WWE Armageddon: Afterthoughts

Last night, WWE Armageddon went down live from Pittsburgh, PA (where earlier in the day my Jaguars stomped all over the Steelers), and the night saw several impressive performances, and even a couple shockers.

The first match of the night would see MVP facing off against Rey Mysterio with the US title on the line. MVP would manage to squeak by, losing by way of count out, but keeping his title in the process.

Afterthought: Where do they go from here? MVP is established as a tweener, but this is his latest in many lackluster feuds. It’s time to get the US strap off of him, and get him involved in something mainevent status. I think he could pull it off.

Match numero dos came to use from the ECW front, as CM Punk and Kane squared off against Big Daddy V and Mark Henry. As to be expected, V and Henry put the squash on, with BDV pinning Punk.

Afterthought: Lame. Punk didn’t belong in this “feud” to begin with. ECW in itself is really an afterthought. I can’t even tell you the last time I watched it. Which channel is Sci-Fi?

The third match of the night had all the makings to be an instant classic, and really in my opinion should have been saved for closer to Wrestlemania – because it featured my two favorite RAW superstars, Mr. Kennedy and Shawn Michaels going one on one. Unfortunately for Mr. K, Shaw Michaels never fails to impress, as he landed some SCM for the win.

Afterthought: Definitely an instant classic. Too bad it was on an Armageddon.

Match four was for a WWE title shot at the Royal Rumble, and it saw former allies Triple H and Jeff Hardy squaring off. Surprising to me and everyone else, Jeff Hardy pulled out the win, with a quick flip over pin. WWE.com states that HHH isn’t to happy, and could be looking for revenge tonight.

Afterthought: I don’t expect to see Jeff Hardy facing anyone for the WWE Championship at the Rumble. I Do expect to see Triple H somehow win that shot away from him. Who knows where this one is going?

Up next was The Great Khali versus Finlay, and in Fin’s corner – Hornswoggle! Believe it or not, after a lowblow from Hornswoggle, Finlay nails Khali with a second shillelagh and gets the pin!

Afterthough: Whaaaaaa. This was a take a piss match.

Next, Chris Jericho finally returned, and in doing so he claimed a shot at Randy Orton’s WWE title. He didn’t win a shot, he just came back and said he was taking one. I guess that’s good enough? Anyways, just when it looked like Jericho had the match in the bag, with Orton locked in the Walls of Jericho, JBL came out of nowhere and delivered a vicious kick right to the side of Jericho’s head! The referee calls for the bell and Jericho is awarded the DQ victory, but what the hell?

Afterthought: WHAT THE FUCK?! Where did JBL come from, and WHY?! Rumors are he attacks Jericho again on the Christmas in Iraq special, which airs on Christmas Eve. Man oh man, now there’s a feud I wouldn’t mind seeing. Guess Jericho is going to Smackdown? They need him!

Women’s title match. Who gives a shit. The big blonde bitch beats the lesbian bitch, retains her title.

Afterthought: Mickie James has massive labia.

MAINEVENT: Triple Threat match for the World Heavyweight Title. Edge vs Undertaker vs Batista. In the second big “shocker” of the night, Edge came away with his second World Title win, after using two DECOY EDGES (the Major Brothers) to distract Undertaker and Batista! Surprising, I know.

Afterthought: Holy Shit Three Edges?! I guess it’s better than Batista as champ – cuz he sucks.

Well that’s it, another WWE pay per view in the bag. Almost time for the Road to Wrestlemania to begin, and you can expect all the late-breaking news leading up to the big night right here at Ultra Wrestling Roundup!

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