Smackdown Spoilers – 11/14/2007

The show opened with Finlay against Jeff Hardy in a non-title match. A solid match that lasted a little under 10 minutes, I think, before Finlay was DQ’d for grabbing the shillelagh and trying to use it. Jeff ducked it, though, and grabbed it away from him. Finlay ran for cover.

An in-ring promo from the Undertaker was next. He got an amazing reaction. What he said was pretty short and sweet, that the “devil’s playground” of Hell in the Cell should be known as the Deadman’s playground and that Batista would rest in peace. Clips of Taker brutalizing people in Cell matches (HBK, Foley, Rikishi) aired throughout the show.

Next up was a diva’s tag match with Torrie Wilson and Mickie James against Beth Phoenix and Victoria. Beth pinned Torrie after that double wing into a slam move that she used on Maria Monday night.

A short backstage segment with the Hardys aired where Jeff told Matt that he had plans and had to go. Matt watched him leave and repeated the word “plans” like he found it funny.

It was then time for the VIP Lounge with guest Matt Hardy. They discussed their match on ECW, with Matt accusing MVP of taking advantage of Jeff when Kennedy yanked him to the floor, and MVP pointing out that he saved Matt from Kennedy afterwards. Matt pointed out that MVP hadn’t defended the United States title in a while, and more specifically he hadn’t defended it against Matt. So he suggested having a title match right then and there.

MVP said it was bad enough they had to be on opposite sides at Survivor Series, he didn’t want to wrestle Matt for the US Title, too. He said the two of them were friends now and shouldn’t be fighting. Matt finally told MVP off, saying they aren’t friends, they’d never be friends, and that he wanted his title shot.

MVP said it couldn’t happen because he’d arranged a tag title defense, and asked that the ring be cleared out and for their opponents to come down. John Morrison’s music hit and he made his entrance, then The Miz did likewise. Early on in the match, MVP grabbed at his leg like he’d pulled something and tagged in Matt. The story of the match became that Matt severely injured his knee, and Morrison and Miz kept working on it until Matt could barely stand. He was never able to tag MVP and ended up getting pinned to lose the titles.

MVP grabbed the microphone and, while making some boy-band jokes at the new champs, demanded to have his contractually obligated rematch for the tag titles right then. Morrison and Miz returned to the ring and a second match began.

MVP started the second match, but after about a minute he grabbed at his leg again and tagged Matt back in. Matt could hardly stand and was basically defenseless, ultimately giving up in a submission hold.

After the match, MVP helped Matt to his feet only to turn on him by kicking the injured leg. A pretty lengthy attack on Matt’s knee followed, with MVP taking the time to remove Matt’s boot and his leg brace and doing damage to the knee. He then bent Matt’s knee around the ring post a few times. Then he put the big metal stairs in the ring, picked Matt up, and dropped him on his knee on the stairs. MVP left to the biggest heat of the night and referees and officials came out to help Matt hobble to the back.

The next match was Mr. Kennedy against Rey Mysterio. It went about 15 minutes and was a very good match, I thought, though I’ll admit the fans (who were super hot for Rey) might have made it seem better than it was. I’d say Undertaker’s reaction was bigger, but the entire crowd was living and dying with Rey’s every move. The finish came when Kennedy got Rey up for the Green Bay Plunge and Rey countered it into a top rope hurricanrana.

Next up was the boxing style weigh-in between the Great Khali and Hornswoggle, hosted by Michael Cole. Not much of note happened: they both stood on the oversized scale, with Cole reading Hornswoggle’s weight in the 100’s and then claiming the scale broke when Khali got on it. Then they stood next to each other to show off the size difference. Hornswoggle wept throughout the segment.

The main event came next, a no DQ match between Batista and Mark Henry. It couldn’t have gone longer than 2 or 3 minutes and was pretty much all Batista. He went outside and got the title belt, smashed it into Henry’s head, and got the pin. Afterwards he destroyed Henry outside the ring, smashing him across the back several times with a chair and then spearing him on the floor.

When Batista got back in the ring, Undertaker’s music played. The video screens showed a close up of Taker’s eyes, which he rolled back into his head. That’s where Smackdown ends.

Afterwards, JBL ran away from ringside and Batista posed and slapped hands to close the show.

Rumor then has it, that JBL went to the back and a fight ensued.

Source: PWInsider

A fight broke out backstage last night in Wichita, Kansas after SmackDown! was taped. After teh show was over, JBL gathered a number of WWE superstars together, including John Morrison, The Miz, MVP, CM Punk, and Matt Hardy.

JBL berated Miz and Morrison for their color commentary work on ECW. JBL was furious that the two made Punk look bad with their commentary. They were heels and were supposed to criticize Punk in a heel way, but JBL felt they went too far with it. JBL then yelled at them for their ring work during their match with MVP & Matt Hardy. JBL told Miz & Morrizon to apologize to Punk, MVP & Hardy for making all 3 of them look bad.

The Miz apologized, but Morrison told JBL “F*** you, it’s none of your business”. He then said he would appoligize to Punk, Hardy & MVP, but not because JBL told him to.

The confronation went back and forth until Morrison shoved JBL. Several agents broke up the dispute before it got further than a shove.

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