CM Punk is a fuckass.

I never ever understood what the big deal was about CM Punk. The matches of his I have seen were boring as shit, he does nothing new or thrilling. And hes got a fuckin Pepsi tattoo or some shit. And I HATE Pepsi. And the whole straight edge gimmick is just gay…. hey speaking of….

remember the beer bash at the end of the 15th Anniversary of Raw show? Yeah…. I happened to watch it…. and I remember seeing CM Punk out there, drinking beer…. straight edge? Drinking beer? Way to keep your gimmick going you stupid piece of shit. IRS and Repo Man shoulda kicked your ass for being a queer.

I hate you CM Punk, you no talent assbag. And I hate Pepsi.


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  1. Anonymous December 28, 2007

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