Buy a Date with Shelly “Salinas” Martinez for Only 5 Grand! (So Far)

You, yes YOU, can go on a **lunch with wrestling diva/knockout Shelly Martinez** former nude model and even had a fetish video last year, so people instantly think they’re getting some action. Well whoever pays that price hopefully understands what they’re getting, and hopefully can take a major hit to their bank account.

We’d definitely like to get some reports on how this super expensive date goes when all is said and done.
known as “Salinas” in TNA as part of LAX and “Ariel” in WWE’s ECW, Shelly recently left TNA due to signing on to do a movie, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fly yourself out to L.A. and go eat at the famous Mr. Chow restaurant and hang with Shelly – all for around 5 grand as of this writing.

Now I’m sure half the people that bid on this are horny guys who think they’re going to get to hook up with Ms. Martinez in their dream fantasy, but in reality this auction will probably have some ups and downs before a legit buyer comes through. And keep in mind, 5 grand is only for the date, you still have to fly yourself out to L.A. at your own expense. This was a cool idea to do for any huge Salinas fans out there, but as I mentioned, a lot of people probably won’t be able to cover that sort of price (and the auction still has over 5 days,) but people are excited at the idea being it’s well known and as we’ve mentioned here before that Shelly has done some

** The above link has been updated, due to Ebay taking the original auction down due to it sounding too much like a HOT date with Shelly, like an almost, um, prostitution type situation. The auction is now labeled as a personal autograph signing/lunch with Shelly Martinez **

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