Monday, December 15, 2008

My Take on the State of the WWE

Hello wrestling fans and haters. My name is Mike and I have been an avid fan of pro wrestling for over 2 decades now. I started watching wrestling during what some people would call the golden age of wrestling. My first memories are of my brother driving me to madness because he was cheering for the Four Horsemen as they wailed on my hero Dusty Rhodes. I remember watching a champion named Flair wrestle 30 different opponents in 30 days for the world heavyweight title and wanting him to get beat every time but being strangely pleased when he didn't. And I remember watching a superhero named Hogan slam a giant named Andre and it feeling like the earth shifted. For fans who got into wrestling during this time or during the famous "Attitude Era" today's WWE just doesn't cut it. If it isn't The Rock, Stone Cold, Goldberg,or the NWO then they don't want to see it. They see the Cena marks and get mad and say they aren't "true wrestling fans." If someone isn't getting sprayed with Budweiser or getting their "candy ass whooped" then they turn the channel. And for the record I consider myself a part of this group. I will be genuinely entertained after most episodes of Raw or Smackdown. Yet I still find myself saying "What are they doing to HBK? Why are they trying to push that guy? This storyline sucks." I have found myself wanting to see the late 90s Goldberg and the Texas Rattlesnake come out and beat the hell out of Batista and John Cena. But that just isn't going to happen. What is the state of the current WWE? It's not great and nowhere near what it was. It will probably never again have the nostalgia of the 80s or the unpredictability of the 90s. But if we as wrestling fans will start looking towards the future instead of always looking at the past then maybe we will enjoy it more. With good young talent( Benjamin, Bourne, Hardy) and so many storyline possibilities the WWE is going to be just fine. If we just give this current group of guys and Vince's boys in Stamford a little time we are going to once again have a state of wrestling that has us talking about something we seen on Raw for weeks.Let"s all just get passed this notion that the WWE has to be exactly like it was in the past or it will suck. Because it isn't going to be. The sooner we accept that as fans the sooner we will start to enjoy watching wrestling again. And we can finally agree that regardless of how much the so called "smart marks" piss and moan the WWE isn't going anywhere. Sports entertainment will continue to do exactly what it is supposed to do-entertain us.


  1. Welcome to the site Mike. I'm with you on most of your feelings on WWE, as you can see, I've mainly been posting about old school events and such. But hey, Jeff Hardy is the WWE Champion, how bout that, never thought I'd see the least it's different.

  2. Yeah thank-glad to be on board. As for the Hardy title reign Ithink it will be very interesting. I personally think they should have saved the culmination of the Edge Hardy fued for WM 25 but it is cool to finally see him win it. I just hope thay can keep him Edgy and not try to make him Cenaish.