Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wrestlezone Reports VERY old news, then gets all mad

So once again, I am passed along something that Wrestlezone reported. Usually, Wrestlezone will report on the same exact news bit over, and over, and over. I am sure you can probably head over there and read at the very least 7 times on their main page that Maria posed for Playboy. Anyways this is just hilarious. Wrestlezone writes....

"Howard Stern ripped on Hulk Hogan today. Stern said that Hogan gave Bubba from Bubba The Love Sponge a big, ugly glass bowl for his wedding and that it was tacky and he should have sent him money instead of a cheap gift like that. Stern claimed that Linda picked out the gift."

Now, the funny thing about this is, this was either reported Tuesday or Wednesday, of this week. Howard Stern has been making fun of Hulk Hogan for this wedding gift for OVER A YEAR now. I listen to Howard Stern damn near every morning on my way into work, and last year I would hear him mocking Hogan for the shitty gift while driving my nephew to school. Well, over a year later, Wrestlezone reports it. Way to keep on top of news Wrestlezone. Oh, and who was the great writer that reported this? None other than Ryan Clark. Who is also behind many, many idiotic writings on their site. Such as 17 Maria Posed For Playboy reports.

Well, I email Wrestlezone pointing out that the Howard Stern bit is over a year old, and to get rid of Ryan Clark, well RYAN CLARK HIMSELF responds with this bit of genius wit... "Fuck off, keep reading my news daily, kid." Wow, he sure told me. So I write back to inform him that I don't actually read his shitty site. And was passed the Stern article by a friend. Well, Ryan once again, comes back with the greatest wit in the world. Keep in mind, this is a writer for a news site.

"You'll be allright, you'll read when you want news you pathetic peice of shit. Go somewhere, I'm through with your bitch ass. Thanks for supporting me."

Go somewhere. LOL where the fuck am I supposed to go? I have heard of, Go To Hell, but to just, go somewhere. I think my favorite bit of this email is the fact that Mr. Head Writer has no idea how to spell alright, or piece. So how about you go somewhere Ryan, like, the third grade to learn how to spell simple words?

Keep up the good work Ryan! Oh hey, did you know Maria posed in Playboy?

UPDATE: I sent ol Ryan Clark a link to this article, in which he emailed me back with an amazing email.

"Blow me, bitch. We're done."

Yup, he spelled everything right that time! Kudos to Ryan! But now that he broke up with me, I guess he can go back to, writing about Maria posing for Playboy. You know she was doing that right?


  1. I listen to Stern everyday too and he just mentioned it again on his first show back from the holiday break. It's not news I agree, but he did say it this week - so I don't see the beef with that. The repeat news, that I understand.

  2. Yeah, no beef with him saying it this week, but he says it EVERY week, he said it LAST YEAR.It's just me having more ammo to tear up Wrestlezone with for reporting news this week about stuff thats been happening for well over a year now.

  3. You guys can suck my fuckin balls. Your just mad because you cant write for MY site!!

  4. Ryan, once again your wit strikes, as does your terrible grammar, it's you're, not your. And this is what amazes me... Did you seriously spell your own last name wrong?

    On wrestlezone as well as in the moronic emails you sent me, you spell your name Clark, then you come here and misspell your own last name.

    You deserve a gold star.

  5. That's probably not even him.

  6. In further news... since the posting of this blog...

    wresltezone has not posted 1 thing about maria posing in playboy.