Friday, February 29, 2008

WWE Diva Maria's Playboy Cover and Preview Pics!

**UPDATE** Maria Kanellis Goes Topless in the Movie "Opposite Sex"

Here is the much anticipated cover for Maria's upcoming Playboy Magazine, which is due out next week. Maria was a great choice for this years WWE Playboy cover, instead of just whoever won the Diva Search, like they've done the past couple of years. Judging by the cover, this will be one of the better pictorials as well, hopefully without a ton of air brushing, as Maria is just fine without all that crap (hard to believe we've come from Chyna, all the way to Maria, my how things have improved!) We have the cover for all you Maria fans, and we're revealing it before you'll even see it revealed this Monday on RAW, and I've thrown in a few preview pics as well.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

John Cena Has His Own NES Pro Wrestling Shirt, Now How About an Original!

It seems John Cena and WWE have hit the merchandise jackpot with his new NES Pro Wrestling inspired shirt, which is basically the same as the box art for the game with an 8-bit Cena replacing the original wrestlers.

My first thought seeing this, was "Wow, that game brings back memories, cool to see it getting recognized!" But then, the more I thought about it, it's still a John Cena shirt, and I could never bring myself to wear a John Cena shirt no matter how cool the concept. The game itself, was probably the first wrestling game on a home console and was pretty damn cool back in the day; the characters were diverse and stuck in people's minds to this day, which I'm sure is the reason everyone is talking about this new shirt.

 So after seeing all this talk, my hope is, we will see a shirt produced with the ORIGINAL box art of the game as I would proudly sport such a shirt and represent the classic game, minus the Cena! I can see somewhere like Hot Topic carrying the original shirt, so I guess I hope the Cena shirt sells really well so that SOMEone jumps on the idea to throw a original Pro Wrestling shirt out there so us non Cena supporters can represent the original. They could even throw a phrase on the back like "Keeping it old school" or "Accept no imitations."

Now I'd gladly pay 25 bucks for such a shirt, but I, like many of you males over 12 out there, cannot bring myself to walk around in public or even in my own house with anything pro-Cena on it. So I'm calling the movement now, we demand NES Pro Wrestling Shirts!

And for you die hard Cena fans, you can get his version of the shirt at John Cena's gear at WWEShop...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Floyd Mayweather vs. Big Show Set for Wrestlemania 24, in SOME Fashion!

In a matter of about 3 days, suddenly Big Show is back in WWE, and somehow feuding with pro boxer Floyd "Money" Mayweather. My first impression of all this was that I hated how fast this was set up. Big Show coming down the aisle 100 pounds lighter, was great to see, made it seem like he was fresh and ready to make an impact for the first time in years. So he does his promo, cool enough. Then he sees Rey Mysterio at ringside, and decides to kick his ass, uh, just because he's taking away from his return, makes sense. From there things got weird, as suddenly Floyd Mayweather of all people is coming to Rey's rescue. So Big Show throws Mayweather's ass out of the way with ease, being Mayweather is about 1/8 Show's size. Then Big Show gets on his knees to balance out the height difference, then suddenly Mayweather EXPLODES shoot punches onto Big Show, breaking his nose in a matter of 2 seconds, then high tailing out of there. So we get a Big Show return, an attack on Mysterio (who had just wrestled Edge for the World Title,) and a confrontation with Floyd Mayweather, all in a span of minutes. All of this could've happened over at least 3 weeks if you ask me, but that's todays wrestling for you.

Now Monday night, we saw Big Show call out Mayweather, and "apologize" for his actions....then proceeded to tear Mayweather up, for even stepping in "Big Shows ring." So basically the challenge was laid down, Mayweather accepted, and we have ourselves a Big Show vs. Floyd Mayweather match of some sort. The fans stood up for wrestling here, and boo'd Mayweather for coming into the wrestling world saying he was the best fighter in the world, coming off as a great heel, although I'm not sure if he was meant to come off as a heel or face. So although I didn't like the rushed nature of this whole angle, as Big Show was already in the big swing of an angle his first night back on RAW, overall, i think this was well done, and gives the fans something cool besides the typical crap we've been getting on RAW lately. People will be talking about this one, the best pound for pound boxer vs. the giant pro wrestler. It's something casual fans will be interested in, and a realistic story (complete with broken noses!) Now this will probably be a 1 shot deal at Wrestlemania, and could be anything from a wrestling match, to a boxing match, with the possibility of it being Rey Mysterio (depending on his injury) with Mayweather vs. Big Show and Shane McMahon. So far, this angle going into Wrestlemania 24 intrigues me more than Cena vs. Orton vs. H. I mean, we've seen Cena, Orton, and H wrestle each other a hundred times, and now this match is supposed to feel like a WrestleMania main event? Sorry, not feeling it. Mayweather vs. Show will not be a great contest, but brings the much needed "unique" feeling that Wrestlemania needs, which has previously been brought by such classics as the WWF vs. NFL Battle Royal at Mania 2, LT vs. Bam Bam at Mania 11, and the Gimmick Battle Royal at X-7. Let's hope they go for the shoot boxing match, so Show can break Mayweathers nose right back!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Kimbo Slice Puts Tank Abbot DOWN at EliteXC!

The dream fight of sorts has gone down, and Kimbo Slice dominated once again, over the legendary brawler Tank Abbot. This fight was something that some MMA organizations wouldn;t touch, due to both fighters having no real discipline other than "brawling." On the other hand, as judging by the fans reaction, it was a welcome change of pace to throw two big bad asses in the cage, and see who would win. The match was about what you'd expect, with punches being thrown from the get go. Kimbo nailed some shots early, but the referee momentarily stopped things due to Kimbo hitting Tank in the back of the head, but as soon as things were resumed, Kimbo unloaded once again, knocking Tank down a few times, before NAILING him, and finally putting him face down into the mat. The fight was short and sweet, with an electric crowd, and Kimbo was the huge favorite. Dana White supposedly doesn't think this guy has the credentials to come to UFC, but he's got something special, that's earned him a huge following, and with this win over Tank, Kimbo climbs the ladder even further, and EliteXC has something red hot on their hands with Kimbo. Now the question is, who's next for Kimbo? Well this was talked about at the end of the show, and it just so happens another UFC legend has signed to debut next month with EliteXC, and the commentators agreed....what a fight it would be, if we got to see Kimbo Slice.....take on, the World's Most Dangerous Man....Ken.....Shamrock. Sure some would say Ken is past his prime, but at this point, Kimbo vs. anyone with name value, and especially someone skilled like Shamrock, would do HUGE numbers in the MMA world right now!

**Update** Here is the video of Tank Abbot vs. Kimbo Slice!

Can Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff Rock Wrestling One More Time???

Today I came across an article in The Sun that proclaimed that Hulk Hogan is starting up a "rival WWE." Sounds like a headline you'd read on a wrestling rumor site, as a bait to try and get you to click. Well after reading it, the article seems like it could have some truth to it, as it has quotes from Hogan, and names names and gives details of this new promotion, that has suddenly just popped up out of nowhere. Apparently, Hogan and Eric Bischoff are planning to launch this new promotion, and already have a T.V. deal lined up, and lawyers are just working out the details etc. Now some people have already speculated, that Hogan is the king of spreading rumors, getting stuff started, trying to get booked for a lot of money at Wrestlemania etc. But this time, I find it interesting that he's straight up saying Bischoff's name (who could turn around if it wasn't true, and say "What? A new fed? I have no clue what you're talking about" if it wasn't true.) I also think Hogan would be less certain if the rumor didn't have some truth to it, and just say things are "in the works" rather than saying "things are lined up and we already have a network." Now beyond that, assuming this is true, can Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff be the force that actually brings another major player back to the wrestling business? Hogan claims there are some unhappy talent in WWE, some stars from the 80's and 90's, and some untapped talent that hasn't been seen that are all lined up for this new promotion, and also states he's in better shape than he's been for years. He also says WWE's show is "watered down" and "unexciting"....well I can agree 100% with that statement at least! So let's say Hogan's popularity on TV recently, with American Gladiators and Hogan Knows Best have indeed got an interested network to put a Hogan and Bischoff promotion on T.V....what kind of product would we get? Would we see stars of the 80's and Hogan buddies like Brutus Beefcake and Brian Knobbs in every match? Followed by Hogan as champion and beating everyone under the sun? Or can Bischoff create another monster as he did when he reinvented Hogan in 1996 with the nWo, and actually took Vince McMahon to the brink of near bankruptcy. There are only two guys in wrestling that I've ever imagined heading up something big again in of them is Paul Heyman, and the other is Eric Bischoff...two guys who have done huge things for wrestling, and not just some guy with a few million bucks to throw a wrestling show on with some big names, like numerous others have. Hearing news like this gets me interested, if NOTHING else, just to be excited about the prospect of SOMEthing different being offered by a company other than WWE. WWE is so stale, old, predictable, you name it. The thought of a big money promotion coming along, and maybe being able to drop the big money necessary to acquire some big name talent, is a great thing for wrestling. I just hope it happens first of all, and second of all, I hope they have a big, and GOOD, idea in mind, and not just a show called "Hogan Knows Wrestling."

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is MMA the Biggest Threat to WWE, and even TNA?

I figure it's time for my debut here at the Pro Wrestling Roundup. I told the owners that I would sit back for awhile and get a feel for how the site works before jumping in, but well, there's absolutely nothing going on here, so I'm going to jump right in and light this place up. I am the Midnight Writer, and as I blog from the woods, while sitting at my campfire, I'll be giving my views on pro wrestling happenings, and even some MMA. I've decided to kick things off with a little bit on my views on MMA's popularity over the past few years, and if it will be a threat to the pro wrestling world.

I think MMA has recently become so popular due to the aspect of 2 bad asses entering a cage, and just beating some ass. I also think this was the reason WWE and to some degree WCW's popularity sky rocketed in the late 90's. Wrestling made the change, which some would say was caused by Hulk Hogan joining the nWo, and tossing the red and yellow and joining the super cool Hall and Nash in the nWo. Things were taken to the next level of course, when Stone Cold Steve Austin was let loose on WWF, cussing, drinking beer, flipping off everyone in sight, all of which had never been seen or allowed on a WWF show. And of course, there was ECW, which basically invented this whole movement that WWF called the "Attitude Era." ECW was doing the "cool heels," the swearing, the violence, years before WWF or WCW changed directions. None the less, this era gave males 18 and up something to watch, and wrestlers to cheer for. No longer were good guys the smiling do gooders, but they were shit talkers who just wanted to fight. Around this same time....UFC became popular, and over the past few years especially, has gotten hugely popular. UFC is the biggest U.S. MMA company, but its popularity has sparked other companies to pop up, with rosters that include former UFC names, and other popular MMA fighters from around the world. While wrestling (especially WWE!) has taken a step backwards, and has gone back to a stale format of forcing cheezy babyfaces down our throat whether we like them or not, MMA brings no non-sense action that appeals to the same demographic that I feel pro wrestling had back in the 90's. And while UFC does have people who complain about how it's gone to a more rule filled format, and less of a pit fighting style, other promotions such as the new YAMMA Pit Fighting organization that has been started up by UFC founder Bob Meyrowitz, which will be bringing back the tournament and superfight concepts that made the original UFC so great to watch, and will also feature MMA Legends like Don Frye and Oleg Taktarov. I think this MMA promotion will be one to watch, as the tournaments were always fun to watch, and big name legendary fighters are always fun as well. Also EliteXC will produce a dream match of sorts this weekend, as Tank Abbot takes on internet fighting icon Kimbo Slice (both pictured above.) Sure this won't be a great martial arts battle of skill, but who cares! This is a great match up, with 2 great brawlers, and what the original UFC was all about. Do fans older then 17 years old or so, want to see the above pictured fighters go at it, or John Cena doing a fireman's carry on someone new (sometimes the same guys over and over,) every single week, sometimes more than once. I'll admit, Cena's surprise return got an awesome reaction, but I'm afraid we are doomed to have a repeat of the past, with Cena being the main focus of every show, and RAW becoming horribly repetitive once again. TNA wrestling is enjoyable to me, and its a different product, but something is still missing there, maybe it's having shows in different arena's instead of every Thursday show in the same place? Maybe it's lacking a couple more big name guys (Lashley anyone?) But TNA is just not on WWE's level, may never be, but is a nice alternative in wrestling terms, but has nothing that will spark a wildfire of interest and hook people like MMA has.

With all this diversity going on, and even the recent hype for Brock Lesnar's fight...MMA is pulling in more fans, giving them more options, and not mixing it with kids programming, and childish humor on a weekly basis like wrestling. In closing, I'll always love wrestling, and I'll be reporting on things that interest me, but I am taking notice that MMA is bringing in more and more fans, and bringing in levels of intrigue and excitement that wrestling has not been able to produce since around 2002. Wrestling needs to decide if they're a kids show, or an adult show, as mixing the 2 just doesn't work, and MMA may keep on capializing, but as long as WWE keeps selling T-Shirts (which seems to be their main goal these days,) they'll remain in The Midnight Writers opinion!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Al Snow fired

Since WWE cut ties with Ohio Valley Wrestling, they also cut ties with Al Snow, who was a trainer at OVW.

What does everybody want???

A job.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pro Wrestling Roundup Welcomes New Writers!

Dropping a brief line here to welcome our 2 new writers to Our management has made an effort in the past couple of weeks to seek out more writers for our site, so the content production levels can be improved, and meet our ultimate goal of being one of the most visited wrestling sites on the net. We've seen our numbers grow steadily recently, and now we're ensuring that our readers will be provided plenty of content with every visit to

First off, we welcome John Williams, who is a freelance writer, and one time wrestling fan. Yes, Mr Williams was a wrestling fan until around 1988, when he claims the business took a turn for the worse, and never came back. John will be reminiscing about the good old school days of wrestling, while at the same time often looking at the current wrestling scene, and letting us know why he thinks it sucks!

Next, we welcome The Midnight Writer to PWR. Also a freelance writer, Midnight is a long time wrestling fan, who over the years has written for a few different wrestling sites, but for whatever reasons, the owners of those sites either lost interest or just stopped updating, therefore Midnight hasn't written about wrestling in quite a while, but is a self proclaimed wrestling historian, who has a lot to say, and is dedicated making PWR a success. Midnight has some definite opinions, that are sure to stir things up around here.

Both of our new writers have an attitude that is worthy of our sites style, and we can't wait to turn them loose on the site, and on the wrestling world. Be sure and check back for our new writers debut very soon, and if you havent already, subscribe on the right so you get all the updates from!

--PWR Staff

Sunday, February 3, 2008

UFC 81: Brock Lesnar TAPS!

Credit: MMAnews.COM

Round 1: Kurt Angle and The Undertaker were both shown on screen with name labels to the live and PPV audience as both fighters were in the cage before the introductions. Now they just showed "Stone Cold" Steve Austin with a beer in his hand. Crowd cheered big for Austin. Bruce Buffer announces, with great passion, "the former WWE superstar - Brock Lesnar!" Now Sable is shown on screen. And it's time for round one. Lesnar immediately takes Mir down and has half guard. Lesnar is throwing short punches with furry. Ref breaks the two - apparently Lesnar loses a point for hitting Mir in the back of the head. No warning before the point deduction. Restart on the feet and Lesnar drops Mir with a big punch to the face. Lesnar goes berzerk on the ground with punches. Mir slaps on an armbar, but Lesnar escapes. Lesnar stands up and Mir grabs a leg and locks in a leg lock - Lesnar taps out!

Frank Mir def. Brock Lesnar via Submission (kneebar) at 1:30 of Round 1.