Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Did Wayne Gretzky spoil Wrestlemania location?

Hockey Legend "The Great One" Wayne Gretzky is featured in an interview for the Swedish newspaper Expressen that was published on Sunday. In a photo enclosed in the article you can see Gretzky wearing a shirt showcasing the WrestleMania logo and the slogan "Destruction in The Desert," which would indicate that Wrestlemania 2010 will be held in Phoenix, Arizona. (Fuck you Random Villain) Gretzky has ties to the Phoenix area as he is currently the part-owner and head coach of the NHL's Phoenix Coyotes.

You can see the photo in this article on the Swedish newspaper's website.

Don't expect to be able to actually read anything. Those Swede's have some funny talk.


  1. Looks like Ill be able to hit my 3rd Wrestlemania, this time without leavin the damn state. Boosh!

    Only thing is with Wayne, he is in the Glendale Arena, which is pretty much the smallest venue here, too small for something like Mania, now the Cardinals Stadium, THAT would be a venue for a Mania.

  2. Lol you were right Random Villain! :)