Floyd Mayweather vs. Big Show Set for Wrestlemania 24, in SOME Fashion!

In a matter of about 3 days, suddenly Big Show is back in WWE, and somehow feuding with pro boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather. My first impression of all this was that I hated how fast this was set up. Big Show coming down the aisle 100 pounds lighter, was great to see, made it seem like he was fresh and ready to make an impact for the first time in years. So he does his promo, cool enough. Then he sees Rey Mysterio at ringside, and decides to kick his ass, uh, just because he’s taking away from his return, makes sense. From there things got weird, as suddenly Floyd Mayweather of all people is coming to Rey’s rescue. So Big Show throws Mayweather’s ass out of the way with ease, being Mayweather is about 1/8 Show’s size. Then Big Show gets on his knees to balance out the height difference, then suddenly Mayweather EXPLODES shoot punches onto Big Show, breaking his nose in a matter of 2 seconds, then high tailing out of there. So we get a Big Show return, an attack on Mysterio (who had just wrestled Edge for the World Title,) and a confrontation with Floyd Mayweather, all in a span of minutes. All of this could’ve happened over at least 3 weeks if you ask me, but that’s todays wrestling for you.

Now Monday night, we saw Big Show call out Mayweather, and “apologize” for his actions….then proceeded to tear Mayweather up, for even stepping in “Big Shows ring.” So basically the challenge was laid down, Mayweather accepted, and we have ourselves a Big Show vs. Floyd Mayweather match of some sort. The fans stood up for wrestling here, and boo’d Mayweather for coming into the wrestling world saying he was the best fighter in the world, coming off as a great heel, although I’m not sure if he was meant to come off as a heel or face. So although I didn’t like the rushed nature of this whole angle, as Big Show was already in the big swing of an angle his first night back on RAW, overall, i think this was well done, and gives the fans something cool besides the typical crap we’ve been getting on RAW lately. People will be talking about this one, the best pound for pound boxer vs. the giant pro wrestler. It’s something casual fans will be interested in, and a realistic story (complete with broken noses!) Now this will probably be a 1 shot deal at Wrestlemania, and could be anything from a wrestling match, to a boxing match, with the possibility of it being Rey Mysterio (depending on his injury) with Mayweather vs. Big Show and Shane McMahon. So far, this angle going into Wrestlemania 24 intrigues me more than Cena vs. Orton vs. H. I mean, we’ve seen Cena, Orton, and H wrestle each other a hundred times, and now this match is supposed to feel like a WrestleMania main event? Sorry, not feeling it. Mayweather vs. Show will not be a great contest, but brings the much needed “unique” feeling that Wrestlemania needs, which has previously been brought by such classics as the WWF vs. NFL Battle Royal at Mania 2, LT vs. Bam Bam at Mania 11, and the Gimmick Battle Royal at X-7. Let’s hope they go for the shoot boxing match, so Show can break Mayweathers nose right back!

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