Vince McMahons Million Dollar Mania Was a Ratings Failure!

Well it’s officially been proven, even contests where you have a 1/1241151116 chance of winning some big money, are not enough to make people watch RAW. Last night’s first edition of Vince McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania actually brought the ratings DOWN to a horrible 3.0. I for one thought the idea that this money contest was the main focus of the show totally sucked. The money giveaway was also the main event of the show, following the headline match which was Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy. Another problem with all this was that they put on the same old boring shitty show, with a game show around it. RAW pulls out 1 or 2 good shows in a row, then back to the same crap. Same boring title picture, with guys trying to sell the upcoming pay per view HARD, to the point its just annoying and obvious. WWE was more fun when it was more targeted toward adults, and we could see some humor geared towards the 18+ crowd, and even some more sexually based stuff on the show. Now they really have no direction, just wrestling matches, trying to keep it clean since they have a kids magazine now, and the merchandise sales decide which guy is in the main event, and who can and can’t be a heel…..can’t lose those merchandise sales! All these problems are just regular problems now for WWE, but with this million dollar giveaway going on, the matches are just fillers around the next round of money to be given away. Good thing is, the lower the ratings get, the more WWE will see the fans don’t like the crap they’re giving us, and will keep on doing drastic things to make something work again. We know this Monday, Vince’s Million Dollar Mania will go on once again, but they better definitely give us a way better show that isn’t just a pay per view commercial, or WWE is going to be plummeting back to the ratings levels they were at in the mid 90’s. In reality, I’m sure people realize that their chance of actually winning is NOT that high, therefore they probably flip to another channel in between giveaways, if that many people even care enough about it to watch at all. It is rather sad, that Vince is blatantly saying he wants to pay people to watch, while the method is already not working, I think their creative problems are the real root of the problem. I feel eventually, Vince will have no choice but to pull the trigger on a John Cena heel turn, it will be the only fresh thing that’s happened in WWE in the past few years, and even then, there is no guarantee that they’ll do it right.

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