Thats right you guys we seriously are BACKSTAGE at Raw right now! We are in no way actually peeking over a fence on a hill looking at the back of the arena…. Here are some IMPORTANT SPOILERS FOR TONIGHTS RAW!!!

Some of the wrestlers, showed up wearing jeans. SERIOUSLY, JEANS!!!

The production trucks are here!!!!!!!

Santino and Orton showed up in a car together. But Santino was driving!!!!!!!!!! In a car!!!!!!!!!

You guys wont believe this but every superstar that is supposed to show up to Raw and has been regularly, HAS SHOWN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

MEGA RAW SPOILER! HBK and Batista will begin their program together tonight! We know this cause were backstage, we didnt read it off at all!

JIM ROSS AND LAWLER ARE LATE?!?! They are usually early to Raw tapings but, strangely, the were not early today!!

*Just to let you know, this shit is seriously stuff that wrestlezone is reporting today. Seriously. They honest to god posted a breaking news report that wrestlers showed up wearing jeans.

Fuckin Ryan Clark is a machine!!!!!!


  1. April 24, 2008
  2. Tony April 25, 2008

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