Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pro Wrestling Sucks and Has Sucked for a LONG Time

Yeah, that's about it. Wrestling sucks, especially this wrestling entertainment shit we know as pro Wrestling. Professional ass-clowns who can't do shit in the ring. Boring Boring shit.

Why do I say this now? Well I was just thinking to myself " Why doesn't this site have any posts?" Perhaps you were wondering the same ( if anyone even reads this)?

And this is probably why. Wrestling hasn't excited me in probably 20 years- back when the WWE was the WWF and NWA came on TBS and all that good shit. You know back when Wrestle Mania wasn't up to number 567 or whatever it is now. I guess the same way old football fans probably have better memories about the first couple Superbowls. It's hard to get into number 40something. It's hard to get into things with no real stars, no real personalities, no talent. At least in the old days people who sucked at least put on a good show.

So yeah, Ive been trying to get into this, but there's just not much exciting going on. If there was I'm sure other posters would pick up the slack. Right guys?

Pro wrestling sucks and many wrestling fans suck as well. There, I said it. Anyone care to prove me wrong?


  1. It does suck, it really started to go downhill when Vince tried to remove all the competition by buying WCW and ECW. He has single handedly ruined wrestling by making it corporate.

  2. I agree on some of your points, the old school of wrestling is where the Midnight Writer here comes from......but anyone who saw Monday's RAW, and the tribute to the legendary Ric Flair....HAS to admit, it might've been the greatest RAW momet ever. So while some stuff may not be good like the old days, at least WWE shows respect when it comes to something as monumental as Ric Flair's retirement!

  3. The guy who wrote this post must not know anything about John Cena. This bitch probably doesnt pay attention,.., too worried about the "glory days" and that bullshit. While we have the real wrestling stars today like Cena. Fuck this old school bullshit.

  4. Man hell naw.....everyone disresptful as hell here. First off, I know someone aint on here sayin Cena's all good...WTF. You tryin to say Cena better than old schoolers? Are you dumb? Did u see Cena come out bowin down to Flair? Cause he know he aint never gonna be on Flairs level. And as far as the first post, current wrestling aint as good as classic, but no need to disrespect, they still go out and give it their all, so i give it up to the current, while still respectin old school. But yeah man, if you in love with Cena, you got problems, you must be 15 or under, in the Cena Chain Gang Soldiers.

  5. I'll agree that wrestling sucks in comparison to what it once was, but now that competition like TNA and UFC have popped up, it seems like WWE is trying to make some sort of effort to bring back a fraction of what it once was. I don't think that the WWE will ever be as good as it once was, but that doesn't mean that it can be good. I'll admit that I prefer TNA over WWE, but it does seem that the two feed off of each other, forcing them to be better.