Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pro Wrestling Sucks and Has Sucked for a LONG Time

Yeah, that's about it. Wrestling sucks, especially this wrestling entertainment shit we know as pro Wrestling. Professional ass-clowns who can't do shit in the ring. Boring Boring shit.

Why do I say this now? Well I was just thinking to myself " Why doesn't this site have any posts?" Perhaps you were wondering the same ( if anyone even reads this)?

And this is probably why. Wrestling hasn't excited me in probably 20 years- back when the WWE was the WWF and NWA came on TBS and all that good shit. You know back when Wrestle Mania wasn't up to number 567 or whatever it is now. I guess the same way old football fans probably have better memories about the first couple Superbowls. It's hard to get into number 40something. It's hard to get into things with no real stars, no real personalities, no talent. At least in the old days people who sucked at least put on a good show.

So yeah, Ive been trying to get into this, but there's just not much exciting going on. If there was I'm sure other posters would pick up the slack. Right guys?

Pro wrestling sucks and many wrestling fans suck as well. There, I said it. Anyone care to prove me wrong?

Monday, March 17, 2008

R.I.P. "Playboy" Gary Hart

Wrestling lost another legend over the weekend, and one that a lot of fans today probably missed out on. "Playboy" Gary Hart was a manager in the glory period of wrestling, when managers really meant something. A lot of much deserved shine goes to legends like Bobby Heenan, Lou Albano, Freddy Blassie, Paul Ellering, JJ Dillon, Jimmy Hart, Mr. Fuji, Jim Cornette, etc., and while Gary Hart never had a big run in WWE, he was instrumental not only as a legendary manager, but one who made magic behind the scenes, a fact that we didn't know a lot about until the recent release of the Heroes of World Class and Triumph and Tragedy of World Class Championship Wrestling DVD's, where Gary went into detail about his involvement in booking and being part of the office in Texas in those days. As a manager, Gary always made me believe everything he said. He had a look to him that was straight out of a comic book, a true villain who was always scheming, and came off as a true mastermind. You saw him being able to control the likes of the Great Kabuki and Abdullah the Butcher (both pictured,) and he drew you in and made you believe he had traveled to the farthest reaches of the Sudan or Japan, and imported some new star, the likes of which we had never seen before, and he always delivered something spectacular to do battle with the likes of the Von Erich's, Ric Flair, or Bruiser Brody.

When he wasn't in World Class, Gary had a good run as the manager of the J-Tex Corporation in the NWA in 1989, which was comprised of Terry Funk, and Gary's newest find from the land of the rising sun, the Great Muta, who together had a memorable feud with Sting and Ric Flair throughout 1989. Muta was a sensation in the U.S., and I believe a major part of that was Gary Hart's buildup for Muta as Kabuki's son. Behind the scenes, Gary is credited for seeing the potential in Dusty Rhodes as a face, and labeling him "The American Dream," and also behind Kerry Von Erich's push to superstar level in the early 80's. In my opinion, Gary Hart was the highlight of the WWE's World Class DVD, as even outside his role as manager, his speaking still drew you in, and made every story that much more entertaining. It's sad to see another person that contributed to the GREAT days of wrestling gone, but if you've never seen any Gary Hart in action, throw on some DVD's of a period that Gary Hart was a part of, and I'm pretty sure you will see some great old school action, as I can't recall a product that the "Playboy" was a part of, that wasn't a top notch wrestling show.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Samoa Joe Loves the TNA Fans...and is No Longer a Bad Ass.

Well I watched TNA Impact tonight, even though they're in one of their periods where some things are good, some are bad, some make no sense, but overall they're just stuck in place, not really getting anywhere.

The biggest thing that stuck out, was Samoa Joe's interview hyping up his match with Kurt Angle at Lockdown. Joe uncharacteristically wore a suit to the ring for his interview and proceeded to tell the fans that he was winning the title for them, they stuck with him, I love you all, love the fans at home, blah blah. Well wrestling fans, another bad ass face ruined and we're back to good guys vs. bad guys wrestling that has plagued wrestling since the attitude era ended. In those days, Steve Austin was the top face and not once during his run did I hear him profess his love for the fans. He kicked ass, drank beer, swore, and did his thing....and he was arguably the top draw in wrestling history.

So why must wrestling insist that this won't work again? Is no one in the wrestling business noticing that MMA's popularity is exploding right now? And with NO "good guy" vs. "bad guy" scenarios, just some bad asses going out and seeing who the better man is. The 90's was a similar time, where there weren't too many faces going out and processing their fan love, The Rock is another example of a huge star made by simply coming off as a shit talking smart ass that was OK for males to cheer for because he wasn't a nice guy pretty boy...those days are gone, except for the fact that just about every wrestler has to change drastically if the fans start getting behind them and usually they become way less cool.

When Samoa Joe first entered TNA, he was a phenomenon from Ring of Honor who people knew, had heard of, or seen on DVD. The hype was huge and when he debuted, he delivered. He beat every ones ass that got in his way, he didn't talk, he just slaughtered every guy that got put in his way, and crowds were electric for every one of his matches. His first few months in TNA reminded me of Goldberg's debut in WCW in the 90's; no need to talk, just hand guys their asses, continue winning, become a huge star. This was all on pace to happen, UNTIL someone got the bright idea that Joe needed more character. Now he had to deliver cocky interviews that don't come across to me as realistic at all, had to be beaten down by whoever he was feuding with, and he even started losing matches - and still has yet to get the TNA Heavyweight Title.

Well now it's as if TNA feels they missed the boat and now its time for a homegrown TNA talent to be the flagship guy to beat Kurt Angle, but now he's cutting promos not about kicking ass, but loving the fans and doing it for them. Well that's nice, now every time Joe comes out in Orlando he'll get a nice reaction from his good buddies, aka the Orlando crowd, but good luck with all those northeast crowds that TNA will be in front of as they don't take kind to fan loving high fiving nice guys and will boo any wrestler of the type right out the door. It sucks that the easily programmed Orlando fans get most of the TNA action because if the northeast had more TNA, they'd b e a lot more vocal about the direction THEY want wrestling to take, and it's evident anytime TNA, or even WWE are in their towns (think WWE in Madison Square Garden, WHOLE different world.)

In the 70's and 80's, guys also did not have to change drastically just because they turned heel or face. Guys like Harley Race, Bruiser Brody, Ric Flair, the Road Warriors, and others, could be a face in one territory or period of time, and be the same character as a heel, they would just wrestle a different set of guys, and would be cheered instead of booed. They didn't have to change their character, wrestling, or interview style. They just remained the same, and let the fans adjust accordingly. So there's my view on Samoa Joe, and the sad fact that serious, believable faces in wrestling are nearly non-existent. And if Samoa Joe is failing miserably as TNA Champion in a few months, look back to this post if you need answers as to why.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jeff Hardy Suspended for 60 Days, Out of WrestleMania 24.

Originally this post was set to be a look at last nights RAW WrestleMania Rewind show, and I was going to highlight the main 2 things that did anything for me, one being the mega heat that Floyd Mayweather drew (sadly the best heel by far in WWE,) not to mention the near shoot fight that took place between WWE and Mayweathers crew, wow, realism really makes wrestling interesting, too bad no one in WWE can pick up on that and make that whole show like that! And the other thing I was going to feature, was the awesome Hardy vs. Jericho 2 match. As I sat and watched Y2J pull some heelish antics that remind me of his original run, and then Hardy with the fans going wild for him as usual, while the male audience roaring for Jericho...the atmosphere was electric, and I was wondering once again, "Wow, why are these guys not main eventing Wrestlemania 24?" Hardy the super face, Y2J the cool heel, and not to mention these guys produce 5 star wrestling matches on top of that! When Jericho took the win once again, I was surprised. I loved the fans going nuts for all the near falls, then BOOM Jericho wins. Weird, a title change this close to Mania, and Jericho beating Jeff twice in a row. Then it hit me, wow, WWE is doing it.....perfect. Y2J just won the Intercontinental Title, so Hardy can win the MITB, which will mean Hardy will take his shot not long after, and finally take the belt. THEN, Jericho is the IC Champ who has beaten the WWE Champion twice, which is Jericho's ticket to challenge Hardy, and there it is, a great WWE Title feud finally, with a story behind it, and 2 guys who produce matches we want to see..........sadly, I was wrong.

In reality, Jeff Hardy dropped the title to Y2J because he has yet again been suspended, this time for 60 days, due to a wellness violation......damn. It seems that every time Hardy is on the brink of something huge, when his fans will not take no for an answer......something like this happens. He was released from WWE once before (After refusing to got to rehab,) and popped up in TNA for a short run (He was also briefly suspended there for no showing an event,) where he was once again over big time with the fans, and put on some great matches, but seemed to lack something, maybe it was not being in front of the WWE crowds. When he returned to WWE, he seemed to be back at that level, the fans were behind him, and have stayed behind him since his return. He has been suspended once under the new policy, and now this is his second offense, which means one more, and he'll be released from WWE once again. In my opinion, it's all over, Hardy will now never get the big push because he cant keep his shit together. As I stated in my previous post, I haven't been the biggest Hardy follower over the years, but I'm all for a new talent who gets over due to the fans demanding it, and seeing a new main eventer get there because the fans want it, not because it's shoved down our throats. But now, IF Hardy returns, I feel WWE will never trust him to run with the big title, given his history. Sad to say it, but I guess we're stuck with our current main event picture, because Hardy was the only guy that I saw stepping up a level, but now I see Hardy going nowhere in WWE, and if he does, we're looking at it being a GOOD while from now.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Is WWE Missing the Boat on Jeff Hardy's Popularity Explosion?

After viewing RAW this week, and for the last few week's, I've really taken note of Jeff Hardy, and the explosive reactions he's getting, which seem to be growing by the week. Hardy had a big push in his title feud with Orton, but WWE did not pull the trigger on a Hardy title run. Now a few years ago, Hardy had a ladder match with the Undertaker, which was considered a classic bout, and a lot of people were thinking it was main event time for Hardy then. To me, he was still just a tag team guy, although he pulled off some spectacular singles matches, something wasn't there as a WWE Champion type. I think now, Hardy has evolved, and the fans are demanding he moves up the ranks. I think the fans would've liked to see Hardy beat Orton, but that didn't' go down, maybe because it was so close to Mania, and they feel that Orton is the guy to bring the title to Mania, but now the fans are seemingly not going to allow Hardy to fall back down to mid-card status, and will still give him enormous pops that cannot be ignored. Last week, his match with Jericho was a classic. I've been disappointed in Y2J's performance thus far, but this match brought out a Y2J we haven't seen since his return, and he has Hardy to thank for it. Then tonight, as Jericho brought back the "Highlight Reel" segment, WWE gave Hardy that little something extra, some......attitude if you will. Hardy proclaimed that he wasn't just the "sit back and take it" guy anymore....after Jericho told him he was no longer his friend, he was just a uncharacteristically, Hardy dropped Jericho on his ass with a twist of fate! Now I've never been the type to throw on a Hardy shirt, some tassels, and hop around the room and do the Hardy dance with some glowing paint, but I thought this segment really gave Jeff a new perspective....a take no shit Jeff Hardy. Usually, he's the guy that will just go out and kill himself, and as long as the fans are happy, that's all that matters. But tonight, we get a Hardy that's kicking ass and taking names. My one worry in this situation, is that Hardy is getting super popular....put him in there with someone like Jericho who is also majorly popular, and Hardy chants are still blowing away popular guys like that means Hardy's popularity is about to hit it's height, and when it does, if WWE does not capitalize and get the title on this guy, the opportunity will be gone, and they'll lose a major chance to have a main event guy who will move merchandise, and also breathe some fresh air into a stale ass boring WWE Title scene, that now features a small group of guys that wrestle each other over and over. Triple H has his place, he's not going to suddenly explode on the scene as the hugely popular star, he's been there, it's now over, and he has his spot. Cena, same situation, we've seen it, he's a top star like it or not, but he's done what he's going to do, and there will never be anything new from him. The same can be said for almost all the WWE main eventers.....Undertaker, Batista, Kane, even Mysterio the list goes on and on. The current main event roster has done what they're going to do, and WWE is just rehashing it all.....Hardy is the one guy who's popularity is red hot, and he NEEDS the win at Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania, and start a huge angle of some sort that will end with a title shot, and win. If he does not win, the opportunity will be lost for Jeff Hardy to move up to the main event level the fans are desperately calling for in my opinion.