WWE No Mercy Recap, Review, and Thoughts by RV

Well this is the first time I sat and watched a WWE program in quite some time. Mainly because Cena is no where to be found. Thanks god. Anyways on with the thoughts on each match…

Orton vs HHH Part 1.
Groaned big time, yaa hoo HHH title reign again woop de fuckin do, but I knew the night was far from over so I stayed optimistic.

Kennedy Cade and Murdoch vs Jeff Hardy Kendrick and London.
Bagh. Kennedy kicks ass but WWE fuckin threw him away. Way to go WWE. Jeff Hardy is fat. And you can obviously tell his high flying days are over. Ho hum match.

CM Punk vs Big Daddy V.
CM Punk is the most overrated fuckass out of the bunch. Why are so many people going crazy over him? He has a fucking Pepsi tattoo for gods sake. And V needs a fucking bra to support those extra large deep dish pizza tits.

Matt Hardy vs MVP Pizza Eating Contest
Re. Tard. Ed.

HHH vs Umaga.

Rey Mysterio vs Finlay.
Interesting finish but having a no contest ending at something I paid 40 bucks to watch is fucking stupid.

Beth Phoenix vs Candice.
Beth Phoenix looks like Chyna and Molly Holly had a baby.

Batista vs Khali.
Holy fucking shit talk about boring. Michael Cole said the most retarded line ever when Khali was on his way to the ring. “Khali is my odds on favorite to regain the world title.” Um being that Khali is the only challenge in the match that by default makes him an odds on favorite since he is the only one that can regain the title. Moron. And I love how JBL and Cole hyped up this TERRIFYING AND HORROR OF A MATCH that was slow, boring and had no blood. How can something with RAZOR SHARP SPIKES producer not a single drop of blood? Worst match ever.

Orton vs HHH Part 2.
Fucking finally an interesting and decent damn main event on a PPV. Thank fucking GOD! Orton is the new champ, Cena is gone. All is well in the kingdom again.

Closing Thoughts.
Glad Orton is the champ. Cena being gone made the PPV more interesting to watch. Would have been nice to have a Jericho tease at the very end since that was the main reason I ordered this. All in all. I will be tuning into Raw tomorrow. Hopefully ratings will go up in Cenas absence and WWE will see how much people hate him.


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