Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wrestlezone Strikes Again

The brilliant minds over at Wrestlezone.com have a little "Did you know?" trivia blurb they throw up on the side of their site. Today, Did you know....

" Jerry Lawler was 23 time USWA Champion."

Oh Wrestlezone, your ways with words are fun to read. So Lawler was a 23 time champion... but he's not anymore? How come he isn't a 23 time champion anymore? Or do you mean he IS a 23 time champion? Damn you Wrestelzone for confusing me. Maybe Ryan Clark will hit our comment section with his shitty ways of spelling and we can decipher what exactly they mean by WAS a 23 time champion.


  1. The WAS is meant to refer that USWA is now a defunct company.

  2. Hey, why don't you go back to posting your Top 25 Rankings or whatever bullshit that is that NO ONE READS. Or hey, try this...


    Maybe if you weren't so busy jerking off to wwe divas and hoping mommy and daddy dont catch you, I wouldn't be stuck on here posting random bullshit.