WWE: New Hart Foundation targets HBK?

It’s been well known to all fans (at least those who keep up on wrestling gossip) that the WWE plans to debut a new Hart Foundation in the WWE, most likely on the Smackdown brand. The group would consist of Harry Smith, T.J. Wilson, Teddy Hart and Ted DiBiase Jr. The news breaking out today is that this group may get Uncle Bret’s revenge on ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels, 10 years after the infamous Montreal Screwjob.

It’s being reported now that the current plan is for them to start up around November, as they’re booked for the November 6th taping of Smackdown. The talk right now is for them to make their pay per view debut at Survivor Series and attack Shawn Michaels. However, there’s a chance of it not happening as well due to lack of experience and Teddy Hart’s immaturity issues.

Of course, another issue to think about is that right now, they are currently booked for the Smackdown brand and Shawn Michaels is on the RAW brand. Anything can happen from now until then, such as the Smackdown taping appearance being canceled and of course, HBK being moved over to Smackdown right before or even sometime after this Survivor Series attack takes place. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing this all happen (except I wouldn’t want HBK on the Smackdown brand) but in my opinion it should be done sometime down the road when the group does have more experience. It makes sense for the Hart Foundation to want to attack HBK, probably makes more sense than any other storyline WWE could do due to the real life issues but unless both sides are completely for it and are mature about it, as well as having all the Hart Foundation members actually being READY for it, I don’t want it to take place. Perhaps what they should do is debut on Smackdown and always talk about a “mission” they need to accomplish and how they need to work hard on Smackdown in order to get to that mission. Of course, that would be, get drafted over to Raw eventually and THEN take the opportunity to seek out revenge. That is, however, just my opinion of this rumor.

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