Further Proof that Wresltzone.com is full of retards….

The biggest idiot over at wrestlezone has to be one Ryan Clark. The shit he posts is always full of errors, typos, or its the same damn article posted over again, here is what he has posted today….

Dave Meltzer is reporting that WWE is trying to line up some huge surprises for the 15th Anniversary RAW special next month.


WWE has even contacted former WWE Champion The Rock for an appearance. If he did agree it would likely be a video segment and not live. Expect WWE to pull out some big surprises for the show.

You said this already…. plus this is kinda, no shit, as they always have surprises on their specials.

The 3-hour special will air Monday night December 12th. The show will start 1 hour earlier, at 8PM eastern.

Man, I am gonna be one confused person that week…. especially since MONDAY NIGHT, IS DECEMBER 10TH, NOT THE 12TH!

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