Smackdown Spoilers – 10/30/07

From memory…

Batista opened the show, cutting a promo on how he’s done alot of shit… faced alot of adversity in both his real life and his WWE career. But Sunday he did something he thought he might not be able to do, defeat the Undertaker. Then he asked if he could trust Taker tonight in their tag match (Taker / Bats vs. Henry / Khali)… lights went off with a gong and when they came back Taker was in the ring. Taker said Batista can trust him because he still holds what he wants, looking at the title. Batista agreed to a rematch, Taker made it a hell in a cell at whatever the next ppv is (survivor series??). Khali and Henry came out and said they were better teammates then their opponents.

Festus def. Domino

Vicky ran into Jamie Noble and gave him a Mysterio dvd. A very PARANOID Noble (new gimmick) asked why and she said it was because he would be going one on one with him later.

Mysterio beat Noble clean after a really good match… Finlay was doing commentary and got on the mic after the match to tell Mysterio he smelled his fear or something and would beat him next week.

There was a segment with MVP and Matt Hardy but the volume wasn’t working.

Kane def. MVP clean (non title). After the match Big Daddy V killed Kane.

Henry and Khali translate some bullshit to each other to hype the match.

Mick Foley def. Coach with Hornswoggle as the referee. They did the “Mr. McMahon is the referee” gag which made Coach happy until the predictable Hornswoggle appearance. Not sure if this is gonna make TV or if it was just a match for the fans since Foley is from Long Island.

Chuck Palumbo def. Kenny Dykstra clean. Palumbo as a biker or something with McCool while Dykstra was escorted by Victoria (mmmmm).

Batista / Undertaker def. Henry / Khali via DQ. I don’t remember exactly how this match ended but it had to do with the heels intentionally DQ’ing themselves after Batista had Henry primed for a Batista bomb. Everyone was all WTF NO WAY when he was setting it up. post match the heels obliterated the champ and number one contender via boring finishing moves.

Dumb show… didn’t bother sticking for all of ECW.


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