WWE Smackdown and ECW Taping Spoilers

ECW Dark Matches

– Nunzio defeated Nick Nemeth, who talked a lot of crap on the mic before the match.

– The Great Khali defeated Tommy Dreamer.

ECW Tapings:

– ECW opened with a video of CM Punk and Chavo Guerrero. Armando Estra brought out Chavo Guerrero. Chavo came out, cut a promo, talking trash about CM Punk. CM Punk came out and Estrada signed the two to a match later on and if Chavo won, he would be the #1 contender for the ECW Championship.

– John Morrison, The Miz and Layla vs. Shannon Moore, Jimmy Wang and Kelly Kelly. The team of Moore, Wang and Kelly got the win via pinfall.

– Tazz interviewed Colin Delaney about having his first match with Shelton Benjamin on ECW a few weeks back. The guy said since the loss to Shelton, he has gotten better. Tazz introduced his opponent for tonight, Big Daddy V. Big Daddy squashed the guy in a quick match.

– CM Punk vs. Chavo Guerrero, if Chavo wins he is the #1 contender to Punk’s title. This was a pretty good match, probably the best of the night. Punk got the win via count out so Chavo isn’t the #1 contender.

– SmackDown starts after the ECW tapings with Teddy Long pushing Vickie Guerrero to the ramp. Teddy introduces Jonathan Coachman as the new color commentator to sit beside Michael Cole. They announce the Beat the Clock competitors for the night, which is Batista, Undertaker, Finlay and Mysterio.

– Finlay vs. MVP in the first Beat the Clock challenge match. Finlay gets the win after Hornswoggle hands him the shillelagh. Finlay hits MVP and gets the pin.

– Chuck Palumbo and Michelle McCool vs. Victoria and Kenny Dykstra. Victoria hits the Widow’s Peak on McCool for the pinfall. Afterwards, Chuck acts like a heel and yells at Michelle.

– Chavo is shown backstage in Vickie’s office. Chavo says she has disgraced the Guerrero family and talks about how he missed the old times. Vickie puts Chavo in the Beat the Clock matches against Funaki.

– Chavo Guerrero vs. Funaki. Chavo gets the win and beats Finlay’s time.

– Batista vs. The Edgeheads (former Major Brothers). Batista fails to beat the time set by Chavo and the match ends in a draw.

– Deuce and Domino vs. Jimmy Wang and Shannon Moore. Moore got the pinfall over Domino

– The Undertaker vs. Matt Stryker in a Beat the Clock challenge match. Stryker says he will not be wrestling but will be the special referee and introduces Mark Henry as Taker’s opponent. Undertaker dominates Henry but after a chokeslam, Stryker stops counting at 2 and lets the clock run out. The match ends in a draw

– Rey Mysterio vs. Edge w/ The Edgeheads in a Beat the Clock match. Batista comes down, destroys the Edgeheads and stares down Edge before leaving to the back. The lights go out, and The Undertaker appears. Lights go back off and come on with Edge already setup for the 619. Rey hits it and pins Edge to beat the clock. Rey Mysterio is the new #1 contender to Edge’s title.

Dark Match Main Event

– Edge and Batista wrestle for the World Heavyweight Title and the match ends in a DQ when Edge punches Batista below the belt. Batista wins by DQ. Undertaker then comes out and he and Batista clear the ring of Edge and his Edgeheads.

I gotta say, I am REALLY disappointed with Coachman going to Smackdown. Don’t get me wrong, I’m completely psyched that JBL is back in-ring, and feuding with Jericho, but I fucking love Coach on RAW. The character he’s built up over the last couple years has been awesome, and I’m sad to see it go get wasted on fucking Smackdown.

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