Monday, June 30, 2008

Breaking News: CM Punk Has Won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

In a shocking turn of events, WWE actually did something unpredictable, and kicked off RAW with a long segment involving Jim Ross's farewell speech, which was interrupted by Edge and his Edgeheads....which lead to a heated promo by Edge, saying he'd never appear on RAW again, which brought out Batista, who destroyed Edge, kicked his ass all over the arena, which was topped off by CM Punk cashing in his money in the bank, and defeating Edge for the World Heavyweight Title. Talk about fresh, a guy who just got drafted to RAW, and who hasn't been giving a huge main event push yet, walks in and wins the World Title. Like him or not (I'm not the biggest CM fan,) this was great booking, something exciting and unexpected, and a guy winning the title who you wouldn't expect. Finally WWE does something right, shakes things up, and gets us out of the boring John Cena-Triple H-Randy Orton title picture that's been boring for ages now! Let he era of CM Punk begin!

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