Saturday, December 22, 2007

DarkDefender85's Top 25

  1. Edge - The Rated R Superstar climbs to the top after beating Batista and The Undertaker.
  2. Jeff Hardy - The Swantoning Superstar is on the roll of his life after beating HHH and Randy Orton.
  3. HBK - The Showstopper stopped Mr. Kennedy with Sweet Chin Music.
  4. Batista - After losing the World Title and losing again on Smackdown, it looks like the Animal has been put to sleep.
  5. CM Punk - A Dq win over MVP and a 6 man tag win help Punk this week.
  6. Rey Mysterio - A countout win over MVP helps the 619er.
  7. Randy Orton - The WWE Champion is coming up sweet with a loss to Chris Jericho and getting pinned by Jeff Hardy.
  8. HHH - The Game seems to be on pause, making fun of Vince McMahon isnt going to help HHH.
  9. Finlay - A Win over The Great Khali skyrockets Finlay in the Top 25.
  10. The Undertaker - He didnt get pinned at Armageddon but didnt win the gold.
  11. Big Daddy V - Pinning the ECW Champion helps ECWs Monster.
  12. MVP - The US Champion isnt acting like a champion these days.
  13. Ric Flair - The Nature Boy will not go quiet into that good night.
  14. Chris Jericho - A war of words with JBL and a DQ win over Orton help Jericho.
  15. Mr. Kennedy - In impressive match with HBK help Kennedy.
  16. Rhodes and Holly - The new tag champion keep the gold after beating Cade and Murdoch.
  17. Shelton Benjamin - The new gold standard of ECW keeps on winning.
  18. Carlito and Santino - The new tag team get a win over London and Kendrick.
  19. Miz and Morrison - The WWE Tag Champion tasted defeat on ECW.
  20. Umaga - The Samoan Bulldozer plowed through a barricade but lost to Ric Flair.
  21. Mark Henry - The World Strongest Man got a win with Big Daddy V by his side.
  22. Moore Wang - Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang proved to be a lethal combo with a win over the WWE Tag Team Champions.
  23. Ryder and Hawkings - The Former Major Brothers helped Edge win and keep the World Title this week.
  24. Jesse and Festus - The Odd Pair get a win after Festus beat Domino.
  25. The Great Khali - The Giant got toppled by a Fighting Irishman

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