Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chyna Hospitalized on birthday

Former WWE Diva Joanie Laurer AKA Chyna Was took into hospital on her 36th Birthday, Early reports thought it was an attempted overdose of Alcohol and Prescribed medication, Joanies friends found her with several cuts on her arms and phoned the emergency services, it was noted that Laurer was so drunk that they couldnt give her a full Evaluationof her mental state, Fortunatly though she is ok and still seems to have a sense of humour.

WWE to create a Single title?

There are said to have been discussions among at least one or two people within WWE creative about the idea of building up to a single world title and champion who would headline every PPV and defend against wrestlers on both brands reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The reason this has been discussed is that back in the time when titles were over with wrestling fans they knew who "the champ" was as there was only one top guy. This doesn't happen now with two separate world champions on two separate brands.

Since the creation of two world titles, one for each television show, many feel the company essentially created two Intercontinental champions instead of two credible world champions. The basis for this is that in the 1980s the Intercontinental title was used to main event house shows and drew well, but on its own wasn't going to sellout major arenas. While some title matches in the brand era have drawn well, most haven't meant a thing when looking at PPV buyrates. The general feeling is that the generation of wrestling fans today no longer see the world title as fans may have 10, 20 or even 30 years ago. Instead they see it as a prop and nothing more.

It should be noted that when this idea was brought up to Vince McMahon he was said to be completely negative on the idea. So it doesn't appear there are any plans to go in this direction anytime soon.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Cage close to WWE Deal?

Jason Powell of Prowrestling.net is reporting that Christian is very close to signing a deal with WWE and that plans are already underway to bring him into the company to work a possible program with Jeff Hardy. The seed has been planted with Hardy being attacked prior to the Survivor Series PPV in November, and it is expected that Christian will be revealed as the culprit. It should also be noted that TNA seems to be under the impression that Christian is indeed headed back to WWE

Former WWE Star Set For British Wrestling

Vito Joseph LoGrasso Otherwise known as Big Vito has his eyes set on the british wrestling circut. The toughest man ever to wear a dress has said he is Going to Internation Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom(IPW:UK), with hopes to become a permanant superstar On the roster. The Former WWE, WCW and ECW stars contract was released from WWE in 2007 and also had a spell in Deep south wrestling.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Trish Stratus Returns to WWE! Stratusfaction and Merry Christmas to All!

Yes, finally and surprisingly we get some Trish Stratus back on WWE TV and even better - in the ring wrestling!

You'd think something like that would've been saved for Wrestlemania but last night on RAW, WWE took advantage of being in Toronto and instead of going with another boring lame ass main event, they chose to pop Toronto big and the TV audience as well by having Trish Stratus return (for one night only, but come on, everyone knows we need more) and team with John Cena to beat Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix.

Now the minute RAW started and it was said that Cena needed a diva partner for the main event, the Trish thoughts were immediate and thankfully WWE did not screw us over. Trish completely overshadowed Cena and pretty much everyone else on the show outside of Chris Jericho who also was way over against CM Punk.

Trish was cheered wildly, while Cena was boo'd heavily. So basically, Trish was the star of the show while Cena stood there and really had no purpose. It's crazy to see a Diva that is such a big star, she can main event and outshine the guys but that's Trish Stratus for you.

Many of the other divas are pretty cookie cutter these days, but Trish in the mix really brings some star power to not only the diva division, but to WWE as a whole. Hopefully this will just be the seed planted that will lead to a Trish vs. Beth Phoenix showdown at Wrestlemania 25. If WWE is smart, they'll see how Trish lit RAW up last night and also how she hadn't missed a step in the ring - pulling off all her classic moves and showing no ring rust. Trish has always said she'd be there if a dose of Stratusfaction was needed, and we think Mania 25 will be the place if not earlier, because I don't think we can ever get enough Stratusfaction!

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Monday, December 15, 2008

My Take on the State of the WWE

Hello wrestling fans and haters. My name is Mike and I have been an avid fan of pro wrestling for over 2 decades now. I started watching wrestling during what some people would call the golden age of wrestling. My first memories are of my brother driving me to madness because he was cheering for the Four Horsemen as they wailed on my hero Dusty Rhodes. I remember watching a champion named Flair wrestle 30 different opponents in 30 days for the world heavyweight title and wanting him to get beat every time but being strangely pleased when he didn't. And I remember watching a superhero named Hogan slam a giant named Andre and it feeling like the earth shifted. For fans who got into wrestling during this time or during the famous "Attitude Era" today's WWE just doesn't cut it. If it isn't The Rock, Stone Cold, Goldberg,or the NWO then they don't want to see it. They see the Cena marks and get mad and say they aren't "true wrestling fans." If someone isn't getting sprayed with Budweiser or getting their "candy ass whooped" then they turn the channel. And for the record I consider myself a part of this group. I will be genuinely entertained after most episodes of Raw or Smackdown. Yet I still find myself saying "What are they doing to HBK? Why are they trying to push that guy? This storyline sucks." I have found myself wanting to see the late 90s Goldberg and the Texas Rattlesnake come out and beat the hell out of Batista and John Cena. But that just isn't going to happen. What is the state of the current WWE? It's not great and nowhere near what it was. It will probably never again have the nostalgia of the 80s or the unpredictability of the 90s. But if we as wrestling fans will start looking towards the future instead of always looking at the past then maybe we will enjoy it more. With good young talent( Benjamin, Bourne, Hardy) and so many storyline possibilities the WWE is going to be just fine. If we just give this current group of guys and Vince's boys in Stamford a little time we are going to once again have a state of wrestling that has us talking about something we seen on Raw for weeks.Let"s all just get passed this notion that the WWE has to be exactly like it was in the past or it will suck. Because it isn't going to be. The sooner we accept that as fans the sooner we will start to enjoy watching wrestling again. And we can finally agree that regardless of how much the so called "smart marks" piss and moan the WWE isn't going anywhere. Sports entertainment will continue to do exactly what it is supposed to do-entertain us.

Monday, November 24, 2008

CCW is better than WWE and TNA. Deal With It.

I have been a loyal WWE fan since about 1990 I would say. I watched wrestling off and on in the 80's but didn't get die hard about it till around 1990. I was 100% WWF. Never watched anything longer than a minute of WCW or anything else (sorry Eric, but I was loyal) Although I did turn an episode of Nitro on briefly only to hear Macho Man actually say... "If ya smell what the Mach is cookin." Seriously, he did. And I remained a fan even to this day. But over the past few years, WWE has well, gone to crap. The same ol same ol that goes on every Monday night. The same champions over and over again. Seriously how many times is John Cena going to win the title? It's boring.

Because of that, I broke away and tried to watch TNA, when Kurt Angle first arrived and even with Foley got there, something about TNA just didn't hook me. So I didn't stay with TNA for long.

I was pretty upset for awhile. My love for wrestling all but dead. Then CCW came along. Hulk Hogans Celebrity Championship Wrestling. At first I thought it was awesome just because of how stupid it would be. Screech wrestling? Come on. Then I started watching it, and after awhile, the matches that these celebrities were putting on became more entertaining than anything I had seen in WWE in YEARS. Sure these guys don't know all the moves, or how things exactly work, but it is something new, something fresh. It was pure entertainment.

This past weekend, changed everything. I knew at some point they were going to start "feuds" between the celebrities to bring in some storylines for the matches, but at the same time try to keep the "reality" of it all going. And we had Dustin Diamond Vs. Danny Bonaduce. Danny was injured and missed last week and because of that he was kicked off the show, but then he came back and was demanding to be put back on the show, Dustin did not like this at all and thought it was unfair so boom, a feud was born, and a match set. Dustin Vs. Danny, hardcore falls count anywhere. And good god, it was one of the best wrestling matches I had seen in a long, long time. Sure there was no blood, no huge bumps, but it was damn great. Entertainment. I was having a blast watching wrestling again. Then the finish came, Dustin was set to do his finishing move on a steel chair. A DDT. And he did it. Dustin Diamond pulled off the prettiest smoothest most perfect looking DDT I hadn't seen since Jake Roberts pulled them off. It was awesome.

Now don't get me wrong, there are some points in the show that are a little annoying. Like how the camera cuts to the pretaped shots of the crowd going crazy. (I've worked in television before, so whenever you see random shots of audience reaction, usually that's pretaped and they're acting, saves time during the real filming.) But honestly that is the only gripe. The guest spots by RVD and Goldberg were great. The teachers Brutus and Knobbs are fantastic. And the judging is done by people that KNOW what they're talking about.

This may be pushing it even further, but I have not sat and watched an episode of Raw in months. I have not sat and watched and episode of Smackdown in years. And ECW? Give me a break. I just read all the results of these shows online, and thank god I did because nothing ever happens. But CCW? I NEVER miss an episode of CCW.

CCW needs to branch out and be its own federation. Get some celebrities, and start a real show. I would be there weekly to watch.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vote for Trish Stratus for Hottest Female Canadian TV Star, and Get a Hot New Photo Shoot!

Trish Stratus is missed sorely every single week that we have to watch the same old WWE Divas doing the same old thing. Many say Sunny was the original Diva, and indeed she may be, but Trish is the Diva that had it all and could do it all.

When Trish debuted, she was the ultra hot manager that was eye candy like no other. Then Trish became a wrestler, and became one of the most skilled and entertaining in-ring Divas of all time. Then add the fact that Trish can be entertaining and even funny in backstage vignettes and promos and took part in many great story lines, and the fact becomes clear that Trish Stratus brings everything to the table and thus the reason she is sorely missed on WWE TV.

So where is Trish Stratus now?! Trish is showing her multiple other talents doing other projects such as her own travel show "Stratusphere" and owning her own yoga studio, and she's also now been nominated for the hottest female Canadian TV star at "The Gemini Awards" which showcase the best in Canadian TV. I've discovered that Trish now has an official Trish Stratus Myspace in which she's asking her fans to vote for her to win the award, and if she does, she's promising a hot photo shoot for her fans and damn it's been way too long since we've gotten a hot Trish photo shoot. Here is what Trish had to say on her Myspace:

"So apparently Nov. 18 is a lucky day for me - 7 years ago I won the title for the first.. time (wow - that seemed like yesterday!) and today I made the top 5 ... okay, kind of not as big as winning the title- i guess the big day would be if i actually won the gemini ... oh, how convenient - now that i have your attention, maybe you could you know, throw me a few votes...

Oh, who am i kidding - YAY!!! I'm so psyched I made the top 5!! WHOO HOO!!

You guys made the difference- seriously I am so grateful to have a network of friends that can swerve a vote - thank you sooo much for your support - i can't tell you how much it means to me - i would.. show you - but you can't see me doing my happy dance - but i totally am!

Okay, let's seal the deal - voting ends Nov. 21 - show me some love and again, i haven't worked out the logisitics yet but i'm willing to share the trophy ... its really pretty... and shiny .... and see - through ....


And, Kim Catrell - you can still.. eat your heart out (that is if I don't eat my words first)

Love y'all!!


PS This would like be winning Babe of the Year for the fourth time .. kind of, except i'm not doing a photo shoot if i win ... F*&K it! I'm putting this out there - If I win - I'll do a Gemini Viewer's Choice Award Photo Shoot for you guys to celebrate the win!! And just like the trophy, it will be pretty ... and shiny ... and see -through ... what the hell?? Okay, pretty and shiny... I'd look weird see-through, all my organs and stuff showing (this is getting weird isn't it? I'll stop now) : )"

Sooo there you have it, Trish offering up a hot photo shoot if she wins and voting takes all of 5 seconds, so lets show love for one of the top all time women in wrestling ever and hell, maybe she'll follow through on the pretty, shiny, and hopefully SEE THROUGH photo shoot! Voting is only open for the next couple of days., so let's show how much Trish is missed by helping her WIN!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Brock Lesnar is the UFC Heavyweight Champion...But is He Being Taken Seriously Yet?

Brock Lesnar defeated UFC legend Randy Couture this past Saturday to capture the UFC Heavyweight Championship - with less than 5 MMA fights under his belt.

Ever since Lesnar entered the world of MMA the doubts have been numerous, with many people claiming it would only be a matter of time before Lesnar failed. Granted, he did lose his first UFC fight against Frank Mir (due to a rookie mistake, in a fight he controlled the majority of,) but Lesnar has since defeated the much more experienced Heath Herring, and now has beaten a UFC Hall of Famer in Couture. Lesnar has not only won fights, but has dominated in such an unstoppable manner, his fights are drawing major attention (and money) to UFC.

Of course Lesnar is not a guy who is cheered in any of his fights so far, as he hasn't, and probably never will break the "WWE Wrestler," since the WWE is where his name became famous, but Brock's huge win has opened the door for MMA fans and promoters to have no choice but to take qualified guys from the world of pro wrestling seriously. But even with the world title win, Lesnar is still new to the sport, and STILL has yet to be "accepted" by most as a serious MMA Star.

Lesnar beat Couture, but people will blame Randy being old as the reason Lesnar won. Brock is going to have to successfully defend his title against a wide variety of MMA names in order to gain the respect of the MMA industry. Up next for Lesnar will be the winner of the Interim Heavyweight Title fight between champion Antonio Nogueira and the man who defeated Lesnar, Frank Mir. Either fight with Lesnar would be another money fight and seemingly any future fight involving Lesnar garners interest from those who both love and hate him.

Some people may still think Lesnar will not be hugely successful in MMA aside from these first few wins, but no doubt Brock has made an impact, and the eyes of MMA are watching Brock Lesnar, who so far has proven he is "The Next Big Thing" for MMA, just like he was in WWE.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Remember When...The WWF Held "The Wrestling Classic"

The Wrestling Classic, one of the first pay per views offered by the then WWF (aside from Wrestlemania 1) was held on November 7, 1985 at the Rosemont Horizon in Illinois.

Nowadays WWE has a monthly pay per view and just about everyone is meaningless and routine. The Wrestling Classic had the big time feel of a truly special event. My first experience with the event was seeing it on video and the thing that grabbed my attention right away was the old school cool Coliseum Video clam shell case that featured WWF Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper. This right there had me sold that out of ALL the videos to rent, this one would top the list as it guaranteed a match between the number 1 good guy, the Hulkster, and the number 1 bad guy, Roddy Piper. These 2 guys represented that era of wrestling, from the LJN wrestling figures to the Hulk Hogan's Rock and Wrestling cartoon, all of it was about Hogan vs. Piper.

Now back then, you didn't see Hogan vs. Piper every week on free TV, hell you didn't even see Hogan or Piper wrestle on TV period aside from a special appearance or a Saturday Night's Main Event, so the hype just by looking at the cover was huge. This event was also my first exposure to tournaments in wrestling, and I believe the first big one night tournament the WWF held. The concept really hooked me, as it forced matches you wouldn't normally see via "luck of the draw." You would never see Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat take on his friend Davey Boy Smith of the British Bulldogs, or two good guys (at the time) like "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff and Tito Santana battling to time limit draws, but you saw both of those matches here either due to "random draws" that made the first round pairings or in later rounds due to how the match outcomes played out. True excitement back then to think of the possibilities of dream matches you wouldn't otherwise see.

Tournaments have lost that magic now of course, but the Wrestling Classic had it and produced great matches and moments. The finals came down to the Junkyard Dog taking on Randy Savage in the finals, and surprisingly the JYD prevailed and won the tournament via countout over Savage. As a bonus match we got the Hogan vs. Piper showdown, which of course ended with Piper getting DQ'd as usual (Piper was never pinned in this era by Hogan) when Bob Orton interfered and Paul Orndorff made the save for Hogan.

If WWE runs this show on 24/7 again, I'd definitely recommend watching and re-living the fun era of wrestling. I've provided video below of the WWF title match between Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper from the show.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Remember When...The Road Warriors Won the NWA Tag Team Titles From The Midnight Express?

20 years ago in October of 1988, the legendary Road Warriors had just turned heel in the NWA and had revitalized themselves as bad asses after realizing they'd become soft by hangin around rookie nice guys like Sting. They decided in a 6 man tag against the Varsity Club that they'd not tag Sting in the whole match, and when Sting took it upon himself to jump in and get involved, the Warriors kicked his ass and gave him a doomsday device to make the turn official.

At the time, in the great days of kayfabe and no Internet, I had no clue this was coming, I just remember watching the NWA show and hearing the announcers talk about a horrible incident that had gone down and they would have footage. The Road Warriors had been at the top of my list of favorite wrestlers for years and I was in complete shock when I saw what they did, for the first time I HATED them for what they did; how could they turn their back on the good guys after all these years....God wrestling was good back then. There was even a great magazine cover from back then that said something like "Sting, Dusty, and the fans can GO TO HELL." VERY Strong stuff at the time, and I really felt the impact on stuff like this as a kid.

Things got worse on October 29, 1988, when the Road Warriors got a team title shot against the Midnight Express at a house show in New Orleans. Yes, back then, random house shows could feature big events and title changes. Well things got started fast and the Warriors jumped Bobby Eaton in true heel fashion and busted him open early, pretty much taking him out of the match completely. Stan Lane fought hard but the Midnights were pretty much destroyed by the new heel road warriors and before long, the Legion of Doom were finally the NWA tag team champions after 3 years of being unable to win the belts.

This made me hate them even more, these tactics, the cheating, the brutality. In reality it was what was needed at the time so the Warriors could keep their edge, but it also was the reason the heel turn didn't work because the Road Warriors ass kicking ways were still being cheered!

In only a few months, the Warriors were turned face again after a brief feud with Dusty Rhodes that lead to a tag title match at Starrcade 88 against Rhodes and Sting. The Warriors title win does bring me back to a time in wrestling when you could turn on NWA Wrestling at 6:05 on TBS and be shocked when the announcers informed you that an incident had gone down and you couldn't wait to see when they showed the footage of what went down. This was still a great period of wrestling and still a glory period for the Road Warriors, as they were still one of the most awesome acts in wrestling to see.

The Miz and John Morrison NEED to Beat DX!

OK the title of this blog sounds like a title on a copy of Pro Wrestling Illustrated from the 80's, but it is a true statement. Am I the only one that has noticed how the Miz and John Morrison have slowly crept in and become the most entertaining act in WWE? It started when they started "The Dirt Sheet," for those of you who don't know, that's the name of their web show on WWE.com. Basically the show comes off like a show that Miz and Morrison put together themselves, and got attention because it's actually FUNNY, unlike every other pathetic attempt at humor WWE tries. So The Dirt Sheet got so much attention on the net, it's now mentioned on TV and even done live on ECW. Miz and Morrison are over the top of course, with their delivery, and no doubt their presentation, such as Morrison putting diamonds to his abs, which looks damn ridiculous, but I think that's the point. So now that the team has made waves for about a year now, the next step is for them to come up to the next level, and that chance will be at this Monday's big 3 hour RAW. The angle started last week or so, with Miz and Morrison calling out DX about their 80th "DX reunion," and claiming they were a better team than DX of course. Then last night on ECW, Miz and Morrison brought out DX imitators, and sadly, the imitation, and the things Miz and Morrison said about DX, were pretty much all true. DX was created in 97, a group of rebel heels who got over because they made fun of everyone and everything, and showed no respect. Well it's now 2008, and DX is now a watered down group of 2, that sells merchandise, and brings out glow sticks, yes GLOW STICKS. DX used to break every rule in the book, and we watched them because we couldn't wait to see how far they'd cross the line next. Now, DX repeats the same catch phrases, puts t-shirts and hats on to show they're in "DX Mode" as opposed to just being Triple H and Shawn Michaels like usual, and they reunite approximately 4 times a year so WWE can push it as the biggest and ONLY reunion of DX.....1 night only....right WWE?

Well the new degenerates are here, and they are the Miz and John Morrison. Even in this era of crappy WWE, where its TV-PG, nothing raunchy or even semi adult is allowed, Miz and Morrison have found ways to entertain, and to break out of the boring mold the WWE and it's writers has everyone else trapped in. So the point is, the match is upon us, tired repetitive DX, vs. the new generation degenerates, the Miz and John Morrison, and while it's most likely that DX will just steamroll Miz and Morrison, pose for the fans, and be "cool" as usual, the time is now to elevate Miz and Morrison, and they need to shock the "WWE Universe" by beating DX in the center of the ring, and proclaiming the new 2 words they have for DX and everyone else....BE JEALOUS! Why do I think it won't happen? Probably because this angle has 2 weeks of build up, and after it's over....Triple H goes back to his CAPTIVATING feud with Vladimir Kozlov on Smackdown, and Michaels goes back to his "HOT, NEW ::cough::" with JBL. And sadly, Miz and Morrison will keep entertaining us quietly, on ECW, and maybe a RAW appearance here and there, as history is made once again, with another great thing gets totally screwed by the WWE that has no grasp on what's wrong with their company.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why the Hell Isn't Paul Heyman Currently Running a Wrestling Company?

OK, many of you may answer my question by saying "Because remember, he ran ECW into the ground with his bad business decisions and dealings." Well that's not what I'm talking about, fine the guy sucks with money or business, whatever. But think back to ECW, Paul Heyman was able to bring a small Northeast wrestling group to worldwide recognition in a span of a few years. The man has a gift for delivering wrestling and characters that we want to see, and has the ability to adapt to the ever changing world around us. Does the talent have a lot to do with it? Sure, but both WWE and TNA are full of good talent right now, yet overall, current wrestling is boring as shit!

For anyone that saw ECW, the entertainment level was high at almost all periods, no matter how bad WWE and WCW had raided their talent, ECW always figured out a way to entertain. Heyman also created characters even out of nobodies, and sometimes those guys went right back to being nobodies as soon as Heyman was no longer behind their characters. After reading Paul Heyman's latest blog in The Sun, I shake my head as to why this guy isn't working for one of the major wrestling companies. WWE wasted him, and put him in on camera roles that just seemed so wrong after being the cult leader of ECW who would step over the line and do things that had never been done, which lead to such excitement just to see what would happen next. And TNA could use Heyman now more than ever, with a prime time 2 hour Spike TV slot, regular house shows, a great roster, yet no real direction with their show.

It's hard to sit back and read Heyman point out everything WWE and TNA should be doing, yet they're doing the opposite. On WWE's side, how hard is it to see that the Miz and John Morrison should be the new "degenerates" of WWE so to speak, and be wreaking havoc. Instead, they're on ECW every week, with more RAW appearances lately, but all that appears to be leading up to the next 3 hour RAW where Miz and Morrison will no doubt be fed to DX and will be made to look like jobbers. Sadly, Miz and Morrison should be doing much more in WWE, as they're young fresh talents that are getting over, but DX reunion number 81 will no doubt be booked on a much higher level as usual, which we've seen ENOUGH of.

Heyman also points out how neither promotion is in touch with what the latest styles in fashion and music are, and incorporating them into the show, much like ECW did, which worked like a charm. But only so much can be said about Paul Heyman, egos have kept him out of the "Big 2" promotions, yet he can still help them fix things with a simple blog, but they won't listen. All we can do is sit back and hope that someone with some sort of power or money in the wrestling business thinks just like everyone else who believes in Paul Heymans creative genius, and hopefully does something to bring this man back into the wrestling business, so we can once again be entertained, and the other promotions can finally see why the ratings are dropping week after week.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Book Review: Bret Hart's "Hitman"

We were fortunate enough to receive an advance copy of Bret Hart's autobiography "Hitman - My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling." This was a book I had heard months ago was already being said to be at the top of the list of best wrestling books ever, and after reading it, I can't argue.

The first thing that comes to mind about this book, is it is more complete than any other I've read. Many times, you read a wrestling book, finish it, then have the feeling that it just didn't cover everything. Well Bret Hart's book comes in at a big 549 pages and reads like a diary that documents Bret Harts entire career, and everything is covered.

Bret carried a voice recorder throughout his career and documented everything, which is why this book feels so complete and doesn't leave out any time periods or events. Going into this book, knowing that Bret Hart has been very opinionated on various subjects over the years, I expected to read Bret being negatively biased towards certain individuals or organizations, but was pleasantly surprised that Bret gives a very honest and straight forward view on everyone in the business, even Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon. The book holds nothing back, openly describing the drug and alcohol abuse that was rampant in the business, which in many cases are eye opening things to read yet still very honest portrayals of what was going on at the time. Also this book is a real look at what being in the wrestling business is all about. Many wrestlers breaking in the business and working 2-3 shows a week tops, at the same local shows, get a look at what it means to really travel the world, working non stop, and understanding what it takes to really make it in the business along with the toll it takes professionally and personally.

Also many other wrestling books dedicate a good portion of the book to the authors early life growing up, and advances into how they got into the wrestling business; this book does the same, except the wrestling part begins right away as Bret was born into the business of course with his father Stu Hart running Stampede Wrestling in Canada, so even the earlier parts of the book gives an awesome view of wrestling in the 50's and 60's, then on through Bret's career of course. Along the way you get a broad look into so many different era's of wrestling which makes the book even more enjoyable, with plenty of stories about Bret's closest allies like Jim Neidhart, Dynamite Kid, Davey Boy Smith, and Brian Pillman, to Bret's greatest rivals such as Steve Austin, the Undertaker, and Shawn Michaels.

Of course, probably the most historical event of Bret Hart's career, the "Montreal Screwjob," is covered in depth, along with the aftermath and Bret's consequent move to WCW. The other major event of course was the death of Bret's brother, Owen Hart, and these events are covered in depth as well, along with many never told stories about the aftermath with many of the other Hart family members.

The only part I'd like to hear more about was Bret's more recent life, including his Hall of Fame induction and work on his DVD that was released by WWE. These are only small gripes overall, and are only a result of this book being so good, I just wanted to read more and more. If you are a Bret Hart fan, there couldn't be a better book. If you're not a Bret Hart fan, the book is still a must-read, as the direct and honest approach and the tails told of what was going on in the wrestling business and who was doing and saying what, is worth the read as well. Many feel that Mick Foley's first book is the best of all time, it may be for some people, but Bret Hart's book spans a larger time in the business, and will definitely rank on top of the list of best wrestling books written to date.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Shelly Martinez Ebay Auction Back Up, Now a Private Signing

So we reported here that there was a huge auction with bids up to 5 grand for a date with Shelly Martinez, well apparently EBay looked at it as a HOT date that would be considered prostitution. Then it got changed to a lunch date, which we guess EBay took as lunchtime prostitution. So now the auction is up ONCE AGAIN, and this time it's geared toward being for charity, and mentions donating half of the proceeds to a cancer organization in honor of Rob Van Dam's wife. It must be OK with EBay now since it specifies very clearly that it's a sit down, eat lunch, and get stuff signed by Shelly, and THAT IS ALL. So far the reserve hasn't been met, and the auction is going until Sunday, so maybe all those bidders DID think they'd get a hot night alone with Shelly Martinez/Ariel/Salinas...who knows. And this time we even have a video message from Shelly herself, explaining the auction and verifying that she's involved and it's no scam. So check out the video as Shelly tries to convince you to come hang out with her for lunch, and some autographs, and that is ALL.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Buy a Date with Shelly "Salinas" Martinez for Only 5 Grand! (So Far)

You, yes YOU, can go on a **lunch with wrestling diva/knockout Shelly Martinez** former nude model and even had a fetish video last year, so people instantly think they're getting some action. Well whoever pays that price hopefully understands what they're getting, and hopefully can take a major hit to their bank account.

We'd definitely like to get some reports on how this super expensive date goes when all is said and done.
known as "Salinas" in TNA as part of LAX and "Ariel" in WWE's ECW, Shelly recently left TNA due to signing on to do a movie, but that doesn't mean you can't fly yourself out to L.A. and go eat at the famous Mr. Chow restaurant and hang with Shelly - all for around 5 grand as of this writing.

Now I'm sure half the people that bid on this are horny guys who think they're going to get to hook up with Ms. Martinez in their dream fantasy, but in reality this auction will probably have some ups and downs before a legit buyer comes through. And keep in mind, 5 grand is only for the date, you still have to fly yourself out to L.A. at your own expense. This was a cool idea to do for any huge Salinas fans out there, but as I mentioned, a lot of people probably won't be able to cover that sort of price (and the auction still has over 5 days,) but people are excited at the idea being it's well known and as we've mentioned here before that Shelly has done some

** The above link has been updated, due to Ebay taking the original auction down due to it sounding too much like a HOT date with Shelly, like an almost, um, prostitution type situation. The auction is now labeled as a personal autograph signing/lunch with Shelly Martinez **

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Remember When...Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage Formed the Mega-Powers?

The Mega-PowersThis event in wrestling history was such a breath of fresh air and had such a new feeling to it. Hulk Hogan had defeated Andre the Giant, and after that, who could be a believable challenger if Andre couldn't get the job done? The answer was no one, therefore the Hulkster took on a new path; a great story that aligned him with one of his most bitter enemies - the Macho Man Randy Savage.

In the weeks leading up the October 3rd Saturday Night's Main Event, Macho Man Randy Savage had made it clear that he did not appreciate the Honky Tonk Man going around claiming to be the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time being Savage previously held that title for a lengthy run himself. Keep in mind Savage was also a heel at the time and coming off a post Wrestlemania 3 feud with Ricky Steamboat, who Honky Tonk defeated for the IC Title. This alone made this situation unique, since back in 1987 all the bad guys were friends and you would rarely hear a bad guy in the WWF call out another bad guy like this. Macho Man was still a cool heel compared to the asshole Honky Tonk Man who no one could like, so Macho Man was the better guy in this case if you had to pick one.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Thank You WWE, Chris Jericho is Our NEW World Heavyweight Champion!

What? How? Huh? Yes, you read the headline right, tonight at Unforgiven, in the championship scramble match that could have seen any of the 5 guys in the match come out as WWE World Champion, NONE of the scheduled guys in the match took home the gold, as an odd, out of nowhere replacement known as Chris Jericho won the title in a crazy twist. As I sat here at the Stardust Ranch watching WWE Unforgiven, the Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho match had me wondering the WHOLE time why this match wasn't the main event. Great story, great delivery, great pace, the feud can't be touched in WWE right now. HBK got a little revenge, but made it clear he still didn't get enough, and was delivering the old school vibes in a major way with this feud. Shawn Michaels won, but this great war is far from over. So as I see another great story developing, that being Randy Orton rallying the second generation stars together, namely Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase, and Afa Jr. (Now called Manu,) the new group kicked CM Punks ass and took him out of the main event, which did not anger me in the least. Then the speculation begins, who could replace Punk? Is Orton really ready to return and have we been worked into a situation where Orton comes out and wins? That would've been cool, but that didn't happen. Is WWE going to be typical and have NO one come out, and pull a lame title win by Batista or Mysterio, or hell ANYone else in the match? Nope not that either. Instead, we get a true "WHAT THE HELL?" reaction, when Jericho's music hits once again, and he slowly tries to make his way to the ring, selling the straight up FIGHT he just had with Michaels. With only seconds left, and Batista the current champ, Y2J slid in the ring, stole a pin, and is the NEW World Champion.....and I must say I loved it. Jericho has reinvented himself with his new heel character, and is by FAR the best heel currently on RAW, and drawing the most heat. Problem was, he was stuck in the midst of such a good story with Michaels, the heavyweight title just wasn't in the picture at the time. But somehow, for some reason, WWE threw us a curve ball, and actually shook things up, and gave the title to a guy that can carry it correctly, and draw the correct amount of heat needed. This move really shakes things up and has me interested in watching at least RAW, as they're definitely pushing new talent, and guys who are making an impact are getting titles and pushes, while lame ass boring crap is being pushed aside. Here's hoping Y2J has a great series of defenses with HBK, while Punk hopefully gets sent to TNA or ROH or something, seriously, the guy's T-shirt looks like a dress on him, I want a world champion with class, a world champion who can come out in a suit and look like a champion, i want a world champion that will bring back some real interest, enough that MAYBE some other writers could even write on this site, imagine that!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mickie James Called Out on Live Radio About Her Pornographic Pictures!

This is definitely the wrestling related humor for the day. This morning on a St. Louis radio show, Mickie James was a call in guest, discussing everything from RAW being in St. Louis this past Monday, her hectic schedule, her guest appearance on "Psych," oh, and the little fact that she's posted in some extremely hardcore pornographic pictures years ago for "Legshow Magazine."

The hosts bring up this fact, and straight up questions Mickie James if she did it, and Mickie is at a total loss for words, stumbling around the question, and trying to get out of the interview ASAP. Obviously Mickie James doesn't want her porn career talked about, as back then I"m sure she had no clue that she'd go on to become a major star in the WWE.

Well the hosts found this extremely humorous and went over it numerous times and really got a laugh. And now Mickey is going to have to face her past once again, as the hosts commented that not many people even know about her having such hardcore nude pics out there, these are beyond Playboy level stuff here folks. To listen to the entire interview, which was a nice little radio interview until the dirty stuff came up, check out the ITD Morning After Interview About Porn with Mickie James, and if you're brave enough, and over 18, check out the VERY NSFW Mickie James Nude Porn Pictures.

It's Official, Mick Foley is Coming to TNA Wrestling!

Well the rumors were made official today, in one of the biggest moves in years, TNA has signed Mick Foley to what's being described as a "short term deal" at this point. Short term or not, Mick Foley in TNA is absolutely HUGE. Foley is a guy that brings a cult following with him, one of the guys that smarts and regular fans alike are fans of. Kurt Angle was the biggest acquisition for TNA to date, and Kurt is no doubt a star, but he didn't have a cult following like Foley does. Mick Foley in WWE has dried up, there just isn't anything WWE can do with him anymore, and it's become a waste. Why throw Mick Foley in a meaningless 5 or 6 way main event, just to have him lose as usual. WWE is too stuck on their new stars, and their cookie cutter looks, to actually go against the norm and have Foley shock everyone and win a title or something. Every time Foley came out on WWE TV, he still got the much deserved pop, being he is indeed a legend, but the crowd that would go wild chanting "Foley! Foley" back in the late 90's is gone. That was the crowd that gave respect where it was due. Now we're back to kids filling up WWE audiences, and they want to see the stars that they have a t-shirt of like Cena, Mysterio, Batista, etc. Mick Foley gets a courtesy pop, but the fans who truly enjoyed 90's wrestling aren't the majority in WWE's crowds anymore. Now TNA, whole different story. Foley in TNA is the first guy that makes such an impact, that you want to see the visual of Foley in a TNA ring, you want to hear the crowd react to Foley in TNA, because the TNA fans will explode for Foley, whether it's in Orlando or especially any of the northeast towns they run. Foley is a star almost on the level of The Rock or Steve Austin from that era, and his presence in TNA will no doubt be nothing short of awesome.

Now the next big question: What will Mick Foley's role in TNA be exactly?We've heard it's a short term deal, which really means nothing, because things can obviously work out great and Foley will sign on longer, but are we going to get the Mick Foley who comes out and cuts promos and is an authority figure? Are we going to get the hardcore legend who will take on Abyss in a no ropes barbed wire match? Or will we get the former heavyweight champion who joins in the current angle with Sting/Nash/Booker/Angle taking on the new generation. Hopefully Foley sees in ring action, because he is a guy that can get stories over, and give us memorable moments in the ring. WWE will really be kicking themselves if Foley comes in and brings in a whole new interest in TNA. Look at Foley's last appearance with WWE, which was the Smackdown segment with Foley and Edge. Foley got over Edges new character completely, which has since made for some AWESOME TV when Edge is on. I credit Foley because he really got the facts over, and really brought something out of Edge that was totally missing. Now Foley is gone, and TNA has Foley to help them build their product, and if don't right, he can definitely do it. 1 thing I hope, is Foley gets TNA over the hump so to speak, as they do have some entertaining things on Impact, but something is still missing. A star the caliber of Mick Foley, used in the right way, may just be the thing, but we'll know for sure soon, because it's now official, and TNA is having a very nice day!

Friday, August 29, 2008

TNA Knockouts Christy Hemme, Gail Kim, and Salinas Naked Pic Collections

As I'm watching TNA tonight, I notice more and more every week that the Knockouts seem to be a  bigger part of the show and their popularity is at an all time high.  I've been told a lot of readers here  are fans of wrestling female nudes but we don't feature that here too much on this site since we keep it fairly clean, but I've found some great collections of a few of the TNA Knockouts Nude so figured I'd share the links here (and include a sexy but mild pic for the site.) Check them out if your a TNA Knockout fan and want to see them naked, but warned these pics are NOT safe for work!

Christy Hemme nude pics

Christy Hemme recently did a hot photo shoot for Loaded magazine, where she bared her boobs in a see through top, and much more!

Gail Kim nude pics

Gail Kim recently parted ways with TNA and is headed back to WWE, but we'll still feature this great

Gail Kim nude pic collection

Shelly Martinez nude pics
And finally we have Salinas (Shelly Martinez) from LAX. She's done a lot of, outside of wrestling type of stuff, from pics to videos, to all sorts of fun adult things. Here are a couple of links to her best work outside of wrestling:

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Undertaker vs. Edge, Hell in a Cell, Saves Summerslam

Summerslam 08 is in the books and what was once something so special that every match stuck in your head for a lifetime, came off pretty much as "just another show." Thankfully the main event gave us something special, maybe a little touch of that old school feeling where u may not have even cared about who won or lost, it was just a great match featuring the returning Undertaker taking on a totally different Edge. Yes, Edge "snapping" on Mick Foley on Smackdown may be the moment we look back and realize that Edge took the final step he needed to take to become the major player that WWE so badly needs.

Edge has always been "just OK" in my book, i just couldn't see him as a legitimate main event wrestler - I don't know why, it just never clicked. Maybe his character and mannerisms were too overdone and fake to me, but the moment Foley brought out the "real Edge," Edge brought a new character to the table - a character that said "Thanks Mick, I understand now"....then promptly kicked Foley's ass. Also a character who broke down a major barrier on Sunday at Summerslam, when he came down to the ring smiling, as if he was excited to be stepping into the Hell in a Cell and even more happy (not even intimidated ) about the presence of the Undertaker.

For years now, we've seen it's pretty much a rule that almost EVERY single wrestler that wrestles the Undertaker HAS to be scared of him, no matter how big or small, they must fear the Undertaker. Edge made me feel like I was seeing a bit of Brian Pillman in his performance tonight and also the classic performance from Friday's Smackdown, where he really came through the TV as a true psycho as he interacted with Vickie Guerrero, making her apologize to the Undertaker and more random psychotic ramblings. His new character almost makes me think it is semi based on Heath Ledger's Joker from the summers hit movie "The Dark Knight," fine by me, ANYthing to make things interesting again.

Tonight's match was a rare time when a character can lose the match, then get choke slammed through the ring, and you STILL want to see what he will do next because it's THAT interesting and it's been a LONG time since any character has had my attention in that way. The match had some big spots with Edge running across 3 tables to spear the Taker on the outside after they had broken through the cage and fought outside. Edge was choke slammed from the top rope to the outside through tables and then after Edge lost, the Undertaker came back to the ring, set up 2 ladders ,and gave Edge an awkward choke slam from the ladders and through the ring. After all this flame burst through the ring, signifying Edge had been "choke slammed to Hell." The end was a little awkward to set up, and a little over the top, but I can't complain, this match blew everything else out of the water by far, and is one of the only things I'm actually excited to see continue on Smackdown.

The rest of Summerslam was pretty much crap. Batista beat Cena clean which I was glad to see, and Jericho and Michaels had a great in ring angle that saw Jericho knock out Michaels wife; very good story there - very old school and probably the best story on RAW right now in my opinion. The title matches were in the middle of show, so yeah WWE is straight telling us that titles don't mean shit anymore and nothing else on the show is even worth mentioning. So in my eyes, the only things worth watching right now are Edge being the definite highlight on Smackdown and seeing how the Michaels/Jericho angle plays out on RAW.

It's sad that that is pretty much it, and even worse that such a boring show shamed the name "Summerslam"....thank God for the WWE Summerslam Anthology. For those of you who haven't seen the original Summerslams, I suggest buying it, to feel the electricity that was brought by the originals because I don't see it ever coming back.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sgt. Slaughter at the Delmarva Shorebirds Minor League Baseball Game: more pics

My post about Sgt Slaughter at the Shorebirds Game received a little bit of attention from major sports blogs. I thought I would update with some more pics my friend took of Slaughter. These are camera phone pics. He took some pictures with a real camera but didn't send me those.

The Delmarva Shorebirds are a single A minor league farm club of the Baltimore Orioles. They were originally affiliated with the Montreal Expos in 1996. When they built the stadium in Salisbury, Maryland, I was in high school and it was a big deal in our local area. The games were always sold out with many people in standing room only general admission. Future Expos Orlando Cabrera and Javier Vasquez were on that team. The 1997 team became affiliated with the Orioles and had some future big leaguers like Calvin Pickering and Ryan Minor but no one with a significant career. Ryan Minor is a trivia answer because he ended up starting in place of Cal Ripken when he decided to end his streak.

Apparently a few people still go to Shorebirds games. I wouldn't know because I moved away several years ago. The last game I went to was probably less than 40% capacity. My friend happened to be at this game and Sgt. Slaughter was there signing autographs.

I'm sure you all know who Sgt. Slaughter is. If not, maybe the Midnight Writer can fill you in somewhere in his Remember When Wrestling Series like he did with Miss Elizabeth Joining Macho man Randy Savage and Ron Simmons winning the WCW World Title.

Friday, August 8, 2008

WWE Cleaning House. Six Talents Released!

WWE.com has confirmed today's reports regarding the releases of Big Daddy V, Shannon Moore, Domino, Nunzio, James Curtis, and WWE referee Nick Patrick. Their profile pages have also been removed from the website.

WWE releases six Superstars, referee Nick Patrick
Written: August 8, 2008

World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of ECW Superstar Braden Walker as of Aug. 7, 2008, and the release of ECW Superstars Nunzio and James Curtis, SmackDown Superstars Shannon Moore, Domino, and Big Daddy V, and WWE referee Nick Patrick as of Aug. 8, 2008.

WWE wishes them the best in all their future endeavors.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Remember When...Ron Simmons Defeated Vader for the WCW World Title?

On this day in history on August 2nd, 1992, WCW shook things up in a major way. In Baltimore Maryland at a plain old WCW Worldwide TV taping, not a pay per view, not a clash of the champions, just the regular weekly show, the WCW title changed hands. Now this was WCW under Bill Watts who as many people that know their wrestling history know, ran things his own way and wasn't afraid to try something drastically different.

In the previous months, Vader had been pushed as the monster heel in WCW, plowing down everyone, destroying Sting at the Great American Bash for the world title in almost shocking fashion. So here we are a little over a month later at a TV Taping and a Vader vs. Sting rematch was scheduled to go down. Well earlier in the night, Sting was attacked and put out of commission by a debuting Jake The Snake Roberts which in itself was absolutely huge news as Jake hadn't been seen on the big stage since his Wrestlemania 8 loss to the Undertaker.

So here is Jake the Snake Roberts coming from the crowd, injuring Sting, and taking him out of the world title match with Vader. Of course this angle alone would've been enough for a single show, but this show went on to bring out 10 guys who had the chance to put their name in a hat and the name pulled would replace Sting in the world title match. Ron Simmons name was picked - he was popular at the time but not exactly main event level, so the obvious assumption was that Simmons would be another win for Vader on his monster heel run, but WCW and either Bill Watts or Dusty Rhodes (differing stories over the years) swerved everyone and Ron Simmons caught Vader in a powerslam and won the WCW world title to a huge reaction.

This was a great moment in WCW, as the emotion of the fans was real, it made for a classic moment that is great to relive. Here is video of this classic shocking moment from WCW 1992:

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Saw a Wrestling Superstar at a Minor League Baseball Game

A friend ran into this wrestler at a Single A ( SAL) Minor League baseball game tonight.

The picture quality is pretty bad, but let me know if you can tell who this is.

I seem to think he was pretty big back around the time that wrestling was worth watching, back when the WWF was called the WWF ( and AWA and NWA were still around and televised) and before a lot of the lame shit.

Update: Of Course it was Sgt. Slaughter.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Remember When...Macho Man Randy Savage Debuted Elizabeth as His Manager?

New feature time wrestling fans! I've been told that this site is making a comeback with the great former writers/reporters returning and some new ones on board, so I'm ready to help and make the site grow! Since coverage of current wrestling news is being kept up with, I've decided to do a feature that I wanted to do since I first joined this site and that is re-living classic moments from the glory days of wrestling, so I'm calling it "Remember When..." Each post will feature a great memory of an event, match, or big angle and I'll usually try to pull something that happened on this day in history which is what I have done with this inaugural post.

Remember when....Macho Man Randy Savage burst onto the WWF scene in 1985? He was a bright and charismatic star that was immediately a top act. Of course just about every top heel in WWF during that era had a manager representing them, so Savage's debut of course had all the managers looking to sign the new guy who was making waves. Now watching wrestling back then was great, no Internet to ruin everything about everyone, so I had no clue that Macho Man had already made the rounds in his dad, Angelo Poffo's promotion ICW, and even been in Memphis feuding with Jerry Lawler and many others. So this guy was totally fresh and exciting, and sure enough before long all the managers were coming out and scouting the Macho Man; Freddie Blassie, Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart, Johnny V., and Mr. Fuji were all looking to sign Savage. Ah the good old days when each manager had an army, then made deals to trade guys, hire and fire guys, constantly a changing scene with the managers. Well after weeks of speculation as to who would get the big contract with Macho Man, the time came for him to reveal who he had picked. It was this day in history, 23 years ago on July 30th 1985 after a squash match, Macho Man grabbed the mic as the managers watched on....and announced he had chosen NONE of them. Instead, he had chosen someone new and very different, and with that he brought out, the one and only Miss Elizabeth!

At the time, it was a "who the hell is this" moment. Some petite hot lady walking down to the ring had just signed the hottest free agent in the WWF? Damn, good times in wrestling. And what we didn't know at the time, was this was Macho Man's wife who had even appeared on his dad's TV show for ICW as an announcer before, but again, due to the great way wrestling USED to work, nobody had a clue and we were all successfully kept in the dark. Macho Man then went on to even bigger success with Elizabeth at his side, winning the Intercontinental Championship from Tito Santana in 1986 and reaching the mountain top as WWF Heavyweight Champion in 1988.

The Elizabeth character played such an important role for years to come; early on she was the successful woman who had outdone all the veteran managers and scored the big talent, but then she went on to become the person Macho Man always interrupted during interviews, put in the way of an attack, and basically treated her like his doormat which of course lead to sooo many classic angles like the George Steele crush on Elizabeth, the legendary Steamboat/Savage match, and ultimately Macho Man's face turn and formation of the Mega-powers with Hulk Hogan - all due to Miss Elizabeth going the extra mile for her man. During this era of wrestling Elizabeth earned the title of "First Lady of Wrestling," and this moment in history when she first walked down the aisle and aided in Randy Savage in beginning his era of the Madness will always be remembered as golden era in 80's WWF wrestling.

Hope you enjoyed this first feature, I plan on sittin around my campfire and reminiscing about many many more classic moments from my day, the glory days of wrestling.

Edit - I've found video of the classic debut of Miss Elizabeth:

Kimbo Slice and Hulk Hogan in a Kid's Movie?

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Stereo Vision Entertainment, Inc. (OTCBB: SVSN), a film production company focused exclusively on developing high quality, low cost, polarized 3D feature films, announced today that the undefeated Mixed Martial Arts phenomenon, Kimbo Slice, will be co-starring with Hulk Hogan in Stereo Vision's hilarious kids' comedy "Kung Fu U" in 3D.

"Kung Fu U" in 3D is a Disney-type comedy about of a bunch of nerds and misfits that are sent away by their wealthy parents to the Brentwood Academy (a.k.a. Kung Fu U) to learn the finer arts of self-defense. It's a heart-warming romp where the rather weathered warriors come to the rescue for the kids, and in turn, the kids rescue the warriors’ seemingly lost souls from what had been their eternal apathy. It's a feel-good story that reminds us that we're all the same, no matter what our age, or where we came from, and that we should all stick together.

Stereo Vision's Chairman, "Baywatch" creator Doug Schwartz, stated, "We're very happy to have Kimbo Slice co-starring in 'Kung Fu U.' He has an enormous media presence, and he'll fit right in with our star Hulk Hogan, and the other cast members in our made for kids 3D movie. We hope to have 'Kung Fu U' in 3D in theatres by the fall of '09."

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Freddie Prinze Jr. a Writer for WWE.

-- Hollywood actor Freddie Prinze Jr. has joined World Wrestling Entertainment's Creative team. He worked last night's Saturday Night's Main Event & WWE RAW taping in Washington, DC and will be working with the company regularly in the future. Prinze, a big WWE fan, has been a celebrity blogger on WWE's "Fan Nation" online community and has been at a number of live events in recent months. Prinze is married to "Buffy" star Sarah-Michelle Gellar and starred in both Scooby Doo movies, as well as "She's All That" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer."

I don't even know what to say about that.

RAW Recap: 07/28/08

Here's just a short rundown of what happened at last night's Monday Night RAW:

RAW has been kicking ass lately. The plots have been thicker, the writing better, and the action more over the top. Guys like Kofi Kingston and occasionally the now solo Paul London have been adding that high flying attitude that RAW has been missing leading up to the draft. Rey Mysterio should be in there somewhere, but we've seen him like... what now? Twice?

This Santino/Beth Phoenix lovers angle is hilarious. I haven't laughed that hard at WWE in a LONG time. Santino is the acclimate performer right now. He's skilled in the ring, but at the same time great on the mic and had excellent comedic timing. He's always funny, but last night, with Beth Phoenix, I was almost to tears I was laughing so hard.

Michael Cole got his ass kicked. It was supposed to be Jerry Lawler and Hacksaw Jim Duggan against the World Tag Team Champs, with the straps on the line, but at the last minute a referee ran in with a note from the new GM that replaced Hacksaw with Michael Cole. King got taken out of the match, and Michael Cole got clobbered by Cody Rhodes. So Michael Cole was out for the rest of the show, and that's always good. Though they did bring out Mike Adamle to fill in, and that's always bad. Mike Adamle is a moron.

Earlier in the night Shane McMahon said we would see CM Punk squaring off against one of the most technical free agents in the business, and that turned out to be William Regal making his return, in a weird singlet. Though no mention of him being KOTR and only a quick mention of him being GM before. Punk won, but not before William Regal broke his nose accidentally. Cheers to Regal!

Mickie James won against the ugly blond who sings a lot. I can't remember her name, because this is usually when I go take my evening #2. Katie Lea jumped Mickie at the end though, and demanded a shot at Summerslam.

Out next was Jericho for the Final Highlight Reel. Jericho played a couple of his old funny clips, and said the true career he ended was not HBK... it was Y2J. Jericho said we could all say goodbye to Y2J and the old Chris Jericho. He demanded a shot at CM Punk's title, and told Shawn Michaels to stay home and get some rest.

JR is now coming to ringside, and he says "I don't know why I'm here, I should be on my way to Hershey, Pennsylvania for Smackdown. I was told to be here." King and Adamle don't know either. Mike Adamle keeps insisting he was told to be there too, and it's obvious he would have to replace Michael Cole.

Promo airs saying Shawn Michaels will be live via satellite next week. WWE jumping the shark yet again.

At this point, I was expecting we're gonna get a good Summerslam WHT match. You have 6 guys wanting it. CM Punk has it, Batista, Cena, Kane, JBL, and now Jericho all wants shots. The HITC is already going to be hanging over the ring at Summerslam, so they can't do an Elimination Chamber, so I think they might do a 6-man HITC.

Boy was I wrong.

Big mainevent, Cena and Batista beat JBL and Kane in a tag team match. I bet those guys were tired since they practically had the same match, a couple hours earlier when they pretaped the SNME show.

It's 11:15 and here comes Shane McMahon to introduce the new RAW GM. I'm hoping and praying for Bischoff................... but no.

On camera we didn't see who got up and climbed in to the ring, but as Shane McMahon looked to the back to introduce the GM, we all waited, and when no one came out, Shane turned to the ring and said "Your new RAW General Manager is..." the camera pans to the ring to see who's standing behind Cena and Batista.... "MIKE ADAMLE!"




Cena and Batista look legitimately shocked, with Cena even laughing at one point and saying "is this a joke?" I wish it was a joke... but no... it looks like Mike Adamle is the new RAW GM.

.... and just when RAW was getting so good.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

WWE news: Shane on RAW, King and JR Back Together, Michelle McCool Resented Backstage.

-- Shane McMahon will be appearing live and in person on Raw this Monday night in Washington D.C. According to WWE.com's preview for Raw on Monday, McMahon may be naming a new General Manager for the brand. Here is what they wrote: "In recent weeks the McMahons have implored the WWE Universe to cease the civil unrest that resulted from the absence of the injured WWE Chairman, Mr. McMahon. Will Shane name a new General Manager when he appears on Raw this Monday?" You can read the preview in its entirety at this link, which consists of vague information. They don't have anything else officially scheduled for Monday's Raw at this point. On another note, Stephanie McMahon will obviously be unable to appear on Raw due to her pregnancy, as she's due any day now.

-- According to the webmaster of Jim Ross' official website, Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler will be calling the entire 8/2 Saturday Night's Main Event broadcast, which is scheduled to be taped before Raw goes live on the air at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. this Monday night. You can read the message at this link.

-- In the SmackDown Divas locker room, there is a bit of resentment from some of the ladies towards reigning WWE Divas Champion Michelle McCool. Whether it's true or not, the feeling is that McCool has some power as the star of the women's division on SmackDown and that she comes across like the veteran leader even though she doesn't really have that much experience in the wrestling business. This was actually the case before McCool won the WWE Divas Championship at The Great American Bash last Sunday as the belt doesn't have anything to do with the resentment. A few weeks ago, Natalya Neidhart was reportedly upset with McCool due to a behind the scenes incident involving the two in which McCool tried to show her how to lock up correctly and how to work "WWE style," which is more about telling a story in the ring than doing a bunch of random moves. On the other hand, McCool doesn't really appear to be in the wrong, and all of this probably has more to do with the typical wrestler mentality of someone becoming a star when others think they're not as good as they themselves are, and then they come up with reasons why. Also, since McCool in involved in a real-life relationship with Undertaker, it would appear that some of the resentment and jealousy towards her is due to that. In other words, when a Diva is dating a Superstar wrestler and then gets a push, that's obviously going to get people talking.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Does Anyone Like Wrestling? Does anyone care?

I really don't. A bunch of people wanted a wrestling blog for some reason. I think we are going to open this blog up some and get something going. Either get some action going or put it out of it's misery.

If anyone actually wants to blog here about wrestling and join our staff of bloggers, let us know in the comments.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Breaking News: CM Punk Has Won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

In a shocking turn of events, WWE actually did something unpredictable, and kicked off RAW with a long segment involving Jim Ross's farewell speech, which was interrupted by Edge and his Edgeheads....which lead to a heated promo by Edge, saying he'd never appear on RAW again, which brought out Batista, who destroyed Edge, kicked his ass all over the arena, which was topped off by CM Punk cashing in his money in the bank, and defeating Edge for the World Heavyweight Title. Talk about fresh, a guy who just got drafted to RAW, and who hasn't been giving a huge main event push yet, walks in and wins the World Title. Like him or not (I'm not the biggest CM fan,) this was great booking, something exciting and unexpected, and a guy winning the title who you wouldn't expect. Finally WWE does something right, shakes things up, and gets us out of the boring John Cena-Triple H-Randy Orton title picture that's been boring for ages now! Let he era of CM Punk begin!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vince McMahons Million Dollar Mania Was a Ratings Failure!

Well it's officially been proven, even contests where you have a 1/1241151116 chance of winning some big money, are not enough to make people watch RAW. Last night's first edition of Vince McMahon's Million Dollar Mania actually brought the ratings DOWN to a horrible 3.0. I for one thought the idea that this money contest was the main focus of the show totally sucked. The money giveaway was also the main event of the show, following the headline match which was Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy. Another problem with all this was that they put on the same old boring shitty show, with a game show around it. RAW pulls out 1 or 2 good shows in a row, then back to the same crap. Same boring title picture, with guys trying to sell the upcoming pay per view HARD, to the point its just annoying and obvious. WWE was more fun when it was more targeted toward adults, and we could see some humor geared towards the 18+ crowd, and even some more sexually based stuff on the show. Now they really have no direction, just wrestling matches, trying to keep it clean since they have a kids magazine now, and the merchandise sales decide which guy is in the main event, and who can and can't be a heel.....can't lose those merchandise sales! All these problems are just regular problems now for WWE, but with this million dollar giveaway going on, the matches are just fillers around the next round of money to be given away. Good thing is, the lower the ratings get, the more WWE will see the fans don't like the crap they're giving us, and will keep on doing drastic things to make something work again. We know this Monday, Vince's Million Dollar Mania will go on once again, but they better definitely give us a way better show that isn't just a pay per view commercial, or WWE is going to be plummeting back to the ratings levels they were at in the mid 90's. In reality, I'm sure people realize that their chance of actually winning is NOT that high, therefore they probably flip to another channel in between giveaways, if that many people even care enough about it to watch at all. It is rather sad, that Vince is blatantly saying he wants to pay people to watch, while the method is already not working, I think their creative problems are the real root of the problem. I feel eventually, Vince will have no choice but to pull the trigger on a John Cena heel turn, it will be the only fresh thing that's happened in WWE in the past few years, and even then, there is no guarantee that they'll do it right.