WWE news: Shane on RAW, King and JR Back Together, Michelle McCool Resented Backstage.

— Shane McMahon will be appearing live and in person on Raw this Monday night in Washington D.C. According to WWE.com’s preview for Raw on Monday, McMahon may be naming a new General Manager for the brand. Here is what they wrote: “In recent weeks the McMahons have implored the WWE Universe to cease the civil unrest that resulted from the absence of the injured WWE Chairman, Mr. McMahon. Will Shane name a new General Manager when he appears on Raw this Monday?” You can read the preview in its entirety at this link, which consists of vague information. They don’t have anything else officially scheduled for Monday’s Raw at this point. On another note, Stephanie McMahon will obviously be unable to appear on Raw due to her pregnancy, as she’s due any day now.

— According to the webmaster of Jim Ross’ official website, Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler will be calling the entire 8/2 Saturday Night’s Main Event broadcast, which is scheduled to be taped before Raw goes live on the air at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. this Monday night. You can read the message at this link.

— In the SmackDown Divas locker room, there is a bit of resentment from some of the ladies towards reigning WWE Divas Champion Michelle McCool. Whether it’s true or not, the feeling is that McCool has some power as the star of the women’s division on SmackDown and that she comes across like the veteran leader even though she doesn’t really have that much experience in the wrestling business. This was actually the case before McCool won the WWE Divas Championship at The Great American Bash last Sunday as the belt doesn’t have anything to do with the resentment. A few weeks ago, Natalya Neidhart was reportedly upset with McCool due to a behind the scenes incident involving the two in which McCool tried to show her how to lock up correctly and how to work “WWE style,” which is more about telling a story in the ring than doing a bunch of random moves. On the other hand, McCool doesn’t really appear to be in the wrong, and all of this probably has more to do with the typical wrestler mentality of someone becoming a star when others think they’re not as good as they themselves are, and then they come up with reasons why. Also, since McCool in involved in a real-life relationship with Undertaker, it would appear that some of the resentment and jealousy towards her is due to that. In other words, when a Diva is dating a Superstar wrestler and then gets a push, that’s obviously going to get people talking.

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