Monday, November 24, 2008

CCW is better than WWE and TNA. Deal With It.

I have been a loyal WWE fan since about 1990 I would say. I watched wrestling off and on in the 80's but didn't get die hard about it till around 1990. I was 100% WWF. Never watched anything longer than a minute of WCW or anything else (sorry Eric, but I was loyal) Although I did turn an episode of Nitro on briefly only to hear Macho Man actually say... "If ya smell what the Mach is cookin." Seriously, he did. And I remained a fan even to this day. But over the past few years, WWE has well, gone to crap. The same ol same ol that goes on every Monday night. The same champions over and over again. Seriously how many times is John Cena going to win the title? It's boring.

Because of that, I broke away and tried to watch TNA, when Kurt Angle first arrived and even with Foley got there, something about TNA just didn't hook me. So I didn't stay with TNA for long.

I was pretty upset for awhile. My love for wrestling all but dead. Then CCW came along. Hulk Hogans Celebrity Championship Wrestling. At first I thought it was awesome just because of how stupid it would be. Screech wrestling? Come on. Then I started watching it, and after awhile, the matches that these celebrities were putting on became more entertaining than anything I had seen in WWE in YEARS. Sure these guys don't know all the moves, or how things exactly work, but it is something new, something fresh. It was pure entertainment.

This past weekend, changed everything. I knew at some point they were going to start "feuds" between the celebrities to bring in some storylines for the matches, but at the same time try to keep the "reality" of it all going. And we had Dustin Diamond Vs. Danny Bonaduce. Danny was injured and missed last week and because of that he was kicked off the show, but then he came back and was demanding to be put back on the show, Dustin did not like this at all and thought it was unfair so boom, a feud was born, and a match set. Dustin Vs. Danny, hardcore falls count anywhere. And good god, it was one of the best wrestling matches I had seen in a long, long time. Sure there was no blood, no huge bumps, but it was damn great. Entertainment. I was having a blast watching wrestling again. Then the finish came, Dustin was set to do his finishing move on a steel chair. A DDT. And he did it. Dustin Diamond pulled off the prettiest smoothest most perfect looking DDT I hadn't seen since Jake Roberts pulled them off. It was awesome.

Now don't get me wrong, there are some points in the show that are a little annoying. Like how the camera cuts to the pretaped shots of the crowd going crazy. (I've worked in television before, so whenever you see random shots of audience reaction, usually that's pretaped and they're acting, saves time during the real filming.) But honestly that is the only gripe. The guest spots by RVD and Goldberg were great. The teachers Brutus and Knobbs are fantastic. And the judging is done by people that KNOW what they're talking about.

This may be pushing it even further, but I have not sat and watched an episode of Raw in months. I have not sat and watched and episode of Smackdown in years. And ECW? Give me a break. I just read all the results of these shows online, and thank god I did because nothing ever happens. But CCW? I NEVER miss an episode of CCW.

CCW needs to branch out and be its own federation. Get some celebrities, and start a real show. I would be there weekly to watch.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vote for Trish Stratus for Hottest Female Canadian TV Star, and Get a Hot New Photo Shoot!

Trish Stratus is missed sorely every single week that we have to watch the same old WWE Divas doing the same old thing. Many say Sunny was the original Diva, and indeed she may be, but Trish is the Diva that had it all and could do it all.

When Trish debuted, she was the ultra hot manager that was eye candy like no other. Then Trish became a wrestler, and became one of the most skilled and entertaining in-ring Divas of all time. Then add the fact that Trish can be entertaining and even funny in backstage vignettes and promos and took part in many great story lines, and the fact becomes clear that Trish Stratus brings everything to the table and thus the reason she is sorely missed on WWE TV.

So where is Trish Stratus now?! Trish is showing her multiple other talents doing other projects such as her own travel show "Stratusphere" and owning her own yoga studio, and she's also now been nominated for the hottest female Canadian TV star at "The Gemini Awards" which showcase the best in Canadian TV. I've discovered that Trish now has an official Trish Stratus Myspace in which she's asking her fans to vote for her to win the award, and if she does, she's promising a hot photo shoot for her fans and damn it's been way too long since we've gotten a hot Trish photo shoot. Here is what Trish had to say on her Myspace:

"So apparently Nov. 18 is a lucky day for me - 7 years ago I won the title for the first.. time (wow - that seemed like yesterday!) and today I made the top 5 ... okay, kind of not as big as winning the title- i guess the big day would be if i actually won the gemini ... oh, how convenient - now that i have your attention, maybe you could you know, throw me a few votes...

Oh, who am i kidding - YAY!!! I'm so psyched I made the top 5!! WHOO HOO!!

You guys made the difference- seriously I am so grateful to have a network of friends that can swerve a vote - thank you sooo much for your support - i can't tell you how much it means to me - i would.. show you - but you can't see me doing my happy dance - but i totally am!

Okay, let's seal the deal - voting ends Nov. 21 - show me some love and again, i haven't worked out the logisitics yet but i'm willing to share the trophy ... its really pretty... and shiny .... and see - through ....

And, Kim Catrell - you can still.. eat your heart out (that is if I don't eat my words first)

Love y'all!!


PS This would like be winning Babe of the Year for the fourth time .. kind of, except i'm not doing a photo shoot if i win ... F*&K it! I'm putting this out there - If I win - I'll do a Gemini Viewer's Choice Award Photo Shoot for you guys to celebrate the win!! And just like the trophy, it will be pretty ... and shiny ... and see -through ... what the hell?? Okay, pretty and shiny... I'd look weird see-through, all my organs and stuff showing (this is getting weird isn't it? I'll stop now) : )"

Sooo there you have it, Trish offering up a hot photo shoot if she wins and voting takes all of 5 seconds, so lets show love for one of the top all time women in wrestling ever and hell, maybe she'll follow through on the pretty, shiny, and hopefully SEE THROUGH photo shoot! Voting is only open for the next couple of days., so let's show how much Trish is missed by helping her WIN!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Brock Lesnar is the UFC Heavyweight Champion...But is He Being Taken Seriously Yet?

Brock Lesnar defeated UFC legend Randy Couture this past Saturday to capture the UFC Heavyweight Championship - with less than 5 MMA fights under his belt.

Ever since Lesnar entered the world of MMA the doubts have been numerous, with many people claiming it would only be a matter of time before Lesnar failed. Granted, he did lose his first UFC fight against Frank Mir (due to a rookie mistake, in a fight he controlled the majority of,) but Lesnar has since defeated the much more experienced Heath Herring, and now has beaten a UFC Hall of Famer in Couture. Lesnar has not only won fights, but has dominated in such an unstoppable manner, his fights are drawing major attention (and money) to UFC.

Of course Lesnar is not a guy who is cheered in any of his fights so far, as he hasn't, and probably never will break the "WWE Wrestler," since the WWE is where his name became famous, but Brock's huge win has opened the door for MMA fans and promoters to have no choice but to take qualified guys from the world of pro wrestling seriously. But even with the world title win, Lesnar is still new to the sport, and STILL has yet to be "accepted" by most as a serious MMA Star.

Lesnar beat Couture, but people will blame Randy being old as the reason Lesnar won. Brock is going to have to successfully defend his title against a wide variety of MMA names in order to gain the respect of the MMA industry. Up next for Lesnar will be the winner of the Interim Heavyweight Title fight between champion Antonio Nogueira and the man who defeated Lesnar, Frank Mir. Either fight with Lesnar would be another money fight and seemingly any future fight involving Lesnar garners interest from those who both love and hate him.

Some people may still think Lesnar will not be hugely successful in MMA aside from these first few wins, but no doubt Brock has made an impact, and the eyes of MMA are watching Brock Lesnar, who so far has proven he is "The Next Big Thing" for MMA, just like he was in WWE.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Remember When...The WWF Held "The Wrestling Classic"

The Wrestling Classic, one of the first pay per views offered by the then WWF (aside from Wrestlemania 1) was held on November 7, 1985 at the Rosemont Horizon in Illinois.

Nowadays WWE has a monthly pay per view and just about everyone is meaningless and routine. The Wrestling Classic had the big time feel of a truly special event. My first experience with the event was seeing it on video and the thing that grabbed my attention right away was the old school cool Coliseum Video clam shell case that featured WWF Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper. This right there had me sold that out of ALL the videos to rent, this one would top the list as it guaranteed a match between the number 1 good guy, the Hulkster, and the number 1 bad guy, Roddy Piper. These 2 guys represented that era of wrestling, from the LJN wrestling figures to the Hulk Hogan's Rock and Wrestling cartoon, all of it was about Hogan vs. Piper.

Now back then, you didn't see Hogan vs. Piper every week on free TV, hell you didn't even see Hogan or Piper wrestle on TV period aside from a special appearance or a Saturday Night's Main Event, so the hype just by looking at the cover was huge. This event was also my first exposure to tournaments in wrestling, and I believe the first big one night tournament the WWF held. The concept really hooked me, as it forced matches you wouldn't normally see via "luck of the draw." You would never see Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat take on his friend Davey Boy Smith of the British Bulldogs, or two good guys (at the time) like "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff and Tito Santana battling to time limit draws, but you saw both of those matches here either due to "random draws" that made the first round pairings or in later rounds due to how the match outcomes played out. True excitement back then to think of the possibilities of dream matches you wouldn't otherwise see.

Tournaments have lost that magic now of course, but the Wrestling Classic had it and produced great matches and moments. The finals came down to the Junkyard Dog taking on Randy Savage in the finals, and surprisingly the JYD prevailed and won the tournament via countout over Savage. As a bonus match we got the Hogan vs. Piper showdown, which of course ended with Piper getting DQ'd as usual (Piper was never pinned in this era by Hogan) when Bob Orton interfered and Paul Orndorff made the save for Hogan.

If WWE runs this show on 24/7 again, I'd definitely recommend watching and re-living the fun era of wrestling. I've provided video below of the WWF title match between Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper from the show.