Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mickie James Called Out on Live Radio About Her Pornographic Pictures!

This is definitely the wrestling related humor for the day. This morning on a St. Louis radio show, Mickie James was a call in guest, discussing everything from RAW being in St. Louis this past Monday, her hectic schedule, her guest appearance on "Psych," oh, and the little fact that she's posted in some extremely hardcore pornographic pictures years ago for "Legshow Magazine."

The hosts bring up this fact, and straight up questions Mickie James if she did it, and Mickie is at a total loss for words, stumbling around the question, and trying to get out of the interview ASAP. Obviously Mickie James doesn't want her porn career talked about, as back then I"m sure she had no clue that she'd go on to become a major star in the WWE.

Well the hosts found this extremely humorous and went over it numerous times and really got a laugh. And now Mickey is going to have to face her past once again, as the hosts commented that not many people even know about her having such hardcore nude pics out there, these are beyond Playboy level stuff here folks. To listen to the entire interview, which was a nice little radio interview until the dirty stuff came up, check out the ITD Morning After Interview About Porn with Mickie James, and if you're brave enough, and over 18, check out the VERY NSFW Mickie James Nude Porn Pictures.


  1. Hello Ms. Mickie James .
    You are the most Beautiful Lady in the World I mean that from the bottom of my heart and I would just like to say is that,
    PS as for all the ASSHOLES out there leave her alone

  2. Hi Mickie!!
    im shayla Your BIGGESSST FANN!! u r the best... and the prettiest person ever!!! i always wanted to be like u.. and i really look up to you! u r my idol and my inspiration...
    Every one needs to just shut the hek up...
    Every thing Mickie has done has got her where she is now... The BEST so all yall need to stop drinking that haterade....and if ur not down with That... Then i have 2 words 4 ya!... Suck Itt! whooo go Mickie James

  3. hey mickie my name is trey im a big fan of yours and i just want to say ignore the haters you are good at wrestling