Tuesday, May 20, 2008

WWE RAW is Good Again....Until the Main Event.

So I've sat back and observed RAW the past few weeks, and I've seen a much more enjoyable show since Wrestlemania 24. Things were getting terribly boring for awhile, and predictable as well. Now I'm not saying there aren't still things that suck, such as WWE constantly having the main event made by an in ring promo, just like tonight's was, where Regal talked about Orton and JBL wanting rematches with Cena and HHH. Regal says they want rematches at the pay per view, then says "But tonight, there will be a tag match...".....now STOP right there, at THAT very point, we know that the tag match will be Orton and JBL vs. HHH and Cena, but as we do EVERY week, we have to sit through "It will be, JBL and Orton......" (Again, we must pause, and pretend we don't know who the opponents will be,) "Taking on John Cena..........(who could the partner be???)........and TRIPLE HAITCH (Regal's spelling of his name)"......this process occurs week after week it seems, and DAMN is it old and tired. Same old guys, same old main events, but wow, the WWE midcard and even lowercard angles and matches have been great lately! Chris Jericho pulled a great match out of Batista on Monday, and Jericho had a great match with HBK at Judgement Day, hmm, seems maybe Jericho should be main eventing! Jeff Hardy has exploded back on the scene, picking right up where he left off, getting huge pops from the crowd, and he's possibly the most over guy in the company. Is he main eventing? Nope. How about Mr. Kennedy, his new role as a bad ass face has been really good, and he's getting great reactions, and his match with Regal was really good, and popped the crowd for the finish. Even the stuff with Cade and Murdoch is fresh, any involvement with Roddy Piper is great, and his stuff with Santino is no different, its a nice little extra story on the side that is more character based. The divas are doing their part, as the heel on heel Beth Phoenix vs. Melina feud is new and interesting, and both are good in the ring, so no complaints in the diva area on RAW. So really it seems that new talent is shining lately, and the main even scene is just stale. We've seen Triple H as champ before, seen his entrance 12 million times. Cena has been used much less lately, which is very good, after he was crammed down our throat for a few years. Even mainstays like Shawn Michaels, have been able to get involved in a good fresh feud with Batista and Jericho. For some reason, it's the main event/WWE Title picture that can't heat up right now. Because of the great talent under the main event, I'll keep watching and enjoying RAW....Smackdown, still very boring in my opinion, and ECW is so pathetic, its not even worth watching. I think my next post will be a look at TNA, and what is good and what is bad there, similar to this post, but shockingly, in my opinion, the best thing in TNA right now......are the TNA Knockouts! More to come.....

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