Saturday, December 22, 2007

DarkDefender85's Best of 2007

Best commentator/announcer of 2007 - J.R. - There is a reason he is the gold stardard of professional wrestling commentary.

Best PPV of 2007 - Wrestlemania 23 - Its the only WWE PPV I buy every year.

Best weekly wrestling television show of 2007 - RAW - RAW is the gold standard of TV shows and has been for 15 years.

Most improved wrestler of 2007 - Matt Hardy - I may be a Hardy mark, but Matt has shown this year that he is more than just "The Other Hardy" in his fued with MVP.

Best tag-team of 2007 - The Hardys - They showed that they are the best tag team of this and any other recent generation, adding another tag title riegn to their record.

Worst/Most hated wrestler of 2007 - Kurt Angle - He is the biggest piece of crap in wrestling as has proven it with his Nazi like tactics backstage in TNA.

Best wrestling promotion of 2007 - WWE - Its the WWE...duh

Worst wrestling promotion of 2007 - TNA - It has gonna from competition for WWE to the next company Vince is going to buy.

Match of the year 2007 - John Cena vs HBK from RAW - It was a one hour showcase of what professional wrestling should be.

Feud of the year 2007 - Matt Hardy vs MVP - I cant wait for Matt to come back from injury to restart this feud.

Best overall wrestler of 2007 - HBK - He showed me this year that there is a reason he is still called The Icon.

Diva of the Year - Beth Phoenix - She took out Candice Michelle, I wish I could thank her for that.

Shocker of the Year - The Benoit Tragedy - No one EVER saw that coming.

Comeback of the Year - Chris Jericho - Only he can Save Us from boring promos and tedious matches.

Rookie of the Year - Santino Marrella - He may have been useless as a face, but as a heel he has found his niche in the WWE, expect big things from him in 2008.

Breakout Star in 2008 - Jeff Hardy - In 2008, I believe that Jeff Hardy will be the one man who will break through and show everyone that he can be a main eventer. I also expect him to get the WWE Title around his waist by late 2008.

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  1. This is the most retarded list ever. Uh, Hes the best superstar cause hes cool and stuff. Oh yeah and Gold Standard. Again.

    And Jericho saved us from NOTHING. Its the same old boring shit still.