Friday, August 29, 2008

TNA Knockouts Christy Hemme, Gail Kim, and Salinas Naked Pic Collections

As I'm watching TNA tonight, I notice more and more every week that the Knockouts seem to be a  bigger part of the show and their popularity is at an all time high.  I've been told a lot of readers here  are fans of wrestling female nudes but we don't feature that here too much on this site since we keep it fairly clean, but I've found some great collections of a few of the TNA Knockouts Nude so figured I'd share the links here (and include a sexy but mild pic for the site.) Check them out if your a TNA Knockout fan and want to see them naked, but warned these pics are NOT safe for work!

Christy Hemme nude pics

Christy Hemme recently did a hot photo shoot for Loaded magazine, where she bared her boobs in a see through top, and much more!

Gail Kim nude pics

Gail Kim recently parted ways with TNA and is headed back to WWE, but we'll still feature this great

Gail Kim nude pic collection

Shelly Martinez nude pics
And finally we have Salinas (Shelly Martinez) from LAX. She's done a lot of, outside of wrestling type of stuff, from pics to videos, to all sorts of fun adult things. Here are a couple of links to her best work outside of wrestling:

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Undertaker vs. Edge, Hell in a Cell, Saves Summerslam

Summerslam 08 is in the books and what was once something so special that every match stuck in your head for a lifetime, came off pretty much as "just another show." Thankfully the main event gave us something special, maybe a little touch of that old school feeling where u may not have even cared about who won or lost, it was just a great match featuring the returning Undertaker taking on a totally different Edge. Yes, Edge "snapping" on Mick Foley on Smackdown may be the moment we look back and realize that Edge took the final step he needed to take to become the major player that WWE so badly needs.

Edge has always been "just OK" in my book, i just couldn't see him as a legitimate main event wrestler - I don't know why, it just never clicked. Maybe his character and mannerisms were too overdone and fake to me, but the moment Foley brought out the "real Edge," Edge brought a new character to the table - a character that said "Thanks Mick, I understand now"....then promptly kicked Foley's ass. Also a character who broke down a major barrier on Sunday at Summerslam, when he came down to the ring smiling, as if he was excited to be stepping into the Hell in a Cell and even more happy (not even intimidated ) about the presence of the Undertaker.

For years now, we've seen it's pretty much a rule that almost EVERY single wrestler that wrestles the Undertaker HAS to be scared of him, no matter how big or small, they must fear the Undertaker. Edge made me feel like I was seeing a bit of Brian Pillman in his performance tonight and also the classic performance from Friday's Smackdown, where he really came through the TV as a true psycho as he interacted with Vickie Guerrero, making her apologize to the Undertaker and more random psychotic ramblings. His new character almost makes me think it is semi based on Heath Ledger's Joker from the summers hit movie "The Dark Knight," fine by me, ANYthing to make things interesting again.

Tonight's match was a rare time when a character can lose the match, then get choke slammed through the ring, and you STILL want to see what he will do next because it's THAT interesting and it's been a LONG time since any character has had my attention in that way. The match had some big spots with Edge running across 3 tables to spear the Taker on the outside after they had broken through the cage and fought outside. Edge was choke slammed from the top rope to the outside through tables and then after Edge lost, the Undertaker came back to the ring, set up 2 ladders ,and gave Edge an awkward choke slam from the ladders and through the ring. After all this flame burst through the ring, signifying Edge had been "choke slammed to Hell." The end was a little awkward to set up, and a little over the top, but I can't complain, this match blew everything else out of the water by far, and is one of the only things I'm actually excited to see continue on Smackdown.

The rest of Summerslam was pretty much crap. Batista beat Cena clean which I was glad to see, and Jericho and Michaels had a great in ring angle that saw Jericho knock out Michaels wife; very good story there - very old school and probably the best story on RAW right now in my opinion. The title matches were in the middle of show, so yeah WWE is straight telling us that titles don't mean shit anymore and nothing else on the show is even worth mentioning. So in my eyes, the only things worth watching right now are Edge being the definite highlight on Smackdown and seeing how the Michaels/Jericho angle plays out on RAW.

It's sad that that is pretty much it, and even worse that such a boring show shamed the name "Summerslam"....thank God for the WWE Summerslam Anthology. For those of you who haven't seen the original Summerslams, I suggest buying it, to feel the electricity that was brought by the originals because I don't see it ever coming back.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sgt. Slaughter at the Delmarva Shorebirds Minor League Baseball Game: more pics

My post about Sgt Slaughter at the Shorebirds Game received a little bit of attention from major sports blogs. I thought I would update with some more pics my friend took of Slaughter. These are camera phone pics. He took some pictures with a real camera but didn't send me those.

The Delmarva Shorebirds are a single A minor league farm club of the Baltimore Orioles. They were originally affiliated with the Montreal Expos in 1996. When they built the stadium in Salisbury, Maryland, I was in high school and it was a big deal in our local area. The games were always sold out with many people in standing room only general admission. Future Expos Orlando Cabrera and Javier Vasquez were on that team. The 1997 team became affiliated with the Orioles and had some future big leaguers like Calvin Pickering and Ryan Minor but no one with a significant career. Ryan Minor is a trivia answer because he ended up starting in place of Cal Ripken when he decided to end his streak.

Apparently a few people still go to Shorebirds games. I wouldn't know because I moved away several years ago. The last game I went to was probably less than 40% capacity. My friend happened to be at this game and Sgt. Slaughter was there signing autographs.

I'm sure you all know who Sgt. Slaughter is. If not, maybe the Midnight Writer can fill you in somewhere in his Remember When Wrestling Series like he did with Miss Elizabeth Joining Macho man Randy Savage and Ron Simmons winning the WCW World Title.

Friday, August 8, 2008

WWE Cleaning House. Six Talents Released! has confirmed today's reports regarding the releases of Big Daddy V, Shannon Moore, Domino, Nunzio, James Curtis, and WWE referee Nick Patrick. Their profile pages have also been removed from the website.

WWE releases six Superstars, referee Nick Patrick
Written: August 8, 2008

World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of ECW Superstar Braden Walker as of Aug. 7, 2008, and the release of ECW Superstars Nunzio and James Curtis, SmackDown Superstars Shannon Moore, Domino, and Big Daddy V, and WWE referee Nick Patrick as of Aug. 8, 2008.

WWE wishes them the best in all their future endeavors.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Remember When...Ron Simmons Defeated Vader for the WCW World Title?

On this day in history on August 2nd, 1992, WCW shook things up in a major way. In Baltimore Maryland at a plain old WCW Worldwide TV taping, not a pay per view, not a clash of the champions, just the regular weekly show, the WCW title changed hands. Now this was WCW under Bill Watts who as many people that know their wrestling history know, ran things his own way and wasn't afraid to try something drastically different.

In the previous months, Vader had been pushed as the monster heel in WCW, plowing down everyone, destroying Sting at the Great American Bash for the world title in almost shocking fashion. So here we are a little over a month later at a TV Taping and a Vader vs. Sting rematch was scheduled to go down. Well earlier in the night, Sting was attacked and put out of commission by a debuting Jake The Snake Roberts which in itself was absolutely huge news as Jake hadn't been seen on the big stage since his Wrestlemania 8 loss to the Undertaker.

So here is Jake the Snake Roberts coming from the crowd, injuring Sting, and taking him out of the world title match with Vader. Of course this angle alone would've been enough for a single show, but this show went on to bring out 10 guys who had the chance to put their name in a hat and the name pulled would replace Sting in the world title match. Ron Simmons name was picked - he was popular at the time but not exactly main event level, so the obvious assumption was that Simmons would be another win for Vader on his monster heel run, but WCW and either Bill Watts or Dusty Rhodes (differing stories over the years) swerved everyone and Ron Simmons caught Vader in a powerslam and won the WCW world title to a huge reaction.

This was a great moment in WCW, as the emotion of the fans was real, it made for a classic moment that is great to relive. Here is video of this classic shocking moment from WCW 1992: