnight Express at a house show in New Orleans. Yes, back then, random house shows could feature big events and title changes. Well things got started fast and the Warriors jumped Bobby Eaton in true heel fashion and busted him open early, pretty much taking him out of the match completely. Stan Lane fought hard but the Midnights were pretty much destroyed by the new heel road warriors and before long, the Legion of Doom were finally the NWA tag team champions after 3 years of being unable to win the belts.

This made me hate them even more, these tactics, the cheating, the brutality. In reality it was what was needed at the time so the Warriors could keep their edge, but it also was the reason the heel turn didn't work because the Road Warriors ass kicking ways were still being cheered!

In only a few months, the Warriors were turned face again after a brief feud with Dusty Rhodes that lead to a tag title match at Starrcade 88 against Rhodes and Sting. The Warriors title win does bring me back to a time in wrestling when you could turn on NWA Wrestling at 6:05 on TBS and be shocked when the announcers informed you that an incident had gone down and you couldn't wait to see when they showed the footage of what went down. This was still a great period of wrestling and still a glory period for the Road Warriors, as they were still one of the most awesome acts in wrestling to see.

The Miz and John Morrison NEED to Beat DX!

OK the title of this blog sounds like a title on a copy of Pro Wrestling Illustrated from the 80's, but it is a true statement. Am I the only one that has noticed how the Miz and John Morrison have slowly crept in and become the most entertaining act in WWE? It started when they started "The Dirt Sheet," for those of you who don't know, that's the name of their web show on Basically the show comes off like a show that Miz and Morrison put together themselves, and got attention because it's actually FUNNY, unlike every other pathetic attempt at humor WWE tries. So The Dirt Sheet got so much attention on the net, it's now mentioned on TV and even done live on ECW. Miz and Morrison are over the top of course, with their delivery, and no doubt their presentation, such as Morrison putting diamonds to his abs, which looks damn ridiculous, but I think that's the point. So now that the team has made waves for about a year now, the next step is for them to come up to the next level, and that chance will be at this Monday's big 3 hour RAW. The angle started last week or so, with Miz and Morrison calling out DX about their 80th "DX reunion," and claiming they were a better team than DX of course. Then last night on ECW, Miz and Morrison brought out DX imitators, and sadly, the imitation, and the things Miz and Morrison said about DX, were pretty much all true. DX was created in 97, a group of rebel heels who got over because they made fun of everyone and everything, and showed no respect. Well it's now 2008, and DX is now a watered down group of 2, that sells merchandise, and brings out glow sticks, yes GLOW STICKS. DX used to break every rule in the book, and we watched them because we couldn't wait to see how far they'd cross the line next. Now, DX repeats the same catch phrases, puts t-shirts and hats on to show they're in "DX Mode" as opposed to just being Triple H and Shawn Michaels like usual, and they reunite approximately 4 times a year so WWE can push it as the biggest and ONLY reunion of DX.....1 night only....right WWE?

Well the new degenerates are here, and they are the Miz and John Morrison. Even in this era of crappy WWE, where its TV-PG, nothing raunchy or even semi adult is allowed, Miz and Morrison have found ways to entertain, and to break out of the boring mold the WWE and it's writers has everyone else trapped in. So the point is, the match is upon us, tired repetitive DX, vs. the new generation degenerates, the Miz and John Morrison, and while it's most likely that DX will just steamroll Miz and Morrison, pose for the fans, and be "cool" as usual, the time is now to elevate Miz and Morrison, and they need to shock the "WWE Universe" by beating DX in the center of the ring, and proclaiming the new 2 words they have for DX and everyone else....BE JEALOUS! Why do I think it won't happen? Probably because this angle has 2 weeks of build up, and after it's over....Triple H goes back to his CAPTIVATING feud with Vladimir Kozlov on Smackdown, and Michaels goes back to his "HOT, NEW ::cough::" with JBL. And sadly, Miz and Morrison will keep entertaining us quietly, on ECW, and maybe a RAW appearance here and there, as history is made once again, with another great thing gets totally screwed by the WWE that has no grasp on what's wrong with their company.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why the Hell Isn't Paul Heyman Currently Running a Wrestling Company?

OK, many of you may answer my question by saying "Because remember, he ran ECW into the ground with his bad business decisions and dealings." Well that's not what I'm talking about, fine the guy sucks with money or business, whatever. But think back to ECW, Paul Heyman was able to bring a small Northeast wrestling group to worldwide recognition in a span of a few years. The man has a gift for delivering wrestling and characters that we want to see, and has the ability to adapt to the ever changing world around us. Does the talent have a lot to do with it? Sure, but both WWE and TNA are full of good talent right now, yet overall, current wrestling is boring as shit!

For anyone that saw ECW, the entertainment level was high at almost all periods, no matter how bad WWE and WCW had raided their talent, ECW always figured out a way to entertain. Heyman also created characters even out of nobodies, and sometimes those guys went right back to being nobodies as soon as Heyman was no longer behind their characters. After reading Paul Heyman's latest blog in The Sun, I shake my head as to why this guy isn't working for one of the major wrestling companies. WWE wasted him, and put him in on camera roles that just seemed so wrong after being the cult leader of ECW who would step over the line and do things that had never been done, which lead to such excitement just to see what would happen next. And TNA could use Heyman now more than ever, with a prime time 2 hour Spike TV slot, regular house shows, a great roster, yet no real direction with their show.

It's hard to sit back and read Heyman point out everything WWE and TNA should be doing, yet they're doing the opposite. On WWE's side, how hard is it to see that the Miz and John Morrison should be the new "degenerates" of WWE so to speak, and be wreaking havoc. Instead, they're on ECW every week, with more RAW appearances lately, but all that appears to be leading up to the next 3 hour RAW where Miz and Morrison will no doubt be fed to DX and will be made to look like jobbers. Sadly, Miz and Morrison should be doing much more in WWE, as they're young fresh talents that are getting over, but DX reunion number 81 will no doubt be booked on a much higher level as usual, which we've seen ENOUGH of.

Heyman also points out how neither promotion is in touch with what the latest styles in fashion and music are, and incorporating them into the show, much like ECW did, which worked like a charm. But only so much can be said about Paul Heyman, egos have kept him out of the "Big 2" promotions, yet he can still help them fix things with a simple blog, but they won't listen. All we can do is sit back and hope that someone with some sort of power or money in the wrestling business thinks just like everyone else who believes in Paul Heymans creative genius, and hopefully does something to bring this man back into the wrestling business, so we can once again be entertained, and the other promotions can finally see why the ratings are dropping week after week.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Book Review: Bret Hart's "Hitman"

We were fortunate enough to receive an advance copy of Bret Hart's autobiography "Hitman - My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling." This was a book I had heard months ago was already being said to be at the top of the list of best wrestling books ever, and after reading it, I can't argue.

The first thing that comes to mind about this book, is it is more complete than any other I've read. Many times, you read a wrestling book, finish it, then have the feeling that it just didn't cover everything. Well Bret Hart's book comes in at a big 549 pages and reads like a diary that documents Bret Harts entire career, and everything is covered.

Bret carried a voice recorder throughout his career and documented everything, which is why this book feels so complete and doesn't leave out any time periods or events. Going into this book, knowing that Bret Hart has been very opinionated on various subjects over the years, I expected to read Bret being negatively biased towards certain individuals or organizations, but was pleasantly surprised that Bret gives a very honest and straight forward view on everyone in the business, even Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon. The book holds nothing back, openly describing the drug and alcohol abuse that was rampant in the business, which in many cases are eye opening things to read yet still very honest portrayals of what was going on at the time. Also this book is a real look at what being in the wrestling business is all about. Many wrestlers breaking in the business and working 2-3 shows a week tops, at the same local shows, get a look at what it means to really travel the world, working non stop, and understanding what it takes to really make it in the business along with the toll it takes professionally and personally.

Also many other wrestling books dedicate a good portion of the book to the authors early life growing up, and advances into how they got into the wrestling business; this book does the same, except the wrestling part begins right away as Bret was born into the business of course with his father Stu Hart running Stampede Wrestling in Canada, so even the earlier parts of the book gives an awesome view of wrestling in the 50's and 60's, then on through Bret's career of course. Along the way you get a broad look into so many different era's of wrestling which makes the book even more enjoyable, with plenty of stories about Bret's closest allies like Jim Neidhart, Dynamite Kid, Davey Boy Smith, and Brian Pillman, to Bret's greatest rivals such as Steve Austin, the Undertaker, and Shawn Michaels.

Of course, probably the most historical event of Bret Hart's career, the "Montreal Screwjob," is covered in depth, along with the aftermath and Bret's consequent move to WCW. The other major event of course was the death of Bret's brother, Owen Hart, and these events are covered in depth as well, along with many never told stories about the aftermath with many of the other Hart family members.

The only part I'd like to hear more about was Bret's more recent life, including his Hall of Fame induction and work on his DVD that was released by WWE. These are only small gripes overall, and are only a result of this book being so good, I just wanted to read more and more. If you are a Bret Hart fan, there couldn't be a better book. If you're not a Bret Hart fan, the book is still a must-read, as the direct and honest approach and the tails told of what was going on in the wrestling business and who was doing and saying what, is worth the read as well. Many feel that Mick Foley's first book is the best of all time, it may be for some people, but Bret Hart's book spans a larger time in the business, and will definitely rank on top of the list of best wrestling books written to date.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Shelly Martinez Ebay Auction Back Up, Now a Private Signing

So we reported here that there was a huge auction with bids up to 5 grand for a date with Shelly Martinez, well apparently EBay looked at it as a HOT date that would be considered prostitution. Then it got changed to a lunch date, which we guess EBay took as lunchtime prostitution. So now the auction is up ONCE AGAIN, and this time it's geared toward being for charity, and mentions donating half of the proceeds to a cancer organization in honor of Rob Van Dam's wife. It must be OK with EBay now since it specifies very clearly that it's a sit down, eat lunch, and get stuff signed by Shelly, and THAT IS ALL. So far the reserve hasn't been met, and the auction is going until Sunday, so maybe all those bidders DID think they'd get a hot night alone with Shelly Martinez/Ariel/Salinas...who knows. And this time we even have a video message from Shelly herself, explaining the auction and verifying that she's involved and it's no scam. So check out the video as Shelly tries to convince you to come hang out with her for lunch, and some autographs, and that is ALL.