Sunday, November 4, 2007

DarkDefender85's Top 25

  1. Batista - It took 2 Batista Bombs, but The Animal defeated The Deadman.
  2. HHH - Defeating Umaga in a Street Fight Moves The Game Up 2 Spots
  3. CM Punk - It was a good week for Punk after retaining the ECW Title.
  4. Randy Orton - Getting himself DQed moves the WWE Champion down 2 places
  5. Umaga - A tough loss to the HHH will not slow the Samoan Bulldozer down.
  6. Kane - Two wins over MVP in one week moves Kane up the ladder, but Big Daddy V may stop him.
  7. Matt Hardy - An injuried Matt Hardy moves down 2 places for not competing this week.
  8. HBK - a DQ win over the WWE Champion but no title for the ShowStopper.
  9. Jeff Hardy - A tough loss to Kennedy but a Tag Team win moves Hardy up a spot.
  10. MVP - 2 losses to Kane move the Ballin superstar down a spot.
  11. The Undertaker - A loss to the Animal and a vice grip from Khali doesnt help the Deadman.
  12. Rey Mysterio - A win in a stretcher match help the master of the 619.
  13. John Morrison - Becoming the #1 contender for the ECW title helps The Shaman of Sexy.
  14. Big Daddy V - This big monster destoryed Kane on Smackdown.
  15. Mr Kennedy - A win over Jeff Hardy moves the Loudmouth up a spot.
  16. Finlay - A loss to Rey Mysterio hurt Finlay this week.
  17. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch - Cade got an impressive win over Paul London.
  18. Paul London and Brian Kendrick - Another loss isnt going to get this team closer to gold.
  19. Jesse and Festus - Festus defeated Domino in singles action.
  20. Cody Rhodes - With Hardcore Hollys help, he defeated The World Greatest Tag Team.
  21. Elijah Burke - A win over Wang Yang helps the Elijah this week.
  22. Mark Henry - Mark Henry proved to be the most dominate monster in the WWE.
  23. The Miz - This was a bad week for the Miz with 2 losses.
  24. Tommy Dreamer - Dresses as Paul Heyman, Dreamer scores a win over Nunzio.
  25. Chuck Palumbo - Another win over Dykstra, but beating the same guy over and over isnt very impressive.

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