The Miz and John Morrison NEED to Beat DX!

OK the title of this blog sounds like a title on a copy of Pro Wrestling Illustrated from the 80’s, but it is a true statement. Am I the only one that has noticed how the Miz and John Morrison have slowly crept in and become the most entertaining act in WWE? It started when they started “The Dirt Sheet,” for those of you who don’t know, that’s the name of their web show on Basically the show comes off like a show that Miz and Morrison put together themselves, and got attention because it’s actually FUNNY, unlike every other pathetic attempt at humor WWE tries. So The Dirt Sheet got so much attention on the net, it’s now mentioned on TV and even done live on ECW. Miz and Morrison are over the top of course, with their delivery, and no doubt their presentation, such as Morrison putting diamonds to his abs, which looks damn ridiculous, but I think that’s the point. So now that the team has made waves for about a year now, the next step is for them to come up to the next level, and that chance will be at this Monday’s big 3 hour RAW. The angle started last week or so, with Miz and Morrison calling out DX about their 80th “DX reunion,” and claiming they were a better team than DX of course. Then last night on ECW, Miz and Morrison brought out DX imitators, and sadly, the imitation, and the things Miz and Morrison said about DX, were pretty much all true. DX was created in 97, a group of rebel heels who got over because they made fun of everyone and everything, and showed no respect. Well it’s now 2008, and DX is now a watered down group of 2, that sells merchandise, and brings out glow sticks, yes GLOW STICKS. DX used to break every rule in the book, and we watched them because we couldn’t wait to see how far they’d cross the line next. Now, DX repeats the same catch phrases, puts t-shirts and hats on to show they’re in “DX Mode” as opposed to just being Triple H and Shawn Michaels like usual, and they reunite approximately 4 times a year so WWE can push it as the biggest and ONLY reunion of DX…..1 night only….right WWE?

Well the new degenerates are here, and they are the Miz and John Morrison. Even in this era of crappy WWE, where its TV-PG, nothing raunchy or even semi adult is allowed, Miz and Morrison have found ways to entertain, and to break out of the boring mold the WWE and it’s writers has everyone else trapped in. So the point is, the match is upon us, tired repetitive DX, vs. the new generation degenerates, the Miz and John Morrison, and while it’s most likely that DX will just steamroll Miz and Morrison, pose for the fans, and be “cool” as usual, the time is now to elevate Miz and Morrison, and they need to shock the “WWE Universe” by beating DX in the center of the ring, and proclaiming the new 2 words they have for DX and everyone else….BE JEALOUS! Why do I think it won’t happen? Probably because this angle has 2 weeks of build up, and after it’s over….Triple H goes back to his CAPTIVATING feud with Vladimir Kozlov on Smackdown, and Michaels goes back to his “HOT, NEW ::cough::” with JBL. And sadly, Miz and Morrison will keep entertaining us quietly, on ECW, and maybe a RAW appearance here and there, as history is made once again, with another great thing gets totally screwed by the WWE that has no grasp on what’s wrong with their company.

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