Sunday, September 30, 2007

Vickie Guerrero's Future on Smackdown and with WWE.

SmackDown writer Michael Hayes was the one who pushed for the heart attack route in the Kristal & Theodore Long wedding storyline. He had been wanting to do an angle involving Viagra for quite some time. The Viagra induced heart attack on the night of the wedding had actually been scripted since June. Hayes was strong on the Viagra part of the storyline, knowing Vince would love it and that it was believable drug to trigger a heart attack.

The plan from day one was for Vickie Guerrero (and at one time Kristal, but she's likely staying on as a babyface) to get a hold of Long's medical records, find out about his medical issues, and orchestrate this whole thing out in the storyline. The big goal of the storyline is to turn Vickie Guerrero into a major heel. Though it was argued by some in WWE that getting major heat on Vickie would be compromised by the Viagra aspect of the storyline that made it somewhat of a comedy.

Nonetheless, as result of the outcome of the storyline, Guerrero will turn into a major heel General Manager. She would then turn her wrath against Rey Mysterio in particular, to do a Hispanic version of Vince McMahon vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. She would have also used Kristal in the ordeal, and would subsequently fire her former friend from SmackDown.

The original plan for Kristal was for her to move to Raw shortly after the storyline. She's currently in a real-life relationship with Bobby Lashley, and since he had pull at the time, he asked Vince McMahon if she could move to Raw to be with him. Vince agreed, and she should be moving to Raw eventually. However, Lashley is going to be out of action until at least December, so her forthcoming move to Raw may be held off for a few more months.

Another idea being batted around to get Vickie even more heat from the fans is for her to start a relationship with one of the male wrestlers on SmackDown. The idea is that the wrestler would get preferential treatment from her, and it would make her even more of a heel to the fans because she'd be betraying her late husband Eddie Guerrero. The other idea being talked about is that the wrestler up for the role would actually be using Vickie in order to get preferential treatment from her, but Vickie would be trying to get the wrestler "in the sack" in exchange. The wrestler would tease the idea, but it would never actually happen in the storyline because the wrestler is not really interested in sleeping with her; he just wants to further his own career, and thus he'd be the one doing the using.

If Vickie ends up having a relationship with a wrestler, MVP appears to be the primary candidate for the role. There has also been talk of using Edge in the role, but MVP's name has gotten more play.

Update: Several Wrestlers to Return after Steroid Suspensions, 2 Will not be Returning.

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE announced the suspensions of eleven wrestlers on Thursday, August 30. If the suspensions started on the very same day of the announcement, then the 30-day suspensions should have ended on Friday. The wrestlers on 30-day suspensions should be eligible to return as early as today. Although, they're not holding any Raw house shows this weekend, so it's moot point, but the Raw wrestlers should be able to return to the ring this Monday at the Raw taping in Cleveland. WWE's holding a SmackDown/ECW house show tonight in Peoria, Ill. and another one tomorrow night in Hammond, Ind. Anyway, two of the eleven suspended wrestlers are definitely not returning this weekend.

King Booker is currently serving a 60-day suspension, so he's still got another month before he is eligible to return. Had he not a failed a Wellness test earlier in the year, he would only be serving a 30-day suspension for his involvement with Signature Pharmacy. The other wrestler not returning this weekend is Chavo Guerrero. It doesn't appear that he was suspended for 60 days, but they're holding off his return a little bit longer due to the "I Quit" stipulation in his write-off match with Rey Mysterio a few weeks ago. They're going to be holding off Chavo's return to the ring until early November.

The status of Chris Masters is still unclear. He was one of the eleven suspended wrestlers, but it is unknown as to how long his suspension is going for. If he returns sometime within the next month, then him being put in rehab in May 2006 doesn't count as a drug issue and that Masters never actually failed a Wellness test. But if he isn't back within the month, then that issue he had last year counted against the Wellness policy. There would then be two strikes against him. One more violation of the Wellness policy would result in an automatic termination from the company for Masters.

The other wrestlers that should be able to return to the ring this weekend include Charlie Haas, John Morrison, William Regal, Mr. Kennedy, Umaga and Funaki. Edge and Gregory Helms are still out with injuries, though Edge should be returning to action soon.

One more wrestler to watch is Gene Snitsky. It's interesting to note that Snitsky hasn't appeared on a WWE show since the last Raw show before the Signature Pharmacy scandal story broke out. His last appearance in a WWE ring was on August 27 at a Raw/Heat taping. We haven't heard anything about him suffering some sort of injury or dealing with a non-wrestling related matter. It would seem really peculiar if he suddenly returned to television this week along with the other guys. However, it should be noted that Snitsky's name didn't come up in a single media report regarding the Signature Pharmacy drug scandal, so this could all just be a mere coincidence and the creative team just doesn't have anything for him at this time, but this is definitely something worth pondering about.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Chris Jericho = Ratings

So I'm sitting here eating biscuits, and I'm reading all about this video that was shown on Raw that has a bunch of cryptic messages in it. God bless the internet, otherwise I wouldn’t know of such a video. I don’t watch the WWE anymore, you see. I stopped watching it whenever all of my old favourites started to drop out, and the new breed sprang up out of nowhere with the sole purpose of annoying my head. I don’t care who Randy Orton is. I root for Matt Hardy because he’s one of the few familiar names I see popping up in these wrestling related websites. I believe that I stopped watching the WWE sometime in 2003, because everything was strange and unusual. People were leaving, due to injury and the strange belief that acting in a film is the same as cutting an insulting promo about the Coach. Bring back the old names! Not in a bad, “one last run and then that’s me finished, oh alright then, a few more runs after that” kind of way. I mean in a spectacular, blow you out of your socks kind of way. That, unfortunately, didn’t look like it was going to happen for a long, long time.

Well, until these delightfully cryptic messages sprang up. Once people caught wind of a video that made no sense, it was a sure bet that some internet guys were going to pick it apart and find every single piece of cryptic crap they could find hidden within. And they really found a whole lot of info with this little video, all sorts of stupid, “at first glance this makes no sense!” kinds of messages. I mean, right off the top of your head, what does “cd_volume4_1.act” mean to you? That’s right, nothing. Or “SaveUs.222”? It doesn’t mean anything until somebody else analyses it, and then you go “Ohh! Yeah, I get it now.” I saw the Matrix style video myself (check it here: ) and probably like you've just done now (assuming you've clicked that link and watched the video) I thought "how interesting. " in a sarcastic manner. The WWE hasn’t managed to do anything to interest me in a long, long time, and a crappy old Matrix-style video didn’t do much to get me to pay attention.

So like it was expected, the people who read far too much into stuff decided to read far too much into the video, pausing it frame by frame, dissecting it carefully and drawing their own conclusions due to their careful observations and their “facts” that relate to the gibberish seen in the video. They came to the conclusion that this is a video hyping the return of Chris Jericho. Alright there WWE, you have my attention. Don’t fuck it up this time, yeah? Apparently “SaveUs.222” has to do with the fact that Jericho used to refer to himself as the saviour of the WWE, and the “222” section is apparently a Biblical reference. I cant remember what it said, but predictably it said something about Jericho. And the “cd_volume4_1.act” is about the 4th Volume of the WWE Music CD’s, where coincidentally Chris Jericho’s music is track number one. Again, God bless the internet for figuring all this stuff out so I don’t have to.

The point is, should all these clever little rumours be true, and then this is just the shot in the arm that the WWE needs. As amazing as you say John Cena and Randy Orton are, the appearance of Chris Jericho is much bigger than both of them, to me anyway. Chris Jericho is the perfect example of how the WWE can bugger up anybody. Chris Jericho was awesome. One of my favourite matches of all time has to be the classic "Benoit vs Jericho" ladder match at Royal Rumble 2001. Chris was clearly one of the most popular faces in 2001, I’d wager second only to the Rock. Once he turned heel, he gained so much heat, and won the title that he had craved for so long, and deservedly so. His title reign was excellent because it played him as a heel perfectly, stealing wins until he faced the one nemesis he could never beat: Triple H. And so, after he lost to the Game, began his downward spiral. After 2002, apparently he was still on the payroll of the WWE. APPARENTLY he didn’t take his hiatus until 2005. I didn’t even notice. He slid down the card so fast; it felt like his previous title reign meant nothing. Within the space of a few months he was chasing the Intercontinental championship again. Clearly the WWE didn’t value him as much as they should have.

Fast forward to 2007, where things are not exactly going well for the WWE. The Benoit tragedy threw many storylines out of the window, and the illegitimate son angle bombed after it was revealed it was the leprechaun. They need something huge to get people to care again, and Chris Jericho is that something huge. If Chris Jericho the second time is half as popular as he was the first time, then there is hope of seeing the heavyweight championship on somebody who isn’t called John Cena. Of course, this is the WWE we’re talking about, so while the possibility of a returning Chris Jericho is incredibly interesting, the thought of a mid card, floundering, nowhere to go, fodder to Triple H AGAIN 2008 Jericho does not sound very interesting at all. You’ve got a good thing here, WWE. Don’t make it the leprechaun again, for the love of Christ.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Is Hulk Hogan the new host of American Gladiators??

- There is currently a rumor going around the entertainment industry that Hulk Hogan is a candidate to host the NBC American Gladiators revival. At this time we are not able to confirm anything other than his name has been thrown around various circles.

I for one think this would be awesome. Hulk Hogan is one of the most recognized names in the world, much less sports entertainment. He's a money making machine, and his name alone will grab hundreds of thousands of wrestling fan's attention to American Gladiators. He's a marketing tool extraordinaire, and I think it would be a great investment to have him on board as a host, I mean heck, just look what he did for pasta ... BROTHERS!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More on WWE's Cryptic Viral Campaign, and possible Jericho return!

There has been a lot of talk about the cryptic "SAVE_US.222" video that aired after RAW on Monday. While the exact meaning of the video remains unknown, we do have an interesting story regarding the mysterious promotional piece. Back in June, before the Benoit tragedy, former WWE creative writer Court Bauer suggested to the rest of the WWE Creative Team a different idea to introduce the new Hart Foundation or the return of Chris Jericho.

The idea was to run a viral marketing campaign, something like an updated version of the Y2J countdown clock in which he debuted in WWE with back in 1999. Ideas included setting up web sites developed by third parties, doing things on YouTube, and mystery ads on (one example for the Hart Foundation idea was to have a “public service announcement” on heart attacks that would take you to a Calgary-related web site). The underlying idea was to develop an interactive campaign where fans would have to try to “crack the code.”

Bauer’s idea was very popular amongst the rest of the creative team until things were turned upside down by the Benoit tragedy. Some of the clues in the SAVE_US.222 video such as the WWE theme music clue and deliberate misdirects with the whole Jericho feel could be an indication that the video has something to do with Y2J’s return to WWE. While nothing has been confirmed, the piece seemed very similar to the initial idea that was thought up this past summer.

Dark Match, WWE Smackdown! *Spoilers* (9/25/07) - Indianapolis, Indiana

Dark Match:

Jesse/Festus defeated Deuce/Domino

Video package aired for the SD wedding last week.

-- Vince McMahon is with Vickie Guerrero in the back, he names her the new general manager of Smackdown

-- Victoria defeated Torrie Wilson
Post match: Unnamed woman beat down Torrie Wilson.

MVP is having a one year celebration in the ring, Matt Hardy comes out to interrupt. Matt Hardy has a video of MVP getting beat up over the past year by random people. Matt Hardy announces that MVP will face Kane tonight.

-- Chuck Palumbo defeated Kenny Dykstra

Video clip of JBL in the ring with Rey Mysterio. They are hyping a confrontation between the two tonight

-- Batista interview with Micheal Cole. Batista didn't know what to expect with the Punjabi Prison match. When he gets backed in corner he becomes an animal.

-- Kane defeated MVP via disqualification after MVP hit a low blow on Kane.

-- Interview with Rey Mysterio. Mysterio and JBL are in the ring, JBL pushes Mysterio, Mysterio comes back and somehow hits a 619. Afterwards, Finlay comes out and beats down Mysterio.

-- Vickie Guererro strips Hornswoggle of the Cruiserweight title.

-- Jamie Noble defeated Shannon Moore

-- Undertaker defeated Mark Henry. Post match druids come out and take Mark Henry away. Undertaker got the biggest pop of the night


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wrestling fans everywhere are asking, IS IT CHRIS JERICHO?!

Some friends and I have been discussing the cryptic video we all saw last night, and I thought it might be a great idea to share them with you! If you have anything to add to last night's possible Chris Jericho return video, share them in the comments!

* Don't read too far into it. It means "Save Us.2"

He came in the last time as our savior. This is him returning, hence number 2.

* Well clearly Chris Jericho will save professional wrestling.

And... he'll come back in 2 months, 2 weeks, and 2 days.

That would actually be Monday December 3.

* - The phrase "7OCT" is repeated over and over on one frame. October 7th is the date of WWE's next PPV, No Mercy.

* - If you pause the youtube video at around 1 second, you'll see 7Oct... Which is the date of No Mercy. Where's No Mercy taking place at? Chicago, IL... at the Allstate Arena.

Where did Jericho make his WWE debut at?

* - Chris Jericho is known for "stirring the pot" when it comes to playing mind games with fans of the pro wrestling industry. Today, Chris Jericho has done it again.
The Ayatollah of Rock 'n Rollah updated his official MySpace page. The new headline on his page says:"I'm coming back!!"
We've reported here for weeks that Chris Jericho has been in talks with WWE about returning to the company. Things heated up after Jericho appeared on Larry King Live with WWE Champion John Cena following the Benoit family tragedy.
With the debut of the "SAVE_US.222" video last night on RAW and now Jericho's MySpace update, the rumor mill is running rampant with talk that the cryptic video is for Jericho.

* - Joshua 2:2 verse 2 It was told the king of Jericho, saying, "Behold, men from the sons of Israel have come here tonight to search out the land."

These are just a few, but here at UWR we promise to keep on top of this situation as it develops.

Update: Monday Night RAW Screencaps, the Mystery Promo, is it Jericho?

So tonight on RAW, there was a whole awesome video, with Matrix-like numbers, but they were blue, and the words SAVE.US.222 were in them. With some very Jericho-like music playing... There is already speculation that that three second video on RAW had something to do with Chris Jericho. We can't confirm that. See for yourself! Watch the video!! Apparently, here's a list of words seen in the video:

JVC_FIX (former sponsor

Monday, September 24, 2007

Newswire: Booker T to stay with WWE, Trish Stratus Returning?, Ric Flair/Nascar Incident

Sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter,

- Despite speculation over the past month, the word going around backstage in WWE is that King Booker will be back with the company after he serves his sixty day suspension. As of the time of this writing, Booker has not accepted any outside bookings and is able too since he does not have a new WWE contract in place. We are, however, able to confirm that Booker is in the process of negotiating a new contract with World Wrestling Entertainment.

- The official WWE web site has a “where are they now” interview with former WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus. In the interview Trish reveals that it was Paul Heyman that recommended her to the producers of “Armed and Famous”, the reality show that aired on CBS where celebrities became police officers in Indiana. is teasing a third part to the interview where she will discuss a potential return to the company. While that is the teaser for the interview it is highly unlikely that she’ll end up back in WWE anytime soon.

- NASCAR drivers Kyle Petty and Denny Hamlin got into an altercation over the weekend at the Dover International Speedway in Delaware. The Associated Press covered the squabble and wrote, "With all the finger pointing and trash talking, it's too bad Ric Flair didn't stick around after his Busch Series appearance a day earlier to watch this skirmish."

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Preview: Monday Night Raw


Though he is still sore, John Cena’s father doesn’t regret the beating he took from Randy Orton last week on Raw. In fact, he’d do it again if it meant protecting his son’s WWE Championship.

“I couldn’t let [Jonathan] Coachman strip my son of the WWE Championship. That title means everything to him,” Mr. Cena told “He’s worked so hard for it. My only regret is that John had to be there and see it [the beating] firsthand.”

Last Monday, Mr. Cena put his body on the line when Acting Raw GM Jonathan Coachman threatened to strip The Champ of the WWE Championship due to events of Unforgiven. At Unforgiven, Mr. Cena got involved when Orton grabbed him out of his ringside seat and prepared to re-enact his previous attack where he gave him a concussion. However, the WWE Champion intervened and locked Orton in an STFU, enabling his father to punt the Legend Killer in the skull.

An outraged Coachman intended to make Cena pay by stripping him of the WWE Championship, but The Champ’s Dad wouldn’t let that happen. And despite pleadings from his son, Mr. Cena took on the younger, stronger and sadistic Orton, and was beaten mercilessly. In Mr. Cena’s eyes, there was no other choice. He remembered how 8-year-old John made championships out of cardboard and dreamed of someday wrestling for WWE. The elder Cena is proud of the man that 8-year-old boy has become. He couldn’t let Coachman torpedo his son’s remarkable title reign.

“I guess you might ask, ‘What the hell is this about?’” Mr. Cena said. “But this is about family. My son has broken his back to keep the WWE Championship. If that [Cena’s keeping the title] meant me accepting a match with Randy Orton in the middle of the squared circle, and taking a butt-kicking, then guess what? Let’s do it again. I grew up on the streets, how tough can Randy Orton really be?”

Looking at Mr. Cena, you know where The Champ gets his dogged determination, courage and stubbornness. Though he cherishes the WWE Championship, Cena loves his family more. Orton’s attack on his father the day after SummerSlam made him think about his priorities. Cena is proud of his dad for having the courage to face Orton in the ring. However, he never wants to sacrifice his family for the WWE Championship.

“This business is just that – it’s a business,” The Champ said. “World Championships can come and go. The record for winning the championship is 16 times, which means that you can also lose it 16 times. The bottom line is that family doesn’t come and go. You’ve got only one dad and mom … and I’m always going to put them before the business.”

Mr. Cena realizes that Orton has used him as a tool in his quest to take his son’s WWE Championship. He is battered and bruised, but still proud. And when all is said and done, Mr. Cena hopes his son beats a very simple message into the Legend Killer, especially at their Last Man Standing Match on Oct. 7 at No Mercy: Don’t mess with family.

“I’m not a wrestler; I’m a fan like everyone else,” Mr. Cena said. "But I guess The Champ’s got it right: If you want some, come get some.”

What will The Champ have to say about his father’s match with Orton when Raw comes to Milwaukee Monday night? Tune in to Raw at 9/8 CT on USA Network and find out.

WWE: Ric Flair says he's still an employee, never left, and wants to retire in a year!

The following article appeared in the Long Island Press:

Ric Flair didn't say he's back with World Wrestling Entertainment.

According to the 16-time World Heavyweight Champion, he never left.

On Saturday, Flair was at Dover International Speedway as a guest of, the title sponsor for the day's NASCAR Busch Series race.

During a press conference, Flair announced that he is working a limited schedule with WWE, and never gave notice that he was leaving the company.

"Those reports were totally incorrect," said Flair.

But curiously, the press release from the track that preceded Flair's appearances described him as "currently retired" from the wrestling business.

Flair spoke in glowing terms about WWE, noting that Chairman Vince McMahon could run NASCAR if he had a month to get up to speed. Those comments stand in stark contrast to Internet rumors that he was leaving the company due to dissatisfaction with the storylines he's been offered.

Flair did say that he plans to retire from wrestling within the next year, as he wants to spend more time with his family, including playing with his kids.

"I have a new, beautiful young wife. She's very rewarding. I like playing with her, too," Flair said of wife Tiffany, who was sitting 20 feet away. Flair's quip was one of many that had the media in stitches.

Fans hope Flair's WWE work can be similarly entertaining as he winds up his career. But Flair added that he has been given no assurances about creative direction.

"They don't do that," Flair said of WWE. "And I wouldn't expect them to. I've earned the right to retire on my own terms, but I don't see myself as bigger than the WWE. If it works into a storyline that works with the program, then I'm happy with it. If not, we just walk away one day and say goodbye."

That said, Flair has an idea of how he would like things to go.

"If I could write that script, I would just say that I would be in a marquee position...I would like to wrestle a marquee guy, a big name, in my last match," Flair said. "Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, John Cena...I would love to wrestle in a marquee position in a marquee match and just have my finest hour."

Saturday, September 22, 2007

London and Kendrick: The WWE's Best Tag Team

Many years ago in the WWF there lived several duos of men that would fight for honor, glory, and gold. These men were called tag teams. Tag teams were a big part of professional wrestling until the the WWF became the WWE. Teams were thrown together and teams like Booker T and Test, William Regal and Tajiri, and Kane and RVD became World Tag Team Champions. Just when it looked like tag team wrestling was about to die in the WWE, along came a new kind of tag team, Paul London and Brian Kendrick.

These two cruiserweights were put together to give them something to do when the crusierwieght division were dying and they have become one of the most successful tag teams of the post-Attitude era. Their speed, agility, high flying manevurs, and teamwork more than make up for their lack of power. Brian Kendrick was fired, he went to Japan to become and better wrestler, and was rehired. After he returned he was and put into a team with his real life best friend Paul London after London's crusierwieght title reign. Soon they clawed their way up the Smackdown tag division and became a fued with Smackdown most successful tag team of the time, MNM. London and Kendrick defeated them 6 times before they were granted a tag title shot at in early 2006. They defeated MNM and began a 11 month title reign. They are now in the history books as the 4th longest reigning tag team of all time.

During their 11 month title reign, they defeated the likes of The Pitbulls, Idol and Stevens, and Deuce and Domino. They also gained a valet in Ashley. Their title reigns best match would have to be when they defeated Regal and Taylor, MNM, and The Hardyz in a match the Hardyz made famous, The ladder match at Armageddon 2006. All good things must come to an end and their title reign ended when Deuce and Domino defeated them for the WWE Tag Team Titles. When that fued ended, London and Kendrick were drafted over to RAW and have started a new chapter in their career.

When they were drafted over to RAW they continued their tag team dominance over the teams on Monday Night RAW. They defeated The Highlanders, The Worlds Greatest Tag Team, and Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. After defeated Cade and Murdoch in a non-title match, they were granted a title shot at a house show in Africa where they became the World Tag Team Champions. When they became the champions, they became only the 2nd tag team in WWE history to hold the WWE and World Tag Team Titles.

Many people have compared London and Kendrick to the Midnight Express, The Hardyz, and even The Rockers, which would make sense since they were both trained by The Rocker himself Shawn Michaels. These two young men who have defied all the critics and have shut them up by proving that they are the best tag team in the WWE in a time when tag team wrestling does not mean much. One day this great tag team is going to be torn apart by a storyline and they will both move onto bigger and better things. That is why we should enjoy this awesome tag team while we still have the chance. These two young men may not be the Midnight Express, they may not be The Legion of Doom, they may not even be The Hardyz, but they are London and Kendrick: The Best Tag Team In The WWE.

Friday, September 21, 2007

The actual letter WWE is sending to former Superstars, offering them rehabiliation and assistance.

Source: Pro Wrestling Torch

World Wrestling Entertainment is sending letters to formerly contracted performers offering to pay for drug and/or alcohol treatment. According to one person who has received it, the letter is printed on WWE stationery and is hand-signed by
Vince McMahon himself. Here is a transcript of the letter WWE is sending out to their ex-performers:

Over the last ten years, an inordinate number of wrestlers have passed away. Some of those deaths may in part have been caused by drugs and alcohol.

In an effort to prevent such tragedies in the future, the WWE is willing to pay for drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation at a certified treatment chosen by WWE for any performer with a prior WWE booking contract who may need this service. The WWE will pay for this service in full.

There is no cost to you or your family. Help will be provided regardless of the circumstances of your departure from the WWF or the amount of time you performed for the WWE.

If you do not have a drug and/or alcohol problem, but know you know a former WWE performer who does, we are asking you to try to help them by encouraging them to take advantage of this opportunity.

Liz Difabio has been appointed as a representative in this matter. Liz has been with the company for over 24 years and has been directly involved with the majority of WWE performers who have received treatment for substance abuse. She understands emotions that individuals and family members go through in this process. Any conversation you have with Liz will remain confidential and will not be released to the public.

In many instances, an individual in need of help is in denial and will not want rehabilitation. There are professional intervention companies that will help persuade that person that they need treatment. Liz will be able to facilitate such interventions, should they be necessary. An intervention and treatment will be at the cost of WWE exclusively.

This service is being provided for performers with a prior WWE booking contract only. No family or friends. Please reach out to Liz if you think you might have a drug or alcohol problem or if you know someone who does. We all need to do anything we can to help prevent another tragedy.


Vincent K. McMahon
Chairman, World Wrestling Entertainment

Revealed: WWE No Mercy 2007 and WWE Cyber Sunday 2007 Posters!

Check em out! Kudos to the WWE Graphics team which seem to only be able to do something awesome when it comes to the pay per view posters.

Recap: The PWI 500; 2007 Edition

John Cena is ranked number one in the 2007 edition of the PWI 500. He was ranked number one last year as well. The other two wrestlers to be honored in two consecutive years as number one in the PWI 500 are Bret Hart and Steve Austin. Before we get to the list, here is a reminder of the criteria used for ranking the PWI 500, which is based on a grading period of August 2006 to July 2007.

- Win-loss record
- Technical Ability
- Influence on the sport
- Success against the highest grade of competition
- Success against the most diverse competition
- Activity

1. John Cena
2. Edge
3. Mistico
4. Kurt Angle
5. Undertaker
6. Shawn Michaels
7. Christian Cage
8. Perro Aguayo Jr.
9. Bobby Lashley
10. Takeshi Morishima
11. Ultimo Guerrero
12. Samoa Joe
13. Batista
14. Minoru Suzuki
15. Randy Orton
16. Mitsuharu Misawa
17. Bryan Danielson
18. King Booker
19. Sting
20. Yuji Nagata
21. Mr. Kennedy
22. Umaga
23. Abyss
24. Rob Van Dam
25. Nigel McGuinness
26. Cibernetico
27. Naomichi Marufuji
28. Chris Sabin
29. Jeff Hardy
30. Christopher Daniels
31. El Hijo Del Santo
32. AJ Styles
33. Finlay
34. Jushin Liger
35. Big Show
36. Matt Hardy
37. Rocky Romero
38. Negro Casas
39. Rhino
40. Hiroshi Tanahashi
41. Carlito
42. CM Punk
43. La Parka
44. Gregory Helms
46. Chavo Guerrero
47. MVP
48. Dr. Wagner Jr.
49. Chris Hero
50. Senshi
51. Triple H
52. Cima
53. Averno
54. Homicide
55. Roderick Strong
56. John Morrison
57. Kensuke Sasaski
58. Sabu
59. Scott Steiner
60. Charly Manson
61. Milano Collection A.T.
62. Marcus Cor Von
63. Brent Albright
64. Satoshi Kojima
65. Kane
66. Chris Harris
67. Claudio Castagnoli
68. L.A. Park
69. Tiger Mask IV
70. Ric Flair
71. Bobby Roode
72. Jun Akiyama
73. Black Warrior
74. Brother Ray
75. Alex Shelley
76. Davey Richards
77. William Regal
78. Jay Briscoe
79. Atlantis
80. Brother Devon
81. Hiroyoshi Tenzan
82. James Storm
83. Mark Briscoe
84. Doug Williams
85. Zorro
86. Minoru
87. Elijah Burke
88. Delirious
89. Chris Masters
90. Mephisto
91. Shelton Benjamin
92. Intocable
93. Petey Williams
94. Kevin Thorn
95. Jay Lethal
96. Shinsuke Nakamura
97. Paul London
98. Brian Kendrick
99. Toshiaki Kawada
100. Travis Tomko
101. The Great Khali
102. Austin Aries
103. Yoshinara Ogawa
104. Hector Garza
105. Giant Bernard
106. Hotstuff Hernandez
107. Ricky Marvin
108. Colt Cabana
109. Mr. Aguila
110. Jimmy Yang Yang
111. Dragon King
112. Vampiro
113. Kotaro Suzuki
114. The Boogeyman
115. Dos Caras. Jr.
116. Manuba Nakanishi
117. Jeff Jarrett
118. B.J. Whitmer
119. Keiji Muto
120. Eric Young
121. Toscano
122. Ares
123. Kenny Dykstra
124. Super Crazy
125. Masato Yoshino
126. Ron Killings
127. Rey Bucanero
128. Matt Sydal
129. Shocker
130. Snitsky
131. Togi Makabe
132. Octagon
133. Naruki Doi
134. Sonjay Dutt
135. Trevor Murdoch
136. Universo 2000
137. Lance Cade
138. Jay Bradley
139. Jerry Lynn
140. Marco Corleone
141. Dick Togo
142. Jimmy Rave
143. Masao Inoue
144. Juventud Guerrera
145. Sean Waltman
146. Taka Michinoku
147. Volador Jr.
148. The Miz
149. Jack Evans
150. Andrew Martin
151. Kaz Hayashi
152. Ephesto
153. Paul Birchall
154. Abismo Negro
155. Joey Mercury
156. Koji Kanemoto
157. Hardcore Holly
158. Damian 666
159. Lance Hoyt
160. Shawn Spears
161. La Mascara
162. Charlie Haas
163. Heavy Metal
164. Basham
165. Lizmark Jr.
166. Aaron Stevens
167. Adam Pearce
168. BG James
169. Halloween
170. Kip James
171. Chessman
172. Cody Rhodes
173. Matt Striker
174. Taiji Ishimori
175. Damaja
176. Felino
177. Mike Quackenbush
178. Don Fuji
179. Santino Marella
180. Kevin Steen
181. Katsuhiko Nakajima
182. Tommy Dreamer
183. Pac
184. Mark Henry
185. Alex Koslov
186. Sandman
187. Steve Corino
188. Maximo
189. Genki Horiguchi
190. Eugene
191. Super Delphin
192. Ricky Reyes
193. Shad Gaspard
194. Mike Kruel
195. Tank Toland
196. Brother Runt
197. Mohammed Yone
198. Eddie Colon
199. JTG
200. Olimpico
201. Matt Cross
202. Gedo
203. Domino
204. Ryo Saito
205. Danny Doring
206. Muerte Cibernetica
207. Deuce
208. Apolo
209. Jinsei Shinzaki
210. Johnny "Havok" Devine
211. Osamu Nishimura
212. Jamie Noble
213. Ultimo Dragon
214. Dave Taylor
215. Fuerza Guerrera
216. Matt Bentley
217. Nunzio
218. Takashi Sugiura
219. Human Tornado
220. Mike Knox
221. Tatsumi Fujinama
222. Jake Gymini
223. Nick Sinn
224. Joey Ryan
225. Shuji Kondo
226. Jesse Gymini
227. Daivari
228. Brazo De Plata
229. Frankie Kazarian
230. Takuma Sano
231. Erick Stevens
232. Shinjiro Otani
233. El Sagrado
234. Robbie McAllister
235. Latin Lover
236. Mike Mondo
237. Sangre Azteca
238. Andy Douglas
239. Shiro Koshinaka
240. Rory McAllister
241. Chase Stevens
242. Texano Jr.
243. Johnny Jeter
244. El Generico
245. Val Venis
246. Susumu Yokosuka
247. Derek Wylde
248. Raven
249. Taiyo Kea
250. Nick Nemeth
251. Akira Taue
252. Jimmy Jacobs
253. A-1
254. Ozz
255. Big Daddy V
256. Hacksaw Jim Duggan
257. Sylvester Terkay
258. Shark Boy
259. Steve Lewington
260. Nick Mitchell
261. El Angel
262. Rene Dupree
263. Jado
264. Balls Mahoney
265. Oriental
266. Stevie Richards
267. Sylvan Grenier
268. Shannon Moore
269. Antoni Polaski
270. Funaki
271. Brett Major
272. Harry Smith
273. Brian Major
274. Laredo Kid
275. Rob Conway
276. Karl Anderson
277. Vito
278. Rick Steiner
279. Kassidy James
280. Kikutaro
281. Jerry Lawler
282. Rey Cometa
283. Super Dragon
284. Brad Armstrong
285. Takao Omori
286. K.C. James
287. Ryusuke Taguchi
288. Tony Mamaluke
289. Chet The Jet
290. Michael Kovac
291. Orlando Jordan
292. Minoru Fujita
293. C.W. Anderson
294. Gran Akuma
295. Justin LaRoche
296. El Pantera
297. Adam Flash
298. Too Cold Scorpio
299. Chris Bosh
300. Vladimir Kozlov
301. Kudo
302. Psicosis
303. Icabus
304. Scott Lost
305. Justin Credible
306. Jesse Dalton
307. Dan Rodman
308. Sicodelico Jr.
309. Scotty 2 Hotty
310. Necro Butcher
311. Josh Daniels
312. Festus Dalton
313. El Bronco
314. Chuck Taylor
315. Brian Milonis
316. T.J. Perkins
317. Romeo Roselli
318. Hallowicked
319. Brian Jennings
320. Teddy Hart
321. Maxime Boyer
322. Drake Younger
323. Elix Skipper
324. Ace Steel
325. Jigsaw
326. Murat Bosporus
327. Mitch Ryder
328. Cody Hawk
329. Fergal Devitt
330. D-Ray 3000
331. Larry Sweeney
332. Aden Chambers
333. Viking
334. David Young
335. Martin Stone
336. Matt Stryker
337. Brandon Thomaselli
338. Steve Douglas
339. Eddie Kingston
340. Devon Moore
341. Aaron Aguilera
342. Shaun Koen
343. Miyawaki
344. Sal Thomaselli
345. Dave Christ
346. Jake Matthews
347. Vito Thomaselli
348. Brian Fury
349. Jake Crist
350. Madman Pondo
351. Charles Evans
352. Bad Bones
353. John Saxon
354. Pelle Primeau
355. El Blazer
356. Mascara Purpura
357. Ruckus
358. Antonio Thomas
359. Ganger
360. BXB Hulk
361. Dru Onyx
362. Chris Kole
363. Shane Hagadorn
364. Kornbred
365. Sexxxy Eddy
366. Tigre Metalico
367. Danshoku Dino
368. Shiima Xion
369. Frank Parker
370. Chad Parham
371. Jon Moxley
372. Sterling James Keenan
373. Robert Anthony
374. Justice Pain
375. Navajo Warrior
376. Rhett Titus
377. Yoshiaki Yago
378. Josh Prohibition
379. Chance Prophet
380. Arik Cannon
381. Sirus LaVey
382. Damien Wayne
383. Kid Mikaze
384. Dan Paysan
385. Christian York
386. Ricochet
387. Alan Wasylychyn
388. Rob Eckos
389. La Sombra
390. Scot Summers
391. Ikuto Hidaka
392. Turbo
393. Ric Converse
394. Hangtime
395. Libce Dorado
396. Aaron Epic
397. Franky The Mobster
398. Tommy Vandal
399. Ultramantis Black
400. Ricky Landell
401. The Great Sasuke
402. The Stro
403. Trent Acid
404. Freak Nastty
405. Scott Zenzen
406. Kimera
407. Red Anderson
408. Hiromi Horiguchi
409. Rick Fuller
410. Quinten Lee
411. Scorpio Sky
412. Billy Maverick
413. Jerelle Clark
414. Jason Blade
415. Skayde
416. Bishop
417. Billy Roc
418. Danny Havoc
419. Jerry Reiner
420. Beff Wellington
421. Tony Scarpone
422. Onyx
423. Toby Klein
424. Aaron Williams
425. Derek Frazier
426. Seth Shai
427. Andy Dalton
428. Kory Chavis
429. Go Shiozaki
430. Excalibur
431. Mike Tobin
432. Ed Gonzales
433. Shane Storm
434. Tommy End
435. Player Uno
436. Ken Steel
437. Chakal
438. Jagged
439. Darin Childs
440. Brian Ashe
441. Tank
442. Soldier Ant
443. Justin White
444. Michael Von Payton
445. Sabian
446. Shawn Cook
447. Kapu
448. Mace
449. Pierre-Carl Ouellet
450. Dylan Starr
451. Sal Rinauro
452. Zach Gowen
453. Johnny Palazzo
454. Amigo Suzuki
455. Luke Hawx
456. Tony Torres
457. Ronin
458. Daniel Cross
459. Eric Draven
460. Wade Chism
461. Hentai
462. Johnny Kashmere
463. Bino Gambino
464. Kirby Mack
465. Chasyn Rance
466. John Kermon
467. Shayne Hawke
468. Danny Daniels
469. Joey Harder
470. Ted DiBiase Jr.
471. Bobby 2 Badd
472. Dick Rick
473. Justyn Glory
474. J.T. Stahr
475. Shane Matthews
476. Rex Sterling
477. Jason Gory
478. Darin Corbin
479. Hook Bomberry
480. Mike DiBiase
481. Shane Valentine
482. Anthony Bishop
483. Tracy Smothers
484. Maso Childs
485. Ala Hussein
486. Matt Riviera
487. Corporal Robinson
488. Jey Graham
489. Azrieal
490. Richard Phillips
491. Justin Blaze
492. Dustin Thomas
493. Joey Spector
494. Emil Sitoci
495. Eric Fantabulous
496. Patrick Brink
497. Quicksilver
498. Brian Blade
499. Vincent Nothing
500. Andre Heart

So are there any rankings you disagree with, besides the obvious shit of Cena dominating again? Let us know in the comments!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Matt Hardy and MVP: The Best Feud in the WWE

Do you remember when feuds in the WWE meant something? Do you remember when the fans would only cheer for the face and boo for the heel? Do you remember when a feud lasted more than 2 months? Do you remember when you could watch Wrestling without having to turn on the mute button? If so then Smackdown as a feud for you, Matt Hardy vs MVP.

Finally, a feud worth turning into Smackdown for! A few months ago Matt Hardy finally clawed his way up the Smackdown roster and got his long due shot at the United States title, but MVP bested him on that night. Those of you who know me know that I am one of the biggest Matt Hardy marks on the net, but in my honest in opinion this is the best feud in the WWE.

Some of you may be thinking that Cena vs Orton is the best feud? Well you are wrong! Cena vs Orton is a feud that tries to much to get you to hate Orton, but it just makes you like him even more for what he is doing to John Cena. With MVP vs Matt Hardy, you know who to cheer for and who to boo for. Matt Hardy is the perennial underdog in the WWE while MVP plays the part of Smackdown's franchise playa. Someone who is the "highest paid wrestler on Smackdown" MVP has said that he is better than anyone but only Matt Hardy has proved that he is better than him. Matt has defeated MVP in wrestling, basketball, arm wrestling, chess, and football.

To make this feud last longer than Matt Hardy and MVP have been forced into teaming together and have captured the WWE Tag Team Titles. This has been done in the past with teams like Edge and the late Chris Benoit, but it was blown off in a week or two. Matt and MVP defeated The Greasers for the title with MVP getting the pin after Hardy did all the work, but they kept them when Matt used MVP as a battering ram and scored the pin at Unforgiven. Some time soon these two are going to have to drop the tag titles and continue their feud for the United States Title. When that day comes, I will believe that Matt Hardy will finally get his due and will receive his first singles title. Both of these men are great athletes and are the future of the WWE. It is only a matter of time before these two aren't fighting for the US title, but the World Heavyweight Title.

Did The Rock recieve steroids?

According to the U.S. Attorney's office, a recently busted St. Louis drug operation that distributed illegal Internet drugs called Specialty Distribution Systems Inc. sent HGH to an "entertainer/athlete" who happens to be 6-foot-5 and 276 pounds, reports The New York Daily News. The New York Daily News is also reporting that HGH was sent to a "well-known" athlete in Massachusetts. Prosecutors simply left things at that and did not specifically identify whoever those two individuals may be. Here is the excerpt from the article regarding these two individuals:

"But it did provide HGH for such uses, according to the U.S. Attorney's office. Prosecutors did not identify any customers, other than to say that one athlete was "well-known" in Massachusetts, and that one "entertainer/athlete" who received it was 6-foot-5 and 276 pounds. It was not clear whether the two descriptions were of the same person."

It's interesting to note that they specifically said an "athlete" and an "entertainer/athlete" received HGH. So well, there's reason to believe that the "entertainer/athlete" is or was a professional wrestler, especially considering that the individual in question is 6-foot-5 and 276 pounds.

This is pure speculation, but going by the description of the 6-foot-5 and 276 pound "entertainer/athlete", the closest match that I can come up with is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The Rock's WWE Alumni page has him listed at 6-foot-5 and 260 pounds. However, during his prime in WWE, he was generally billed as being 6-foot-5 and 275 pounds. A number of bios on the internet have him listed at 6-foot-5 and 275 pounds. An old wrestling article on has him listed at 275 pounds. The Rock could very well be innocent in all this, but he appears to be the closest match to fitting the "entertainer/athlete" description.

You can read the article in its entirety at this link.