Thursday, July 31, 2008

Saw a Wrestling Superstar at a Minor League Baseball Game

A friend ran into this wrestler at a Single A ( SAL) Minor League baseball game tonight.

The picture quality is pretty bad, but let me know if you can tell who this is.

I seem to think he was pretty big back around the time that wrestling was worth watching, back when the WWF was called the WWF ( and AWA and NWA were still around and televised) and before a lot of the lame shit.

Update: Of Course it was Sgt. Slaughter.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Remember When...Macho Man Randy Savage Debuted Elizabeth as His Manager?

New feature time wrestling fans! I've been told that this site is making a comeback with the great former writers/reporters returning and some new ones on board, so I'm ready to help and make the site grow! Since coverage of current wrestling news is being kept up with, I've decided to do a feature that I wanted to do since I first joined this site and that is re-living classic moments from the glory days of wrestling, so I'm calling it "Remember When..." Each post will feature a great memory of an event, match, or big angle and I'll usually try to pull something that happened on this day in history which is what I have done with this inaugural post.

Remember when....Macho Man Randy Savage burst onto the WWF scene in 1985? He was a bright and charismatic star that was immediately a top act. Of course just about every top heel in WWF during that era had a manager representing them, so Savage's debut of course had all the managers looking to sign the new guy who was making waves. Now watching wrestling back then was great, no Internet to ruin everything about everyone, so I had no clue that Macho Man had already made the rounds in his dad, Angelo Poffo's promotion ICW, and even been in Memphis feuding with Jerry Lawler and many others. So this guy was totally fresh and exciting, and sure enough before long all the managers were coming out and scouting the Macho Man; Freddie Blassie, Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart, Johnny V., and Mr. Fuji were all looking to sign Savage. Ah the good old days when each manager had an army, then made deals to trade guys, hire and fire guys, constantly a changing scene with the managers. Well after weeks of speculation as to who would get the big contract with Macho Man, the time came for him to reveal who he had picked. It was this day in history, 23 years ago on July 30th 1985 after a squash match, Macho Man grabbed the mic as the managers watched on....and announced he had chosen NONE of them. Instead, he had chosen someone new and very different, and with that he brought out, the one and only Miss Elizabeth!

At the time, it was a "who the hell is this" moment. Some petite hot lady walking down to the ring had just signed the hottest free agent in the WWF? Damn, good times in wrestling. And what we didn't know at the time, was this was Macho Man's wife who had even appeared on his dad's TV show for ICW as an announcer before, but again, due to the great way wrestling USED to work, nobody had a clue and we were all successfully kept in the dark. Macho Man then went on to even bigger success with Elizabeth at his side, winning the Intercontinental Championship from Tito Santana in 1986 and reaching the mountain top as WWF Heavyweight Champion in 1988.

The Elizabeth character played such an important role for years to come; early on she was the successful woman who had outdone all the veteran managers and scored the big talent, but then she went on to become the person Macho Man always interrupted during interviews, put in the way of an attack, and basically treated her like his doormat which of course lead to sooo many classic angles like the George Steele crush on Elizabeth, the legendary Steamboat/Savage match, and ultimately Macho Man's face turn and formation of the Mega-powers with Hulk Hogan - all due to Miss Elizabeth going the extra mile for her man. During this era of wrestling Elizabeth earned the title of "First Lady of Wrestling," and this moment in history when she first walked down the aisle and aided in Randy Savage in beginning his era of the Madness will always be remembered as golden era in 80's WWF wrestling.

Hope you enjoyed this first feature, I plan on sittin around my campfire and reminiscing about many many more classic moments from my day, the glory days of wrestling.

Edit - I've found video of the classic debut of Miss Elizabeth:

Kimbo Slice and Hulk Hogan in a Kid's Movie?

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Stereo Vision Entertainment, Inc. (OTCBB: SVSN), a film production company focused exclusively on developing high quality, low cost, polarized 3D feature films, announced today that the undefeated Mixed Martial Arts phenomenon, Kimbo Slice, will be co-starring with Hulk Hogan in Stereo Vision's hilarious kids' comedy "Kung Fu U" in 3D.

"Kung Fu U" in 3D is a Disney-type comedy about of a bunch of nerds and misfits that are sent away by their wealthy parents to the Brentwood Academy (a.k.a. Kung Fu U) to learn the finer arts of self-defense. It's a heart-warming romp where the rather weathered warriors come to the rescue for the kids, and in turn, the kids rescue the warriors’ seemingly lost souls from what had been their eternal apathy. It's a feel-good story that reminds us that we're all the same, no matter what our age, or where we came from, and that we should all stick together.

Stereo Vision's Chairman, "Baywatch" creator Doug Schwartz, stated, "We're very happy to have Kimbo Slice co-starring in 'Kung Fu U.' He has an enormous media presence, and he'll fit right in with our star Hulk Hogan, and the other cast members in our made for kids 3D movie. We hope to have 'Kung Fu U' in 3D in theatres by the fall of '09."

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Freddie Prinze Jr. a Writer for WWE.

-- Hollywood actor Freddie Prinze Jr. has joined World Wrestling Entertainment's Creative team. He worked last night's Saturday Night's Main Event & WWE RAW taping in Washington, DC and will be working with the company regularly in the future. Prinze, a big WWE fan, has been a celebrity blogger on WWE's "Fan Nation" online community and has been at a number of live events in recent months. Prinze is married to "Buffy" star Sarah-Michelle Gellar and starred in both Scooby Doo movies, as well as "She's All That" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer."

I don't even know what to say about that.

RAW Recap: 07/28/08

Here's just a short rundown of what happened at last night's Monday Night RAW:

RAW has been kicking ass lately. The plots have been thicker, the writing better, and the action more over the top. Guys like Kofi Kingston and occasionally the now solo Paul London have been adding that high flying attitude that RAW has been missing leading up to the draft. Rey Mysterio should be in there somewhere, but we've seen him like... what now? Twice?

This Santino/Beth Phoenix lovers angle is hilarious. I haven't laughed that hard at WWE in a LONG time. Santino is the acclimate performer right now. He's skilled in the ring, but at the same time great on the mic and had excellent comedic timing. He's always funny, but last night, with Beth Phoenix, I was almost to tears I was laughing so hard.

Michael Cole got his ass kicked. It was supposed to be Jerry Lawler and Hacksaw Jim Duggan against the World Tag Team Champs, with the straps on the line, but at the last minute a referee ran in with a note from the new GM that replaced Hacksaw with Michael Cole. King got taken out of the match, and Michael Cole got clobbered by Cody Rhodes. So Michael Cole was out for the rest of the show, and that's always good. Though they did bring out Mike Adamle to fill in, and that's always bad. Mike Adamle is a moron.

Earlier in the night Shane McMahon said we would see CM Punk squaring off against one of the most technical free agents in the business, and that turned out to be William Regal making his return, in a weird singlet. Though no mention of him being KOTR and only a quick mention of him being GM before. Punk won, but not before William Regal broke his nose accidentally. Cheers to Regal!

Mickie James won against the ugly blond who sings a lot. I can't remember her name, because this is usually when I go take my evening #2. Katie Lea jumped Mickie at the end though, and demanded a shot at Summerslam.

Out next was Jericho for the Final Highlight Reel. Jericho played a couple of his old funny clips, and said the true career he ended was not HBK... it was Y2J. Jericho said we could all say goodbye to Y2J and the old Chris Jericho. He demanded a shot at CM Punk's title, and told Shawn Michaels to stay home and get some rest.

JR is now coming to ringside, and he says "I don't know why I'm here, I should be on my way to Hershey, Pennsylvania for Smackdown. I was told to be here." King and Adamle don't know either. Mike Adamle keeps insisting he was told to be there too, and it's obvious he would have to replace Michael Cole.

Promo airs saying Shawn Michaels will be live via satellite next week. WWE jumping the shark yet again.

At this point, I was expecting we're gonna get a good Summerslam WHT match. You have 6 guys wanting it. CM Punk has it, Batista, Cena, Kane, JBL, and now Jericho all wants shots. The HITC is already going to be hanging over the ring at Summerslam, so they can't do an Elimination Chamber, so I think they might do a 6-man HITC.

Boy was I wrong.

Big mainevent, Cena and Batista beat JBL and Kane in a tag team match. I bet those guys were tired since they practically had the same match, a couple hours earlier when they pretaped the SNME show.

It's 11:15 and here comes Shane McMahon to introduce the new RAW GM. I'm hoping and praying for Bischoff................... but no.

On camera we didn't see who got up and climbed in to the ring, but as Shane McMahon looked to the back to introduce the GM, we all waited, and when no one came out, Shane turned to the ring and said "Your new RAW General Manager is..." the camera pans to the ring to see who's standing behind Cena and Batista.... "MIKE ADAMLE!"




Cena and Batista look legitimately shocked, with Cena even laughing at one point and saying "is this a joke?" I wish it was a joke... but no... it looks like Mike Adamle is the new RAW GM.

.... and just when RAW was getting so good.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

WWE news: Shane on RAW, King and JR Back Together, Michelle McCool Resented Backstage.

-- Shane McMahon will be appearing live and in person on Raw this Monday night in Washington D.C. According to's preview for Raw on Monday, McMahon may be naming a new General Manager for the brand. Here is what they wrote: "In recent weeks the McMahons have implored the WWE Universe to cease the civil unrest that resulted from the absence of the injured WWE Chairman, Mr. McMahon. Will Shane name a new General Manager when he appears on Raw this Monday?" You can read the preview in its entirety at this link, which consists of vague information. They don't have anything else officially scheduled for Monday's Raw at this point. On another note, Stephanie McMahon will obviously be unable to appear on Raw due to her pregnancy, as she's due any day now.

-- According to the webmaster of Jim Ross' official website, Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler will be calling the entire 8/2 Saturday Night's Main Event broadcast, which is scheduled to be taped before Raw goes live on the air at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. this Monday night. You can read the message at this link.

-- In the SmackDown Divas locker room, there is a bit of resentment from some of the ladies towards reigning WWE Divas Champion Michelle McCool. Whether it's true or not, the feeling is that McCool has some power as the star of the women's division on SmackDown and that she comes across like the veteran leader even though she doesn't really have that much experience in the wrestling business. This was actually the case before McCool won the WWE Divas Championship at The Great American Bash last Sunday as the belt doesn't have anything to do with the resentment. A few weeks ago, Natalya Neidhart was reportedly upset with McCool due to a behind the scenes incident involving the two in which McCool tried to show her how to lock up correctly and how to work "WWE style," which is more about telling a story in the ring than doing a bunch of random moves. On the other hand, McCool doesn't really appear to be in the wrong, and all of this probably has more to do with the typical wrestler mentality of someone becoming a star when others think they're not as good as they themselves are, and then they come up with reasons why. Also, since McCool in involved in a real-life relationship with Undertaker, it would appear that some of the resentment and jealousy towards her is due to that. In other words, when a Diva is dating a Superstar wrestler and then gets a push, that's obviously going to get people talking.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Does Anyone Like Wrestling? Does anyone care?

I really don't. A bunch of people wanted a wrestling blog for some reason. I think we are going to open this blog up some and get something going. Either get some action going or put it out of it's misery.

If anyone actually wants to blog here about wrestling and join our staff of bloggers, let us know in the comments.