Saturday, February 16, 2008

Kimbo Slice Puts Tank Abbot DOWN at EliteXC!

The dream fight of sorts has gone down, and Kimbo Slice dominated once again, over the legendary brawler Tank Abbot. This fight was something that some MMA organizations wouldn;t touch, due to both fighters having no real discipline other than "brawling." On the other hand, as judging by the fans reaction, it was a welcome change of pace to throw two big bad asses in the cage, and see who would win. The match was about what you'd expect, with punches being thrown from the get go. Kimbo nailed some shots early, but the referee momentarily stopped things due to Kimbo hitting Tank in the back of the head, but as soon as things were resumed, Kimbo unloaded once again, knocking Tank down a few times, before NAILING him, and finally putting him face down into the mat. The fight was short and sweet, with an electric crowd, and Kimbo was the huge favorite. Dana White supposedly doesn't think this guy has the credentials to come to UFC, but he's got something special, that's earned him a huge following, and with this win over Tank, Kimbo climbs the ladder even further, and EliteXC has something red hot on their hands with Kimbo. Now the question is, who's next for Kimbo? Well this was talked about at the end of the show, and it just so happens another UFC legend has signed to debut next month with EliteXC, and the commentators agreed....what a fight it would be, if we got to see Kimbo Slice.....take on, the World's Most Dangerous Man....Ken.....Shamrock. Sure some would say Ken is past his prime, but at this point, Kimbo vs. anyone with name value, and especially someone skilled like Shamrock, would do HUGE numbers in the MMA world right now!

**Update** Here is the video of Tank Abbot vs. Kimbo Slice!


  1. Awesome! We need to see Brock Lesner vs Kimbo Slice. They are about the same height and the same weight.
    P.S Dana White is a pussy and is too scared to let it happen

  2. Ken Shamrock would never be able to beat Kimbo. Kimbo's like twice his size. If Tank Abbott couldn't even hardly last 2 minutes, what makes you think Shamrock's old ass would?

  3. Shamrock in his prime vs Kimbo. Shamrock would kick his fuckin ass. Kimbo is a bad mother fucker, but Shamrock would destroy him. In the world of mixed martial arts, size does NOT matter, at all. Brock learned that lesson just a couple weeks ago. And Tank didnt last for shit mainly because he ran out of gas YEARS ago. He cant fight for shit now.

    And yeah, Kimbo vs Brock, would be very similar to this, Brock would flail around, Kimbo would catch him on his jaw and Brock would be out.

  4. For further proof on size not meaning shit in mixed fighting, hit youtube, and search for Royce Gracie. I doubt you know who that is Devon, since from your retarded Shamrock could never beat Kimbo statement proves you dont know jack shit about UFC or MMA.

  5. Are we really comparing Tank Abbot and Ken Shamrock like they are similiar fighters? A brawler who is known for his punching, and not much else, vs. a submission expert who is well rounded, and has legendary wins and standing in the sport. Have you ever watched MMA at all? And yes Villain, for those who are uneducated in MMA and think size is the main factor, they should watch some original UFC from the 90's, and watch small fighters (Royce especially) destroy guys twice to even three times their size.

  6. Who the fuck was talking about Shamrock in his prime? I'm talking about Shamrock now. Which would not happen.

    And I know perfectly well who Royce Gracie is, dicksplash.

    Quit pretending to know everything about me.