UFC 81: Brock Lesnar TAPS!

Credit: MMAnews.COM

Round 1: Kurt Angle and The Undertaker were both shown on screen with name labels to the live and PPV audience as both fighters were in the cage before the introductions. Now they just showed “Stone Cold” Steve Austin with a beer in his hand. Crowd cheered big for Austin. Bruce Buffer announces, with great passion, “the former WWE superstar – Brock Lesnar!” Now Sable is shown on screen. And it’s time for round one. Lesnar immediately takes Mir down and has half guard. Lesnar is throwing short punches with furry. Ref breaks the two – apparently Lesnar loses a point for hitting Mir in the back of the head. No warning before the point deduction. Restart on the feet and Lesnar drops Mir with a big punch to the face. Lesnar goes berzerk on the ground with punches. Mir slaps on an armbar, but Lesnar escapes. Lesnar stands up and Mir grabs a leg and locks in a leg lock – Lesnar taps out!

Frank Mir def. Brock Lesnar via Submission (kneebar) at 1:30 of Round 1.


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