Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Great News! Bobby Lashley Gone!!!!

That's right! Negroberg is gone from the WWE! Thank fucking GOD! I hated this idiot from day 1. Now if John Cena would just follow, the world would be a better place.

Lashley had this to say...
I am sorry to everyone here but I am serious when I say I won't be back. Everyone wants to come here and hear the real story and I am telling you the real story. Circumstances which are out of my control left me no decision but to leave the WWE. I can't go into details of this now but like I said before sometimes people will hate you personally and try to destroy you which has happened here. Evil has prevailed however like I said before if you continue your struggle doors will open around these people. You have not scene the last of me so please don't stop your support. Add Bobby Lashley to the list of RECENTLY RELEASED!


  1. Man what do you mean "Negroberg!" Get a life dude. You sound like a racist a#* son of a b*#%!! Bobby Lashley was a great wrestler and so is John Cena. Sounds like your angry because they represent something other than hillbilly America!! They probably have made more money than you will ever see. Your opinion sucks!! In the famous words of DX, "If you ain't down wit Cena and Lashley; I got 2 words for ya...........SUCK IIIIIIT!!" (B*$%#)

  2. I agree with anonymous, your opinion sucks. I'd even go so far as to say that you're probably one of those punk a$$ Poindexters from some 3rd rate, Mayberry wanna-be towns that no one's ever heard of or care about. If you don't like Lasley or Cena, fine. Just do the civilized world a favor and save the ignorance to yourself.