Pro Wrestling Roundup Welcomes New Writers!

Dropping a brief line here to welcome our 2 new writers to Our management has made an effort in the past couple of weeks to seek out more writers for our site, so the content production levels can be improved, and meet our ultimate goal of being one of the most visited wrestling sites on the net. We’ve seen our numbers grow steadily recently, and now we’re ensuring that our readers will be provided plenty of content with every visit to

First off, we welcome John Williams, who is a freelance writer, and one time wrestling fan. Yes, Mr Williams was a wrestling fan until around 1988, when he claims the business took a turn for the worse, and never came back. John will be reminiscing about the good old school days of wrestling, while at the same time often looking at the current wrestling scene, and letting us know why he thinks it sucks!

Next, we welcome The Midnight Writer to PWR. Also a freelance writer, Midnight is a long time wrestling fan, who over the years has written for a few different wrestling sites, but for whatever reasons, the owners of those sites either lost interest or just stopped updating, therefore Midnight hasn’t written about wrestling in quite a while, but is a self proclaimed wrestling historian, who has a lot to say, and is dedicated making PWR a success. Midnight has some definite opinions, that are sure to stir things up around here.

Both of our new writers have an attitude that is worthy of our sites style, and we can’t wait to turn them loose on the site, and on the wrestling world. Be sure and check back for our new writers debut very soon, and if you havent already, subscribe on the right so you get all the updates from!

–PWR Staff

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