Shelly Martinez Ebay Auction Back Up, Now a Private Signing

So we reported here that there was a huge auction with bids up to 5 grand for a date with Shelly Martinez, well apparently EBay looked at it as a HOT date that would be considered prostitution. Then it got changed to a lunch date, which we guess EBay took as lunchtime prostitution. So now the auction is up ONCE AGAIN, and this time it’s geared toward being for charity, and mentions donating half of the proceeds to a cancer organization in honor of Rob Van Dam’s wife. It must be OK with EBay now since it specifies very clearly that it’s a sit down, eat lunch, and get stuff signed by Shelly, and THAT IS ALL. So far the reserve hasn’t been met, and the auction is going until Sunday, so maybe all those bidders DID think they’d get a hot night alone with Shelly Martinez/Ariel/Salinas…who knows. And this time we even have a video message from Shelly herself, explaining the auction and verifying that she’s involved and it’s no scam. So check out the video as Shelly tries to convince you to come hang out with her for lunch, and some autographs, and that is ALL.

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